Celebrity hair transplants

Everyone, including celebrities, may suffer from hair loss. Even though there are various treatments, hair transplant is the most common permanent solution among celebrities.

Let’s have a look at 64 different celebrity before & after photos and their choice to deal with hair loss!

Jimmy Carr - Hair Transplant Before & After

Jimmy Carr

As the perfect candidate for a hair transplant, it didn’t take long for Jimmy to decide that the procedure could change his appearance forever.

The comedian, a well-known figure in the industry, informed fans by disclosing that he had undergone a hair transplant. He added with his witty style that he had enough hair overall; and that it was simply in the wrong location, so the surgeon performed some redistribution.

We must agree that he’s truly looking his best.

Tom Brady - Hair Transplant Before & After

Tom Brady

Brady’s wonderfully restored hairline has frequently been assumed to be the result of a surgical hair transplant.

His hairline looks dramatically more vibrant and lush since the supposed hair transplant.

Celebs are known to have an act of extra courage when it comes to appearance-enhancing treatments. It is however advisable to spend some time learning about the operations you are considering, whether they are medical or cosmetic. Tom, on the other hand, seems happy and satisfied with his results.

Drew Brees - Hair Transplant Before & After

Drew Brees

Although it is unknown to the public if Drew has had a hair restoration procedure or not, his photos taken a while ago compared to his current looks tell the story.

In comparison to the final few years of his football career, the 43-year-old former quarterback appears to have significantly thicker hair on his head, which indicates a successful 4000 grafts hair transplant.

His hairline looks youthful and his appearance is much fresher than before. Good on Drew for looking younger effortlessly.

Matthew McConaughey - Hair Transplant Before & After

Matthew McConaughey

Matt may just have been fortunate to discover a method for revitalizing his hair called Regenix; however, rumors that he has had a hair transplant have been denied by him.

Whatever his secret formula is, it has worked wonders. Hair and scalp products that stimulate hair growth may or may not work on everyone.

You should consult with a dermatologist to get specific advice on your situation in accordance with your scale of balding.

Steve Carell - Hair Transplant Before & After

Steve Carell

One of America’s favorite entertainers, popular actor, and comedian Steve Carell continues to thrill and fascinate millions of people year after year.

Many keen viewers noticed that Steve Carell’s role had a severely receded hairline in the first season of the breakout show The Office. In contrast to his prior appearances, the actor had a full head of hair when series 2 debuted.

An interseasonal hair transplant was the most obvious solution. Producers subsequently verified this when they asked Carell whether he’d be open to visiting a hair transplant clinic to make the role appear fresher.

Floyd Mayweather - Hair Transplant Before & After

Floyd Mayweather

Among black celebrities with hair transplants, Floyd Mayweather‘s boxing career has been in the public eye since 1996. He is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time and is presently unbeaten.

We can now see when we watch him battle that he’s not just struggling with his fists, but also against aging. In order to treat his receding hairline, Floyd Mayweather underwent a hair transplant. After the successful procedure and amazing results, he then appeared to have an afro beard transplant as a final touch.

David Beckham - Hair Transplant Before & After

David Beckham

One of England’s finest players as well as one of the world’s biggest male stars is the former professional footballer, David Beckham. With the influence of his fashionista wife Victoria, Beckham has established himself as a men’s fashion icon throughout the years.

Even after bidding farewell to his football days, he maintains his position and reputation in the limelight. It’s hardly shocking that David Beckham looks to have undergone a hair transplant; however, from a professional perspective, there is no hair transplant sign on his scalp. He must have been getting PRP hair treatment and using hair fibres and frequently to get this nice and thick hair appearance.

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) - Hair Transplant Before & After Photo

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)

Machine Gun Kelly may have undergone more than one hair transplant procedure, the first one being at around age 22. Approximately, 3500 – 4500 grafts may have been transplanted to achieve such dense hairline.

