Conor McGregor Hair Transplant Before and After

Conor McGregor is a famous Irish mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. He is also known for his brash and outspoken personality. Although he has fought in several different sports, including boxing and football, he is best known for his MMA fights. He has earned several awards, including Fighter of the Year in both the Professional Footballers Association and Sports Journalists Association Awards.

Usually, there’s just too much in hand to know about celebrities who have had a hair transplant. Although McGregor never admitted to have undergone a hair transplant surgery, we are here to analyse the picture evidence under the magnifying glass to tell you what may or may not have happened in his case.

Many people hold the same opinion of McGregor as Muhammad Ali once did- that McGregor is a hard case. He’s known to be difficult to work with and has even caused injuries to some of his teammates. He’s also been involved in several spats with other MMA fighters. This has led to him being fined and banned from MMA competitions several times. It’s rumored that this behavior has forced him to cut weight repeatedly and take performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Although McGregor is famous for his fighting skills, it seems that his hectic mind and the drama around his life create an echo and thus, lots of PR for his name.

According to rumors, McGregor has dated several high-profile celebrities over the years. These include actor Brandon Gibson, model Dee Mitchell, and singer Alesha Susan. All of these relationships have reportedly ended in conflict and scandal, with some of the women accusing McGregor of cheating on them- particularly Dee Mitchell. Whether these stories are true or not, it does show how out of control Conor’s personal life can be. He seems to date women who are either famous or extremely wealthy, apparently because he is financially dependent on them (pure goss).

Conor’s lifestyle has also reportedly led to people questioning his behavior toward children. Specifically, fans have accused him of being a bad role model for kids due to his seemingly irresponsible behavior. For instance, while promoting a stadium event in Australia last year, McGregor threw a megaphone into the crowd and drove away in his car without stopping it. This led to several injuries, including broken bones and a pregnant woman fainting. To top it off, Conor then posted photos of himself drinking alcohol at a children’s party shortly after this incident took place. The fans accused him of showing poor judgment due to his age and celebrity status, which can affect how he sees children differently than others do.

Although McGregor is known for many things, including his professional fighting skills and celebrity relationships, he is also known for questionable behaviors that have led many to dislike him. His irascible nature makes it hard for people to understand why he acts the way he does.

Conor McGregor 4 hairstyles

Conor McGregor hairstyles

Always finding what suits him best, and not fearing a change in his hairstyle, McGregor has changed his hairstyle numerous times over the years. Almost a trendsetter in men’s hairstyles, Conor has made appearances wearing his hair differently. From combover undercuts to braided hair, let’s take a look at the hairstyle carnival he exhibited for his followers.

Conor McGregor Long Hair

Conor McGregor long hair

Conor McGregor can pull off hairdos that can come out as aggressive while looking stylish and sporty on him. Conor is capable of pulling it off, but it is, to put it frankly, rough.

Conor McGregor slicked back hair

Conor McGregor slicked back hair

The hairstyles of Conor McGregor appear to fluctuate with the seasons. His preferred hairstyle, whether short or medium-length, appears to be the slick back. Additionally, he also loves the undercut along the slick back.

Conor McGregor Short hair

Conor McGregor short hair

McGregor certainly pulls off very short and shaved hairstyles proudly, thanks to his nicely rounded head shape and confident appearance.

Conor McGregor braided hair

Conor McGregor braided hair

Looking quite fantastic, in his earlier days McGregor has also rocked braided hair.

Has Conor McGregor had a hair transplant?

For someone this famous and in the public eye, visible changes in his hair density, as well as hairline, caused rumors about a hair transplant.

Conor himself never revealed any specific info about the secrets of his grooming but we analyzed the looks of his hair from a technical perspective for you.

Conor McGregor Hair Transplant Hairline Before & After

Conor McGregor hair loss

When Conor reached his mid-20s he started showing signs of hair loss in his temples. From his earlier pictures, Conor McGregor’s hair thinning looks like the usual androgenetic alopecia where you go from Norwood stage 1 (meaning there isn’t any hair loss) to later stages of the Norwood scale of baldness. As the hair loss transitions, the hairline starts moving higher and that’s exactly what seems to have happened to McGregor.

Conor McGregor Hair Transplant

If we take a look at this photo below posted on his Instagram last November, we notice some interesting details in his hairline that definitely look like the result of a hair transplant.

Conor McGregor Sunbathing Hair Transplant Hairline

His hairline has been lowered while looking more straight. His temple areas showcase a better frame too.

Hair transplant scabs Conor McGregor

In the photo above where he partially shows his face, his frontal hairline has noticeable scabs. Scabs are a natural result of a healthy recovery period and they are generally visible for 10 days after a hair transplant operation.

Given that he also shaved his head a few days before taking this photo, it confirms the signs of a possible hair transplantation procedure.

The above photo is highly likely to be taken towards the end of the first week post-op because the scabs are already looking dry after the micro incisions created on the scalp start healing. Besides, his forehead looks lowered compared to pictures taken just a couple of weeks before.

Conor McGregor after hair transplant frontline

On the picture up, when we zoom in on his forehead we can speculate that it may have been taken in the second or third month following his surgery. There’s very thin-looking and irregular hair growth around two centimeters in front of his original hairline which isn’t something that just happens.

It’s indeed unusual and this is just another sign of hair transplantation.

Conor McGregor after hair transplant frontline closeup

There is no noticeable sign or scarring on McGregor’s scalp such as a linear scar which would be a sign of a hair transplant with the FUT unit strip method. This means that he must have had the surgery with the FUE method, through follicle extraction. He presumably got around 2000 grafts transplanted.

With all the above evidence, it does look like he got a hair transplant. Who knows, he may reveal some information along the way about his surgeon and clinic in the future.

What hair product does Conor McGregor use?

It’s possible that Conor McGregor may have used special shampoos and finasteride considered the golden standard to keep his hair as thick and dense over the years. It’s crucial for anyone to keep the existing hair on the mid-scalp for as many years as possible and that’s what you can do with treatments like minoxidil and finasteride in some cases.

We do not know if this is the path Conor followed but what we do know is how deeply he cares about his appearance.

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