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Bringing a range of diverse characters to live in his movies, from the co-founder of Facebook to the American comic book superhero Spiderman, Andrew Garfield is a phenomenal actor.

He’s also a surfer, a skateboarder, a table tennis addict, and a board game aficionado. Add the British accent and you have an ultra charismatic and talented male celebrity.

Nominated for numerous awards, how is it that an actor who relies on his looks alongside his acting skill, manages to keep a full head of hair at age 40?

Because hair is our very own department, we looked everywhere to find clues about the truth for you. Hint: Garfield’s father and brother are both nearly bald…

Read along to find out if the gifted Andrew Garfield joined the celebrities with hair transplants yet.

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Andrew Garfield Hair Loss

In 2009 at the age of 26, we see the first signs of hair loss on Garfieldwhich typically started on his temples. That same year, he was a Norwood 2 (a universal scaling system for baldness) without showing any signs of visible hair loss to the non-professional eye but we see the obvious start of a widow’s peak. We say this by analyzing his frontal temple recession when we caught pictures of him with a short haircut.

Because of the amazingly strong density of his natural hair, this isn’t something 99.9% of people would have noticed. For the following 9 years, we can’t observe any apparent further hair loss until 2018.

Come 2018, Garfield’s temples started receding with speed, leaving him with pretty much naked areas on both sides despite his clever hair styling. In 2019 aged 36, the recession is all the more obvious, and at this stage, he’s already a typical Norwood 3.

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Did Andrew Garfield Get A Hair Transplant?

With a father and brother who are both very bald, Andrew Garfield has thus far been nothing but lucky. It doesn’t mean his male pattern baldness won’t accelerate at any given time in the future just because it held quite well till now.

While family history often influences hair loss patterns, a family history of baldness doesn’t mean it will manifest in every individual. Genetic expression can vary, and not everyone inherits the specific combination of genes responsible for hair loss.

It’s a possibility that Garfield may have taken to his mother’s genes that counteract or minimize the hair loss tendencies. More on this, while a family history might suggest a likelihood of baldness, the age at which it begins can change. Some individuals might experience hair loss earlier or later than other family members.

Let’s not forget that lifestyle and environmental influences also play a significant role. Factors like stress, and diet can impact hair health. A person’s choices and habits might delay the onset of baldness, even with a genetic predisposition.

Proactive care, such as using hair loss prevention treatments or following a healthy lifestyle, can significantly impact the manifestation and progression of hair loss, even in the presence of genetic predisposition. We believe that this is mostly the case for Andrew Garfield.

To answer the question, did he get a hair transplant? Our verdict is nope. Not just yet.

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Andrew Garfield’s Future Hair

As explained above, while family history might be an indicator, it’s not a definite sentence for hair loss. The X factor in hair loss isn’t so much its pattern but the speed. Garfield will eventually get to stages 4 and 5 (as per the Norwood scale) as he ages but the question is when? It often so happens that the alopecia advances a whole stage in a matter of months when the time comes.

Only time will tell if Andrew Garfield will do something about his receding hairline. For now, he seems to take good care of his hair probably also using hair loss prevention supplements, lotions, and drops.

The best approach to address his situation secretly would have been opting for a high-quality no shave hair transplant procedure without further delay, while Garfield still possesses healthy donor hair in the donor area.

andrew garfield - hair transplant before and after

How Much Would Andrew Garfield Have Paid For His Hair Transplant?

Curious about his potential cost of hair transplant? Let the numbers paint the picture.

Andrew Garfield’s pre-dominant hair issues are his naturally uneven and ageing related receding hairline. His hairline situation is getting worse but he insists on managing it by trying different hairstyles to cover his naked temples.

He could do very well with just a 1500 graft hair transplant to start with. In the UK –his place of residence which he considers home – this will cost him somewhere between $6,000 and $10,000. In the US – where his father is from – the same number of grafts will range from $6,000 up to $15,000 between NYC and California.

For key details on getting a top-tier hair transplant at a fraction of these high prices, make sure to check out the important information below.

andrew garfield hair transplant before & after

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The decision to undergo a hair transplant is personal. However, by considering it sooner rather than later, you will simply enjoy being confident for longer throughout your life.

So if you’re considering a hair transplant, here’s why you shouldn’t follow Andrew Garfield’s footsteps and take the decision as soon as possible:

  • Addressing hair loss early can help preserve your existing hair. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of continued loss.


  • Hair transplants involve redistributing healthy hair follicles to areas with thinning or no hair. The earlier this is done, the more seamless and natural the integration will be.


  • Preventing further hair loss early on might reduce the need for ongoing, more costly interventions in the future.

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