These simple but effective procedures have radically altered the appearance of his hairline and confidence. He has come under fire on social media for dubbing Eminem “old” when the rapper decided to undergo several hair transplants.

The number of hair transplant procedures performed nowadays has dramatically grown due to technological improvement and celebrities are no exception.

LeBron James - Hair Transplant Before & After

LeBron James

LeBron James, perhaps the best basketball player in history, has completely changed the definition of what it means to be an athlete in the modern day.

LeBron has admitted in the media that one of his most distinctive attributes is his hair, thus he must have found ways to age against hair loss. With a variety of afro-textured hair transplant methods and technologies available, it is true that being bald is a choice in our century.

Elon Musk - Hair Transplant Before & After

Elon Musk

Celebrity hair transplants before and after difference has never been so obvious.

Even the Martians know that Elon Reeve Musk is the highest net worth person on planet earth. Luckily for the rest of us, the hair transplant surgeries he had undergone since his twenties which completely changed his looks are available to the rest of the mainstream public.

Depending on where and how, it isn’t rocket science to find a great hair transplant clinic at affordable costs if you put some time into deep research. You may even come across the clinic where the King of celebrity hair transplants got his hair back.

Gordon Ramsay - Hair Transplant Before & After

Gordon Ramsay

The celeb chef has had several hair transplant surgeries since 2010. In 2014, he might have had a U-FUE hair transplant as he was photographed by paparazzi his donor area shaved and frontline covered.

He sure looks handsome despite his age and rage with an abundance of hair on his head which he styles perfectly. Despite the fact that Ramsay always looks confident, it is for sure that he is also feeling confident with healthy hair on his scalp rather than thinning temples.

Joel McHale - Hair Transplant Before & After

Joel Mchale

One of the most in-demand actors and comedians in the business, the Spiderman actor, successful screenwriter, and TV host Joel is one of the celebrities that allegedly had hair transplantation.

Joel stated that he has undergone multiple hair transplant surgeries in a podcast episode with Justin Long. Mchale is believed to have had his hair transplantation using the FUE technique after which the healing process goes more quickly

Bradley Cooper - Hair Transplant Before & After

Bradley Cooper

When carefully examined, Bradley’s hairline dramatically changed between the film “Yes Man” in 2008 and the first installment of the trilogy, “The Hangover,” in 2009.

His frontal line has been reconstructed at the corners without a noticeable hairline lowering, and there may be some temple hair repair. According to specialists, the number of transplanted hairs might range from 3000 to 4800. Additionally, having long hair following a hair transplant always reduces how noticeable the procedure is.

The result? He’s looking real good.

Joe Buck - Hair Transplant Before & After

Joe Buck

It’s no secret that Buck, a significant figure in the National Football League and Major League Baseball coverage, has had a number of hair transplant procedures. When Buck announced the news on Instagram, he posted images of himself getting the surgery performed and assured followers that he would have a brand-new hairstyle for Week 1 of the NFL season.

In his 2017 autobiography Lucky Bastard, Buck admitted to being addicted to hair transplants. By 2011, Buck had eight hair transplant surgeries since he first started having them in 1993.

Lewis Hamilton - Hair Transplant Before & After

Lewis Hamilton

When the Formula 1 champ who broke several records started shaving his head due to baldness, little did he know that afro-type hair is in fact quite difficult to regrow.

You definitely want to make sure you are in experienced hands as curly hair strands are the hardest hair type in a hair transplant procedure.

Despite the internet being flooded with images of his hair that reveal the champion’s receding hairline, the man who Time magazine named one of the 100 most influential individuals in the world for 2020 denied undergoing a hair transplant. He may have just adopted a better haircare routine and started using high-quality hair products, but it’s quite likely that he had a hair transplant.

At the end of the day, he achieved successful hair restoration results that he combined with plaited braids.

