Ben Affleck Hair Transplant Before and After Photo

Ben Affleck is a successful actor, singer, and director. He rose to fame after starring in various commercials and TV movies as a teenager. Since then, he has starred in many films, including Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbor, The Sum of All Fears, and Argo. He also directed the film Live by Night and wrote the screenplay for The Town: Ben Affleck’s Early Years and Making of Live by Night. Simply put, Affleck is an A-list Hollywood star.

Talented, handsome, and famous, there’s no reason why Affleck wouldn’t want to look his best at all times. As good-looking and tall as he naturally is, Affleck may have received cosmetic touches along his journey, including a possible hair transplant procedure like many other celebrities.

For someone of his prominence as well as for any of us in ordinary life, this is quite natural. Staying confident and looking our best is a fundamental entitlement.

Ben Affleck Hairstyles 4 styles

Ben Affleck hairstyles

Like many other celebrities, instead of sticking to one look throughout his career, Affleck has gone through several hairstyles and looks throughout his acting life.

His fans are quick to praise him when he does decide to change his hair again. His unconventional choices have led to many iconic roles for him both on and off the screen!

Ben Affleck Long Hair Photo

Ben Affleck long hair

Many have commented on Ben Affleck’s different looks. Some wonder if his transformations are a sign of Affleck’s attempts to distance himself from his physical attractiveness with shorter hair.

Affleck did win Best Actor for his role in Argo; in the movie his hair was at a medium/long length, showcasing the characteristics of the persona he plays. He also starred in two highly rated summer blockbuster films- Gigli and Jersey Girl- prior to his divorce from Garner. After all, Affleck’s different haircuts may be a response to the changing Hollywood environment.

Ben Affleck Short Hair Photo Temples


Ben Affleck short hair

Affleck is mostly seen with shorter hair in his movies. This gives him a boyish look that completes his tough but sensible persona on the silver screen. It won’t be wrong to say that a short-haired look helped him stand out from other childhood actors of the 1990s. His first starring role in a film brought him attention from Hollywood.

Affleck’s acting career reached new heights after he cut his hair. This was likely thanks to the Oscar win for Best Actor he received for his performance in Argo. His new look proved to be successful both on and off screen as he continues to rise to fame today.

Not all of Affleck’s fans were as enthusiastic about his post-short-hair look. In 2002, a fan asked him why he cut his hair short again. He responded by saying that he did not like being recognized on the street as Ben Affleck and not wanting to look like a toddler when he acted.

Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne Hair Photo

Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne hair

Suiting him handsomely, Affleck carries the Batman hairstyle extremely well. His Batman looks are the modern version of the Bruce Wayne hair, fitting in nicely with his natural appearance.

Unofficially titled “the most stylish Bruce Wayne”, Affleck’s hairstyle certainly had an impact on the impression he left on millions of viewers.

Ben Affleck The Last Duel Hair Photo

Ben Affleck The Last Duel hair

Making him almost unrecognizable for all of us accustomed to seeing Affleck in a certain style, The Last Duel must have been a distant change to Affleck’s usual hairstyle. An extreme change for the sake of his acting, it has been literally shocking for the crowds. We suspect that his blonde cut in the movie may have been inspired by a Max Von Sydow film, namely The Seventh Seal.

Ben Affleck Hair Loss front and back side of the head

Ben Affleck hair loss

Now 50 years old, like all aging beings, Ben Affleck’s thinning hair is somewhat noticeable. The actor may have lost hair, particularly as a result of age and demanding work environments. Luckily, he has the resources to reverse aging and undergo limitless cosmetic surgeries if he wanted to.

Standing out from the rest of these costly procedures, hair transplant surgery is available and affordable for all of us, ordinary people, depending on where you get it done.

Ben Affleck Hair Transplant Before and After Temple Area

Has Ben Affleck had a hair transplant?

It is well known that several celebrities have lately undergone hair transplant surgery to restore thinning or balding areas on their scalp. Understandably, when you make a living through acting, losing hair is the last thing you would want to happen. Regarding a hair transplant, Ben Affleck has not been very forthcoming despite rumors.

However, Ben Affleck’s thinning temple areas seem to be densified, which is not likely in a natural way. He has more likely undergone a hair transplant procedure to restore his hairline and the crown area.

How Many Grafts Did Ben Affleck Get?

He might have received about 2000 grafts, but a more optimal number would be 3000 grafts distributed between his crown and temple areas, utilizing a completely non-shave hair transplant approach in multiple sessions.

Is Ben Affleck bald?

A natural-looking salt-and-pepper color characterizes Ben Affleck’s medium-length hair. This is in fact what he would have probably looked like at his natural age if his hair wasn’t dyed when shooting movies.

Affleck does not look like a bald man, but his hair secrets are probably kept amongst the family.

ben affleck - hair transplant before after widow's peak

Does Ben Affleck wear a toupee?

Fans have been quick to draw attention to the actor’s thinning hairline as rumors about his personal life persist. However, the fact that he may have been wearing different hairpieces in the films he has been acting should not result in the idea that he wears a toupee in his daily life.

Some claim that comparison photos between before and after revealing that he now frequently sports a toupee but we will have to disagree on that. His naturally thick, black hair—which occasionally might appear to be a wig—could be another factor fueling these rumors. When asked, Affleck acknowledged coloring his hair, but he hasn’t confirmed anything about using any other hair accessories.

Affleck’s transformation may also signal an upcoming role as a leading man. At 50 years old, Affleck still possesses the looks of a leading man from his past career as a child star.

What is certain, however, is that Ben Affleck has certainly reinvented himself over the past twenty-something years.

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