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Hair Transplant Touch Up

Touch-up hair transplantation is known as the second procedure. It involves placing additional grafts taken from the donor area into the same desired area where the extracted hair was originally transplanted during the first hair transplantation. This session is generally conducted to densify or fix the recipient area. For the procedure, we typically need 500 [...]

Norwood 3 Hairstyles — 9 Best Hairstyles

One of the challenges of having Norwood stage 3 hair loss is hiding the receding hairline and balding spots. While it might seem like your only option is to go bald, there are indeed various hairstyles that you can use to hide your hair loss. In this article, you will find everything you need to [...]

Chris Bumstead (CBum) Hair Transplant

In today's celebrity hair transformation story, we'll be exploring the challenges CBum encountered along the way. By examining his experience more closely, we aim to set you up for success in writing your own hair transformation story and discover the ideal solutions. As a five-time world champion bodybuilder, Chris has a different routine of nutrition, [...]

Kirk Cousins Hair Transplant

Kirk Cousins is well-known for his trademark pre-game routine, grown in popularity over time. Cousins has a ritual of yelling "You like that?!" before every game. In October 2015, during a post-game interview, his slogan became viral. On the other hand, for the sake of a holistic approach to life, Kirk deserves a self-affirming image. [...]

Elon Musk Hair Transplant

As the man who bought Twitter, Elon Musk is also the father of Dogecoin and the Jesus of robots. So far he has 11 children with eccentric names (he named his last-born Techno Mechanicus, nicknamed Tau). We’re talking about a man more powerful than a full set of presidents combined at a UN meeting, so [...]

Gareth Gates Hair Transplant

Gareth Gates was once the rightful owner of the plentiful, spikey hairstyle. Catching the attention of the world’s biggest hair product brands, his hair was healthy, shiny, and infinite. As it so happens, this didn’t last very long, marked by a gradual deterioration in hair quality and the onset of receding hairline concerns. In 2016, [...]

Raymond Van Barneveld Hair Transplant

Once one of the most celebrated darts players with several world titles under his belt, Van Barneveld also caused a darts-craze in his native Holland as well as in the entirety of Europe where the game originates from. Back to 21st-century darts where the world champion is awarded a hefty amount, Raymond Van Barneveld (Barney) [...]

Paulo Costa Hair Transplant

Hair loss is possibly the most common gloom of mankind. No matter how successful they are, emerging celebrities like Paulo Costa are just as affected as the rest of the world. For those unfamiliar; Brazilian professional mixed martial artist Paulo "The Eraser" Costa competes in the middleweight division of the UFC. As a rule, we [...]

Rio Ferdinand Hair Transplant

If you have been following our celebrity hair transplant series, you know that a hair transplant is all pro footballers talk about in the lockers these days. Rio Ferdinand no longer hangs out in the locker room but he’s most certainly infested with the whisper campaign about how hair transplants are transforming lives. If you [...]

All Hair Types: A Complete Guide of Different Hair Types

All hair types are beautiful, and none is superior to the other. As you learn more about the different hair types that exist, you will discover that each one has its distinctive features. There are four main types of hair: Types 1, 2, 3 and 4. But what makes each hair type unique, and how [...]