Wayne Rooney - Hair Transplant Before & After

Wayne Rooney

During each of his first two seasons in Manchester, Rooney was recognized as England’s Young Player of the Year. At later stages of his successful career, Rooney was chosen as the English team’s captain in August 2014.

His Norwood scale 4 hair loss necessitated an initial transplant of 2,500 hair grafts in 2011 and an additional 1,000 hair grafts transplants in 2013.

He is not afraid to expose his hair anxieties to the public eye and thus deserves a big thumbs up.

Will Arnett - Hair Transplant Before & After

Will Arnett

The Canadian-American actor and producer now aged 52 grew in popularity when he acted in the comedy series Arrested Development, and in 2006 he received his first Emmy nomination.

When his hair started to visibly thin out in 2012, he was keen to find a durable solution for his hair loss. Choosing to have hair transplant surgery in California, Will Arnett’s treatment involved the removal of hair grafts from the back of his scalp to be transplanted on thinning areas with a method known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The results from Will’s hair transplant was remarkable and noticeable right away!

Jude Law - Hair Transplant Before & After

Jude Law

Academy Awards and Golden Globe collectionist actor’s hairline has been receding in front of our eyes and throughout his career right on the screen.

Aged 50, Law has never explicitly said that he underwent hair transplant surgery, despite the fact that it has long been observed that he did. As charming as he is, the actor’s mysteriously changing hair has drawn the attention of the public.

Unlike the mainstream people, the change in his hairline has been extensively covered by the media and paparazzi throughout his life.

Tyga - Hair Transplant Before & After


The upbeat rapper who has mixed ethnicity with Vietnamese and Jamaican parents, has definitely the hairline that suits him best; this however is the fruit of a hair transplant surgery.

His secret was uncovered with evidence and pictures on social media by Nicki Minaj after which he owned his hair transplant elegantly and shared the contact of his surgeon. No matter the goss, he’s looking and feeling great while standing strong!

Ben Affleck - Hair Transplant Before & After

Ben Affleck

When two powerhouses become one (namely Ben Affleck and JLO), one thing is for sure; they want to look their best. Who would have thought that they would get back together later in their lives?

As handsome as he is, Affleck looks like he could have received a PRP treatment as well as a hair transplant operation. It is perfectly normal not only for someone of his fame but for any of us as everyday people.

Looking our best and feeling confident is a human right after all!

Jamie Foxx - Hair Transplant Before & After

Jamie Foxx

The 55 years old who has had a shower of awards throughout his career, gave a ground-breaking and iconic performance playing the legendary musician Ray Charles, elevating him to the pinnacle of his career in 2005.

Getting to his upgraded looks and comparing his images taken over time, it is evident that the star’s hairline has substantially increased.

The most probable scenario is that Foxx has benefited from a hair transplant. Given that Jamie enjoys wearing his hair short, it is possible that a follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant was performed on him.

Rob Holding - Hair Transplant Before & After

Rob Holding

Despite his young age, the Brit footballer started showing signs of thinning temples on his scalp with a visibly receding hairline.

Holding said that he had previously had mental health issues after prematurely losing his hair in his early twenties. It is common among men of his age to lose hair or even go severely bald and what really matters is to focus on a solution before it’s too late.

Luckily, he had a successful hair transplant in the UK and achieved his best look!

Jordan Peterson - Hair Transplant Before & After

Jordan Peterson

Professor Emeritus Peterson has long been a noticeable personality internationally. It looks like the Canadian clinical psychologist and author has significantly upgraded his overall style over the years by using the fruits of modern medicine.

He hasn’t only lost weight but he is also seen with much better taste when it comes to his outfits along with a visibly corrected hairline.

We can interpret the positive change and better grooming as a sign of healthy aging. Even though he hasn’t achieved the most natural-looking result, he clearly looks younger and more charismatic.

John Travolta - Hair Transplant Before & After

John Travolta

A timeless persona of everyone’s favorite movies, Travolta has certainly engraved his name in the historical memory of the viewers.

