2500 graft hair transplant result in Turkey

Have you been noticing hair thinning and bald spots? Even though hair loss to some extent is natural, rapid or excessive hair loss can be noticeable and concerning.

One of the most effective solutions you can resort to is a hair transplant. This aesthetic operation is one of the most preferred hair loss treatments that can be effective in various stages of hair loss. The principle of hair transplant is to relocate the healthy hair follicles to the thinned or bald areas to improve hair density.

Depending on the degree of your hair loss, the number of hair follicles that needs to be transplanted changes. 2500 grafts hair transplant is one of the options you can choose for early stages of baldness.

Curious about the 2500 grafts hair transplant? Here, we have laid out all the details.

Who is a good candidate for a 2500 grafts hair transplant?

norwood 3 and 3-vertex hair loss 2500 grafts candidate

Hair transplant operations needs to be tailored to different hair transplant patients; 2500 grafts hair transplant operation is suitable for patients who are at stage 3 and 3-vertex of the Norwood scale. The Norwood scale categorizes the stages of male pattern baldness and can be an excellent guide for determining how many hair grafts are needed to cover the affected area and how the hair loss can progress in the future.

In addition to these, a good candidate for 2500 grafts hair transplant should be in good general health and have a sufficient amount of hair in the donor area.

2500 graft hair transplant before and after photos

What area do 2500 grafts cover?

If you are experiencing baldness or thinning at the vertex and have a V, M, or U-shaped hairline, a 2500 grafts hair transplant can be a good option for covering the affected areas.

In addition, 2500 grafts can also be suitable to cover the frontal or the crown area. This operation is recommended for hairline restoration which is great for perfecting the shape of the hairline and creating hair volume in the frontal area.

Which technique is used for 2500 grafts hair transplant?

Thanks to the increased popularity of hair transplant operations and developing technologies, existing techniques have been improved and new techniques have been developed. These different hair transplant methods cater to different needs and preferences of hair transplant patients and provide a better experience for hair transplant surgeons.


The FUE hair transplant method is a sophisticated technique suitable for a wide range of hair transplant operations including the 2500 grafts hair transplant. The FUE technique involves individual extraction and transplantation of hair follicles. Since this technique provides a high success rate and natural-looking results, it has become extremely popular. Furthermore, the FUE technique causes minimal scarring and discomfort.

Because the hair follicles are individually transplanted, the FUE technique is also suitable for hair transplant operations performed without shaving the hair which is also known as the unshaven FUE technique. This hair transplant technique is highly popular among patients who don’t want to change their hairstyle dramatically.


The DHI technique is quite similar to the FUE technique but differs in the method of implantation of hair follicles. This technique uses a sophisticated tool called the Choi pen which is used to simultaneously create the incision and implant the hair follicles at the transplant area. This tool further minimizes the scarring and allows for maximum precision. Even though the DHI technique is not suitable for the transplantation of high numbers of hair grafts, it is suitable for the 2500 grafts hair transplant operations.

How does the medical procedure work?

Medical procedure for a 2500 graft hair transplant operation starts with a consultation session to assess the details of your surgery. Necessary tests are usually performed to ensure that you don’t have a blood-borne disease and to determine the specific health issues that may require precautions.

1 – On the day of your procedure, the operation will be performed under local anaesthesia. Your surgeon will start the operation by shaving the necessary areas (if you are not undergoing an unshaven FUE).

2- Then, hair follicles will be extracted from the donor area.

3- Once the required amount of hair follicles is collected, your surgeon will start the implantation process at the transplant area. This procedure is done by paying utmost attention to the direction and angle of each hair follicle to achieve the most natural results possible.

How long does it take?

2500 grafts hair transplant operations can take 4-5 hours depending on your surgeon and the transplant area. So, you will be able to get the procedure in one day and be discharged from the hospital on the same day of your operation.

How much does a 2500 grafts hair transplant cost?

Understandably so, the number one question about hair transplant operations is the cost. The price of a 2500 grafts hair transplant operation in Turkey ranges between $1,800 and $2,500.

When will I see the full results?

Unfortunately, hair transplant operations do not provide immediate results. You will need to allow for the recovery period to be successfully done and for the hair follicles to grow at a natural pace. Usually, patients start to see initial results 4-6 months after their hair transplant operations. However, you will need to wait for at least12 months before you can see the final results.

Frequently asked questions

What is a hair graft?

Hair grafts are units of hair follicles. One hair graft can contain 1-6 hair follicles depending on each person’s genetics, health, and hair type.

Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area in the form of hair grafts during a hair transplant operation. Hence, most hair transplant operations are named based on the hair grafts extracted such as 2500 grafts hair transplant.

How many hairs is 2500 grafts?

An healthy hair graft can contain 1-5 hair follicles, and the average hair per graft ratio is between 1.8 – 2.2. Meaning that 2500 grafts would contain a total of 4,500 to 5,500 hairs. Read our How many hair is 1 graft? blog to learn more.

Is 2500 graft hair transplant a safe procedure?

Yes, 2500 grafts hair transplant is a non-invasive safe procedure. Hair clinics and surgeons in Turkey perform 2500 graft hair transplant procedures under surgical conditions and aim for maximum safety.

You medical consultant will ask you certain questions and medical team will conduct a medical check before they start the operation to make sure you have a safe procedure and recovery period.