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There’s certainly a lot to praise about Rob Brydon, the man who entertains Britain and the world with his familiar face exhibiting distinct features.

Coming from a music and drama background, he dedicated his life to all things performing arts which audiences have been appreciating for decades. Although he achieved recognition in his latter years, specifically in his mid-thirties, he has since become a member of the British Empire’s Order, a title impossible to match.

As an elegant celebrity and an admired role model, Brydon may have felt that looking his best while keeping it natural is something he owes to the world. For those wondering about the subtle but obvious positive change in Brydon’s looks, we observed the changes in his appearance through professional eyes from a technical perspective. What we’ve found has almost certainly to do with one or several hair transplants, making him one of the earlier celebrities opting for a hair transplant procedure.

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Rob Brydon hair loss

Now aged 57, Brydon has been challenged with male pattern baldness gradually in his life but the severe thinning on his hairline was most visible in his early forties already.

In 2007 and 2008, his hair loss reached a Norwood stage 4 based on an internationally accepted scale to measure baldness. He was lucky enough that the remainder of the hair on the back of his scalp was looking healthy and plenty.

Even though Brydon himself never openly admitted to having undergone a hair transplant, he has definitely gone the right path at the right time if he did go under the knife.

We say this because one must still have healthy donor hairs on their scalp in order to be able to undergo a hair transplant. It is therefore not possible for those who had to wait until going completely bald with no healthy donor area left, to have a hair transplant.

Rob brydon hair transplant before abd after hairline

Has Rob Brydon had a hair transplant?

Analysing Rob Brydon’s appearance from a technical perspective, we see that the recession on his hairline went past a recession as he turned 45. It is later in the same year that we see him with drastically denser hair exactly where he was losing it. There was also no clue from his almost completely destroyed hairline earlier that year in 2010.

At the same time, everything looked so natural and in place that only the spy-eyed sniffed the high likelihood of a hair transplant procedure. How did Rob Brydon’s hair growth happen out of the blue? Probably overnight and very probably through a very successful hair transplant where at least 3000 grafts of hair were transplanted, in our view.

How many hair transplants has Rob Brydon had?

It is in fact much more challenging to get the word out of a public personality’s mouth when the celebrity is a comedian because comedians have their ways to manoeuvre easily using humor. That’s exactly what’s been happening thus far with Rob Brydon.

Journalists kept asking the question to get him to confirm or deny the rumours that he underwent one or more hair transplants while Brydon just got away with distracting witty answers.

Whether he had one or multiple hair transplants is therefore officially a mystery from his end. However, given that his hair loss was not too severe, one operation would have been enough for him to achieve a full head of hair.

Is it a successful operation?

At some destinations, hair transplant operations have a 98% success rate. This is because the country and most of its clinics spent years building up the skillset, specialising in transplanting hair.

There’s no information about where Brydon may have had his procedure done, however analysing his hair growth we can say that he had a successful procedure that was properly done.

Rob Brydon hair transplant

How much did Rob Brydon’s hair transplant cost?

In hair transplant cost analysis, one of the important components is the technology and method used. The transfer of hair strands may be done at any desired angle using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure and achieving a natural appearance is considerably simpler. From a technical perspective, our opinion is that the FUE technique is more likely to have been employed when we examine the hair transplantation result on Brydon.

Next comes the number of hair grafts transplanted, as the cost of the procedure is generally calculated on the number of grafts. Above we voiced our viewpoint that Brydon must have had at least 3000 grafts transplanted to redesign his hairline.

Next comes the destination that he chose. To compare, an A-class clinic that offers this type of procedure in the UK would be charging way over £10,000 for a 3000 graft FUE hair transplant.

At a clinic of the same caliber in Turkey, a 3000 graft FUE hair transplant by the hands of a top surgeon costs less than a quarter of that, at around £2000. Most reputable clinics, like Heva Clinic, in Turkey offer even better results, and the convenience of package deals that include VIP transfers, luxury hotel stays, and top-rated customer service.

Where to have a top quality hair transplant like Rob Brydon?

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