Superstar John Travolta has frequently restored his looks, including his hairline after being nearly bald, as seen in pictures taken over the years accessible online.

Travolta reportedly underwent hair transplant surgery in 2016, with fantastic effects erasing years from his age.

Kevin Costner - Hair Transplant Before & After

Kevin Costner

After a long, bright acting career and seven children of his own, Costner can be considered a well-aged man.

Always charming and charismatic, Kevin’s hairline appears thin and receding in the early 2000s. It is not until 2006 that we see him with an improved hairline along with denser hair overall.

Because he always looks healthy and natural, not many have noticed the change until his sixties. The Hollywood star of many decades is still fascinating fans, thanks to his lush hair making him look much younger. There is no doubt he deserves to look the way he feels.

Tory Lanez - Hair Transplant Before & After

Tory Lanez

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez aged 30 admits to having grabbed the contact of Tyga’s hair transplant surgeon.

For Lanez, being able to continue to grow his own hair is priceless.

At the relatively early age of 23, he started losing his hair, unaware that today’s medical technology is on the way to eradicating baldness. “I’m coming back with the braids. I’m coming back crazy on y’all…” he said in a recent interview.

James Franco - Hair Transplant Before & After

James Franco

The talented pretty face of record-breaking films, Franco makes his living with his acting and looks.

It is to no one’s surprise that he appears to have filled in his temples for a fuller hairline. By the looks of it comparing his before and after pictures, we could say that he has had around 1200 grafts transplanted on his sides to provide him with his latest appearance. He may have had some extra filling in his scalp’s crown region as well.

Nicolas Cage - Hair Transplant Before & After

Nicolas Cage

A member of the Coppola family, Nicholas started going by the name Cage desiring to set himself apart from his famous uncle.

A diverse actor who also won an Academy Award has no doubt showcased massive talent throughout his acting and producing career.

Exposed to visible hair loss since his thirties, Cage has never talked about getting a hair transplant done. The fact that he keeps a head with a reasonable amount of hair without going bald over the years brings us to the conclusion that he may have had several hair transplant surgeries very light-handed.

Deion Sanders - Hair Transplant Before & After

Deion Sanders

Big and impressive, Sanders has marked his name in the pro-football hall of fame among others.

He is one that admits how hair loss was impacting his life and self-confidence before he went through the hair transplant surgery through a video clip.

It is true that hair transplants performed on afro hair types are more likely to fail unless you choose an experienced expert who specializes in performing these surgeries on afro-type curly hair strands.

Elton John - Hair Transplant Before & After

Elton John

Sir Elton John, now 75 years old is amongst composers that marked the last century with his music. Following 31 albums in seven decades, he is one to be remembered for his style and gorgeous outfits.

It is known that he had his first hair transplant attempt in the 70s. At that time, he must have acknowledged that using wigs are the best alternative for him as he was obviously dissatisfied with the results of his treatment. But since then, technology has advanced significantly and hair transplant procedures performed today have a high success rate.

Jeremy Piven - Hair Transplant Before & After

Jeremy Piven

Piven’s colorful career portrays an array of fun, from Travel Channel sharing his travels in India to comedy and wrestling host… It seems that he has been searching for a solution to prevent further hair loss, and perhaps even to correct his hairline.

Around the time of season one of Entourage, his hair began to noticeably thin out towards a bald head, but his hair continued to thicken somehow. He is, however, not admitting to having gone through a hair transplant procedure, letting fans guess about how he saved his hair.

Joey Lawrence - Hair Transplant Before & After

Joey Lawrence

There is photo evidence revealing the hair transformation of the Pennsylvanian multi-talent. His hairline and hair density seem drastically changed in pictures before and after 2016.

Renowned for his once-thin hair, the Hollywood star’s scalp is visibly healthy in the past few years. Whether he has gone through a hair transplant procedure or using a wig, he deserves to look and feel his best.

