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Having experienced the challenges of hair loss relatively early in his ever-so-successful career, we used to see Lewis Hamilton with a shaved head or braided hair with lots of hair extensions most of the time.

Record-breaking Formula 1 pilot might have not known that afro-type hair is actually quite complicated to regenerate because it’s the hardest hair type in a hair transplant process.

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020, keeps oblivious behavior when asked whether he has undergone a hair transplant. While the social mediascope used to be bombarded with pictures of his hair that showed the champion’s receding hairline, we now see a much fuller hairline. There’s a very, very low possibility that he just changed his haircare habits and began using high-quality hair products, but it’s more than probable that he underwent a hair transplant.

While a celebrity hair transplant is nearly impossible to keep a secret, whoever has done Lewis’ hair job, has done a great job!

Lewis Hamilton hairstyles throughout the years

Born into a mixed-ethnicity family with a black father from Grenada and a typical caucasian British mother, Lewis identifies himself as a black individual. Perhaps his most defining feature has been his braided hair, in a career where he is in fact the first and so far the only black Formula 1 driver.

Lewis Hamilton Hairstyles Evolution from 2005 to 2022

Lewis Hamilton hair loss

Lewis Hamilton probably has hereditary hair loss; his hairline was not dense even when he was 20 years old as we can see from his photos in 2005.

Anyone who looks at before and after pictures of the racing driver will notice that Hamilton didn’t just have a few hairs falling or thinning. Come the 2010s, he was going bald at a fast pace!

His pictures in 2010 signal a Norwood scale 4 level of baldness which in their mid-late twenties is more common in men.

Has Lewis Hamilton had a hair transplant?

He says nay we say yes. There’s enough evidence and an abundance of before and after pictures of him that point to a successful hair transplant. We are 99.9% sure.

It’s not that he has just denser or more hair, his hairline is clearly designed as seen in his late pictures. This is the typical result of a successful hair transplant and looks great on him.

It’s more likely that he had an FUE hair transplant as there’s no scar on the back of his head.

Lewis Hamilton before and after hair transplant result

Lewis Hamilton before hair transplant

As mentioned earlier, Hamilton started losing his hair relatively early. Honest or not about having had a hair transplant, the point is that he has come to realize that he needed to do something to save his hair.

His decision of having a hair transplant was a good idea since he took action while he still had healthy hair on his donor area for a hair transplant surgery. Those suffering from hair loss can check where they stand on the Norwood scale of baldness to find out how many grafts they need, which may change at a different, individual pace in time.

A hair transplant is the only permanent and natural solution to hair loss with very low grade post-op annoyance. The new transplanted hair starts growing just a few weeks following the procedure.

Remember that a hair transplant is no longer a high-cost cosmetic intervention bound for celebrities. It’s the opposite resulting in much higher success rates than in past decades and affordable prices for everyday people.

Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant before and after hairline evolution

Lewis Hamilton hair evolution

Never going to extremes, Hamilton seems to stick to his favorite colors, fashion, and hairstyle over the years. Especially after his hair transplant surgery, his hairstyle showcased a broader selection ranging from a scala of shaved head, short hair, and braided medium-length hair to long afro hair. In itself, there’s still a style consistency though (and of course, hair braids whenever possible).

Proud of his Caribbean heritage, afro-hair braids are no longer a problem for the champion racing driver as he seems to have permanently fixed his hair loss problem.

His new hairline looks truly amazing making him look much younger than his age, while wise and mature in spirit.

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