3500 graft norwood 5 hair transplant result blonde male

The Norwood Hamilton Scale demonstrates male pattern baldness stages, and progressing to Norwood Scale 5 indicates an advanced stage of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness). This phase is characterized by a noticeable bridge of thinning hair, a widening bald spot on the crown, and overall thinning across the scalp. Additionally, the receding hairline deepens towards the mid-scalp. So, individuals at this stage often consider solutions like the Norwood Scale 5 hair transplant.

Signs of Norwood 5 stage hair loss:

more noticeable hair loss in the frontal and temporal areas,
reduced hair density,
a net bridge of thinning hair,
a widening bald spot on the crown,
narrowed front corners.

Stage 5 on the Norwood balding scale prompts individuals to consider solutions like the Norwood Scale 5 hair transplant. This hair loss treatment technique typically requires between 1,800 and 2,200 grafts for the hairline. A range of 1,000 to 1,500 grafts may be sufficient for the crown. Overall, this procedure typically involves the transplantation of around 4000 grafts in total to address the hair loss concerns in both the frontal and crown areas.

Norwood stage 5 hair transplant candidate

Can I get a hair transplant at Norwood 5?

Yes, you can get a hair transplant if you are at Norwood 5 stage. In fact, this is the best time for intervention, whether it’s a hair transplant, medication, or a combination of both. After scheduling an appointment and undergoing some test results, your hair restoration process can begin in Turkey without any delay.

You can calculate your graft needs based on different sections of the head as follows:

The left and right sides of the frontal lobe, just above the ears, require around 500 grafts per side.
Near the middle of the frontal lobe, approximately 1500 grafts may suffice for stage 5.
In the middle of the frontal lobe (known as zone 3), at least 500 grafts are needed.
Just behind the frontal lobe, hairlines are located for most patients in stage 5, requiring approximately 1750 grafts.
At the backside of the head, a total of 2000 grafts may be enough.
Allocation of grafts on the scalp for hair transplant - male

How many grafts are needed for grade 5 baldness?

This stage requires a minimum of 3500 grafts for a strong front line and 4000 grafts for full coverage.

If the donor area is healthy and strong, 5000 hair grafts can be transplanted to achieve a natural and dense appearance.

Ongoing drug therapy and PRP hair treatment can be used to support the transplanted hair.

4000 graft hair transplant polish patient before and after - norwood 5 stage

How does the Norwood scale 5 hair transplant work?

The Norwood Scale 5 Hair Transplant has four main steps:

1. Your surgeon prepares the donor area for transplantation by applying local anesthesia. Depending on the situation, your surgeon can decide to shave the hair around the transplantation area.

2. The grafts will be harvested from the healthy donor area by using a choi pen, punch tool or a similar surgical instrument. These collected grafts are placed in a suitable sterile setting for the transplantation process. For instance, the ice-frozen FUE method involves using medical refrigerators to increase graft survivability outside of the body.

3. Your surgeon will prepare the transplantation area by opening microchannels in the scalp using a needle, or a small sharp tool. During this process, you will not feel any pain because you are under local anesthesia.

4. They will carefully place the hair follicles into these channels. This process is extremely important to achieve a natural hair appearance. That’s why an expert team is needed.

What is the cost of Norwood scale 5 hair transplant?

The cost can be a good indicator of hair transplant quality at stage 5. The cost of a Norwood 5 hair transplant in Turkey usually ranges between $2500 to $3500.

However, the price of the whole package may vary depending on the technique, your surgeon’s preference,the number of sessions, your hotel and other extras during your stay.

How long does it take to see the results of Norwood scale 5 hair transplant?

For Norwood Scale 5 hair transplant, most new hair typically starts to appear around 5 or 6 months after the procedure. By 8 to 10 months, the hair reaches its longest and thickest point as the follicles mature. Final results are generally expected around 12 months, with potential continued development and slight changes in color and texture up to 18 months. Individual variations in hair growth rates after the operation exist, and these time frames are based on average experiences. The longevity of the results is assured, offering a lasting transformation.

Why do people choose Turkey for hair transplant?

Turkey, one of the most economical countries globally for hair transplants, offers both economic and enjoyable experiences for a hair transformation. Heva Clinic, located in Istanbul, stands out as one of the country’s best hair transplant centers. This clinic not only meets all your special care needs for hair transplantation but also provides unforgettable moments with its hospitality. With a safe and minimally invasive procedure, you can achieve naturally voluminous and aesthetically pleasing hair. Moreover, considering that experienced surgeons perform the procedure with high-quality equipment, the cost of an FUE operation in Turkey may surprise you!

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