Hair transplants are now everyone’s cup of tea with advanced medical technology and expertise along with affordable prices depending on the number of grafts one needs transplanting.

Marlo Hampton - Hair Transplant Before & After

Marlo Hampton

The famed style strategist, TV personality, and actress is rocking the screens with her taste as always. Fashionista star Hampton posted videos on YouTube last year showing off her hair transplant with a little bruising under her eyes.

She had her hairline corrected and seems to be super happy with the results.

Among female celebrities who had a hair transplant, she is a sweetheart. Hair transplant surgery for afro-textured hair must be conducted by experienced professionals since transplanting curled hair grafts requires years of expertise and practice.

Theo Von - Hair Transplant Before & After

Theo Von

Funny from birth, Theo is no doubt a good-looking comedian.

In a video he released in 2019, he talks about having had a hair rejuvenation procedure “again” at his doctor’s in Beverly Hills.

He explains in his witty style how the procedure is performed and that his own hair grafts have been harvested from his donor area and transplanted on his hairline.

He adds that he had been watching a movie during the procedure as he was on local anesthetics.

Adam Levine - Hair Transplant Before & After

Adam Levine

When the Maroon 5 lead guitarist from LA appeared with a clean shaved head as a jury on The Voice’s American equivalent, he was bombarded by his fans’ messages.

He responded on Twitter that he isn’t going bald and that he just shaved his head by choice for a change. It appears that Adam Levine has the courage to pull off the bald appearance and as a bonus, his top model wife loves the look!

Even though he didn’t openly admit, it looks clear that he had a hair transplant to restore his hairline.

Adam22 - Hair Transplant Before & After

Adam John Grandmaison (Adam22)

Adam John Grandmaison is more commonly known as Adam22; his successful YouTube channel focuses on pop culture and has over four million subscribers.

For a long time, he changed the subject every time he was asked if he had gone through a hair transplant procedure.

In August 2021 he finally admitted that he had two surgeries starting in 2013 on the No Jumper YouTube channel.

He says he was starting to feel insecure about a bald head so it has been a great decision. His hair started growing six months following the procedure like a normal hair transplant recovery process.

Amit Mishra - Hair Transplant Before & After

Amit Mishra

The Indian cricketer was going almost completely bald when he decided to undergo hair transplant surgery in New Delhi, India.

The result is dense, thick, black hair of his own making him look at least years younger. The way he styles his hair is quite bold, revealing his feelings of pride and contentment about his decision.

He was just on time for the hair transplant while he still had donor hair on the back of his head.

Brad Pitt - Hair Transplant Before & After

Brad Pitt

Did Brad Pitt get a hair transplant? Despite his love of haircuts and color change, Pitt still maintains a healthy hairline and great hair density given his age, so the answer is nope.

Our darling baby face of all times has never had a shortage of hair, mustache, or beard, changing his appearance almost every year since the beginning of his career decades ago.

Those of us who aren’t lucky enough with the hair genes still have a chance to undergo a hair transplant procedure, when needed.

Chris Brown - Hair Transplant Before & After

Chris Brown

Referred to as the King of R&B, Chris Brown has developed a cult following due to his charisma and is frequently compared to Michael Jackson.

A fierce collector of music awards, he has marked his name as one of the world’s best-selling music artists of all time.

It is likely but not certain whether he had a hair transplant or not. However the straight hairline and temples indicate a hair transplant procedure.

Matt Damon - Hair Transplant Before & After

Matt Damon

Matt Damon, one of the highest-earning actors of all time, appeared in some of the most popular movies we have all watched. Aged 52, he has won an Oscar for Best Screenplay. Along with accolades for his work as an actor and producer, Damon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on July 25, 2007, making him the 2,343rd person to do so.

While he is considered one of Hollywood’s cosmetically most untouched stars, it looks like he had undergone a hairline restoration.

Rafael Nadal - Hair Transplant Before & After

Rafael Nadal

Hailing from Mallorca, one of the greatest clay-court tennis players of our generation has won the French Open 13 times. Since going pro in 2001, he has won a total of $125 million in prizes.

It isn’t a secret that Nadal has had a FUE hair transplant procedure, but whether it has provided the results he was expecting is another topic.

The common male pattern of baldness is easily treated after a single hair transplant procedure in the hands of an experienced surgeon and we do not have enough information to comment on what went wrong for Nadal.

Salman Khan - Hair Transplant Before & After

Salman Khan

Despite aging well, the multi-award-winning Bollywood star has been battling with thinning hair. It was in 2003 when he underwent his first hair transplant. The center of attention of a multi-million member fan club, his last hair transplant procedure is said to have been performed in 2016.

A total of three surgeries over the years have transformed his looks with the last one showcasing a superb success.

Tom Hanks - Hair Transplant Before & After

Tom Hanks

The man of quality and successful movies, Hanks acted in films that touched the hearts of billions.

Due to his hair density problem being highly visible, Tom Hanks turned to a short hair transplant procedure. In order to maintain his looks as natural as possible, he only had it done in the hairline area and the temples where thinning was most noticeable.

The results are bearly noticeable which is exactly what he wanted.

Zane Hijazi - Hair Transplant Before & After

Zane Hijazi

In October of 2019, the popular YouTuber posted a video about his hair transplant journey which he says changed his life.

He had been contemplating undergoing a hair transplant for the past two years. Zane wanted to fill in his bald spots around his temples in one go, so he opted for a hairline correction and temple filler session.

Hijazi says that very many public figures have had a hair transplant and it’s for a reason.

Channing Tatum - Hair Transplant Before & After

Channing Tatum

Born in 1980, the handsome actor started his career as a male model.

Shining out from Ricky Martin’s She Bang’s video, he was soon to be shown among the 50 Most Beautiful Faces. Whether he is losing hair or just developed a liking for the crew cut, his new hairstyle has caused rumors that he may be losing his hair.

Looking good after a solid treatment no matter what the truth is…

Joely White - Hair Transplant Before & After

Joely White

Joely traveled to the Heva Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey past April to improve the appearance of his hairline.

The clinic is the popular and obvious choice of many influencers, athletes, and celebrities. You too can have a hair transplant for a confident appearance if you also want to seem younger and fresher.

However, your surgeon should determine whether the no-shave FUE technique used on Joely White is appropriate in your situation.

Chris Pratt - Hair Transplant Before & After

Chris Pratt

The Minnesotan was discovered by actress Rae Dawn Chong when she was filming in Hawaii, and Chris was working at a restaurant (and living in a tent at the beach).

His breaking point came with the workplace comedy Parks & Recreation.

Aged 43 showing early signs of slightly thinning hair, there is no news on whether Pratt will ever consider a hair transplant or not. However professional eyes can tell that there’s a magical touch. Time will tell…

Conor McGregor - Hair Transplant Before & After

Conor Mcgregor

A master of mixed martial arts, Conor from Dublin, Ireland had a successful career throughout the years.

He is believed to have had a successful hair transplant in late 2021, as the difference it made on his hairline is visible in his late pictures.

Conor has not overdone the number of grafts he wanted transplanted to keep things unnoticeable and natural, and that’s exactly the result.

David Silva - Hair Transplant Before & After

David Silva

The famous Spaniard is the star of La Liga playing for Real Sociedad, born in 1986, there is documented evidence that Silva had a hair transplant surgery to obtain a fuller hairline back in 2017.

A hair transplant procedure at the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon is always time and money well spent and that’s exactly what celebrities are doing. The great news is that the procedure is economically easily accessible for the majority of society.

Prince Harry - Hair Transplant Before & After

Prince Harry

The youngest member of the British Royal Family has always had plenty of ginger locks until recently he was spotted with a receding hairline

The Duke of Sussex moved to the US in 2020 after declaring that he and his wife will divide their time equally between the United Kingdom and North America while standing down from their position as senior members of the royal family.

Prince Harry hasn’t undergone a hair transplant procedure yet. However, if he does not opt for a hairline correction, expert opinion is that he may lose a significant amount of hair by the time he turns 40.

Ed O'Neill - Hair Transplant Before & After

Ed O’Neill

Al Bundy of the famous sitcom Married, now aged 76 has obviously and naturally aging and receding hairline.

Despite the deep hair recession linked to his age, he keeps it short and effortless, probably just enjoying his retirement.

He may be using treatments stimulating hair growth to keep the little he has left but there aren’t any signs to suggest that he might have had a hair transplant.

Jason Alexander - Before & After

Jason Alexander

Seinfeld star of the past and movie director of the latter years of his career, Alexander started experiencing hair loss from age 17. He is known to wear semi-permanent wigs (hair replacement) that suit him well and last for a number of weeks.

For those wanting a permanent solution to hair loss using their own hair grafts, a hair transplant performed by an expert is certainly the answer.

Unfortuntely, Jason Alexander’s case is the most severe form of male pattern hair loss that takes multiple hair transplants and a minimum of 7000 grafts to achieve good results.

Antonio Conte - Hair Transplant Before & After

Antonio Conte

Showcasing a complete transformation over decades, the seasoned king of football stadiums, now turned manager, has left fans to wonder for many years about his hair density. Antonio Conte’s hair went from lush in his youth to almost none and thus shaving his head in the 2000s. He may have had one or more failed hair transplants in the past but giving up is not in his nature.

Conte must have followed up on developments in medical technology and gotten a successful hair transplant procedure. We definitely see him smile more ever since and must mention he looks amazing with an abundance of his own hair.

James Nesbitt - Hair Transplant Before & After

James Nesbitt

Has James Nesbitt had a hair transplant? It would have probably been hard to deny if Nesbitt hadn’t been open about his hair transplant journey. His before and after pictures portray a shocking difference. His natural-looking new hairline that appeared after his latest hair transplant reflects a very successful operation performed by a skillful surgeon.

James Nesbitt too belongs to the club of early hair transplanters with failed or unfulfilling results in the past. Satisfied with the effort he had put into his looks as an actor, Nesbitt didn’t hesitate to admit that having hair transplants helped him to act on better projects, after his latest procedure that provided him with wonderful results.

Rob Brydon - Hair Transplant Before & After

Rob Brydon

The fine line between not talking about something and hiding private or personal information is hard to determine. Brydon however, has not denied nor confirmed the rumors to have undergone a hair transplant after appearing with a thicker, fuller hairline one day.

His before and after pictures leave no room for speculation and you do not need to be an expert to see the tremendous change on his head after a hair transplant surgery. The point is that he is looking younger, and more confident while shining bright the way he appears now. Who doesn’t want to look better while aging anyway?

Dimitar Berbatov - Hair Transplant Before & After

Dimitar Berbatov

As a successful sports persona out in the public eye, the positive change in Berbatov’s hair was truly encouraging. His hair got infinite compliments when he appeared at a charity event for the first time with his new hairline. It was perfectly timed after leaving the healing period behind and a good amount of hair growth was achieved.

Berbatov has always been open about the fact that he got a hair transplant done, to the extent that he shared his surgeon’s details with those who asked for advice. Hailing from Bulgaria where early hereditary hair loss is common, especially in males, he seems to have shown the way to hope for many. Kudos to Dimitar for being brave and open!

Calum Best - Hair Transplant Before & After

Calum Best

Calum has had 4 hair transplants of 1200 to 1400 grafts each, which calculates to a total of more than 5000 grafts. Losing his hair in his early twenties, he didn’t care much about it until his thirties but then had 4 transplants in a row. The other option for him would have been to wait until he reached a level 4 on the Norwood scale and get the procedure done at once.

Building up his hair one hair transplant at a time, Calum looks great after the hair transplants. More importantly, he was able to still get work in the limelight with the subtle changes because baldness can’t be considered a strength for a professional model.

Jürgen Klopp - Hair Transplant Before & After

Jurgen Klopp

The hair transplant daddy of all football stars, Klopp is one of the earlier adopters of hair transplant technology. He had his first and only unshaven FUE in 2012 in Germany and got his hairline remade. Looking very natural and very much his own, more than a decade after the procedure, he’s looking like he could do with a second transplant to bring back some density to the top of his head. A prominent figure to many, let’s just hope that he doesn’t make it a habit to wear baseball caps and goes for a final retouch while he can.

Joe Swash - Hair Transplant Before & After

Joe Swash

Swash’s hair transplant learnings certainly provide great insight for those of us still contemplating. Going public about his first scattered then recovered self-confidence, Swash is a happy man after going through not one, not two but three hair transplants.

His condition and journey set a great example to common male pattern baldness since he started losing his hair in his mid-twenties. Now recovered, happy, and fresher than ever, Swash isn’t shy of spreading his generous smile. He literally is the picture of how trusting the process and advanced medical technology pays off. Be like Joe, don’t give up!

Sebastian Vettel - Hair Transplant Before & After

Sebastian Vettel

In 2020 and 2021, Vettel lost so much hair at lightspeed that he could easily sneak into Buckingham palace pretending he is Prince Williams. He suddenly appeared as a stage 5 on the Norwood scale, shocking the whole world! Even though there was no apparent sign of a hair transplant, recently his hair and hairline got denser, which can only be the result of a successful hair transplant surgery.

Henry Cavill - Hair Transplant Before and After

Henry Cavill

We can tell you what Cavill would look like with an ever so slightly magical hair transplant touch; younger. Imagine him with the empty side temples filled and his hairline properly redone in the most natural way! He could do with just about 2000 grafts to look 29 again. 2500 grafts would put him at 27 and 3000 grafts would add years to his life.

We totally get it that some people have a fear of needles and avoid medical appointments of all sorts. Although this is pure speculation, it’s just that maybe he is not aware of the needle-free hair transplant technique.

Boy George - Hair Transplant Before and After

Boy George

If we had to summarize Boy George’s before and after transformation in one word, that word would be: AMAZING! He has made such a great decision and just on time (well quite late actually but not impossible-late) because donor hair ain’t gonna be there forever.

Be the change you want to see in the world is like a sentence invented for Boy George’s post-transplant hair. A single, simple hair transplant brought the man back into his energetic, young, sexy self. What can we say… Trendsetting is in his blood and he hasn’t looked this good in decades.

Chris Evans - Hair Transplant Before and After

Chris Evans

Captain America star seems to have managed the condition of his hair throughout the years with lots of TLC towards his hair routine and style. He clearly found ways to control his distressed scalp and visibly receding widow’s peak.

Although Chris Evans has been battling with hair loss since his late twenties (which also happens to be the golden age of his acting career), there hasn’t been all that much to draw attention to his hair struggles.

We only see the significance of the difference when we take a look at his before and after pictures. His native widow’s peak from his early twenties slowly turns into an even hairline which indicates a hairline correction unless it was the hairy fairy.

Andrew Garfield - Hair Transplant Before and After

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield was in his mid twenties when the first signs of hair loss emerged in his life, followed by deeper levels of hair loss ten years later because he did nothing about it. With a family history of baldness, his future remains blurry in the hair department as he navigates hair loss.

We’ll just wait and see if Andrew Garfield decides to take action to stop his hairline from receding.

The ideal track to follow when dealing with his condition would have been to proceed with a high-quality hair transplant as soon as possible, while he still has good donor hair.

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