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Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) in Turkey

DHI hair transplant technique is a sophisticated version of the well-known FUE method,which involves a “Choi pen” that allows your surgeon to directly implant the hair follicle instead of opening micro-channels for implantation seperately.

If your hair loss is not severe and you are seeking the highest density, you might want to consider a DHI hair transplant in Turkey at HEVA.

What is the DHI method?

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DHI technology is the most recently developed hair transplant method, and it is considered to be the most effective way to achieve a natural-looking hair transplant.

The DHI method, a modified version of the follicular hair extraction (FUE) hair transplant method with minor adjustments, was developed by researchers combining experiences from FUE hair transplantation and innovative tool designs.


This powerful combination provides great results for people with thinning hair or bald spots. In the direct hair implantation method, our surgeons extract individual hair follicles by the help of a special tool called the ‘ Choi implanter pen‘. Then the hair follicles can be directly implanted to the target area without the need for collecting the follicles in a separate place.

This operation can take up to 8 hours and several sessions might be required depending on the size of the target area and hair density.

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Because hair follicles are extracted and implanted directly, the resulting hair vitality is maximised. Natural hair recovery is observed with minimum discomfort and recovery time. With this advanced hair transplant method, you can regain your hair in a safe and effective manner.

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What is the DHI Choi implanter pen?

The Choi implanter pen is a medical tool developed to be used in the direct hair implant process. Only experienced surgeons are able to perform successful and effective hair transplant with the DHI Choi implanter pen technology.

How does the DHI Choi pen work?

The DHI Choi implanter pen is a sophisticated tool equipped with a tiny hollow needle on its one end. This pen enables precise extraction of hair follicles with zero incision. The extracted hair follicle is simultaneously loaded to the pen allowing direct implantation to the target area.

There are several different versions of the Choi implanter pen with different properties to provide the quickest and most suitable hair transplantation. Your surgeon will be switching between these different pens depending on the area, hair density and other specific factors. Also, the hollow needle tip allows for precise hair implantation resulting in a more natural hair look.


What are the advantages of DHI hair transplant?

Being the latest hair transplantation method developed by modern medicine, DHI hair transplantation offers various advantages. Because of the precise application enabled by the Choi pen, DHI hair transplantation is considered to be totally safe.

The channels opened for the hair follicle implantation are kept at a minimum duration and instantly filled by the hair follicles which reduces the risks during the operation. Also, this hair transplantation method leaves minimal to no scarring due to the sophisticated procedure.

The non-invasive procedure of DHI hair transplantation provides faster recovery after your surgery and you can go back to your normal life in a short amount of time. During DHI hair transplantation, hair follicles are implanted closer to each other providing a high-density and natural hair look. Furthermore, your surgeon will have full control over the depth, direction and angle of implanted hair follicles which further improves the natural look.

Since your surgeon will be using the healthiest hair follicles, DHI hair transplant provides long-lasting results.


What are the disadvantages of DHI hair transplant?

As the latest method of hair transplantation developed by modern medicine, DHI hair transplantation has several disadvantages. Unfortunately, during one session it is possible to transplant up to 3000 grafts, whereas a surgeon can transplant up to 5000 grafts using the FUE method in one session.

When deciding on a hair transplant using the DHI method, remember that this method is recommended to cover a smaller area or thicken thinning hair, but with larger losses, further sessions may be necessary.

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Who is suitable for a DHI hair transplant procedure?

To be a good candidate for a DHI hair transplant or any hair transplant method, healthy hair follicles on the back or sides of the head must be healthy and sufficient to cover the thinning area; this part of the head is called the donor area. Hence, if you don’t have a healthy donor area you might not be suitable for a DHI hair transplant.

Besides a healthy donor area, your expectations should match the thickness, texture, and type of your hair. Our medical consultants can walk you through the planning process!

DHI vs FUE – What is the difference?

Hair transplantation is an incredibly personal procedure that should be adjusted to the specific condition of the patients. Thus, you should work with your surgeon to decide which method is better for you based on the degree of hair loss, the size of the bald area, and your expectation. There are small differences between the DHI and FUE hair transplant methods that you can take into consideration.

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  • The DHI method is more suitable for smaller transplantation areas since a limited number of grafts can be transplanted by this method. On the other hand, the FUE hair transplant method is more suitable for covering larger areas.


  • The DHI hair transplant method causes less bleeding, scarring, and shorter recovery time. Because the DHI hair transplant method requires more expertise and not all surgeons can perform it, this method can be more expensive than FUE hair transplantation.


  • You generally need to shave your whole head for an FUE hair transplant, but no-shave procedures are conducted easier with the DHI method.


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What is the price of a DHI hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism. You can get quality hair transplant operations that deliver great results without spending a load of money. Compared to European and North American countries, the DHI hair transplant costs are considerably lower even though the procedure is done by experienced surgeons and with high-quality equipment in Turkey.

Though the prices differ depending on the size of the transplantation area, your surgeon, and the medical tools used during the process, the DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey can change between $2,000 – $5,000. Reach our medical consultants today to have your hair analysis done and get a quote!

Frequently asked questions

Is a DHI hair transplant safe?

Today, hair transplant procedures are considered to be safe. Because the hair follicles are quickly and individually transplanted, the DHI hair transplant method leaves little to no room for complications caused by open wounds. Since hair follicles are not collected in a different place, their exposure to the outside environment is minimal which means improved sterility.

Also, this procedure involves no cuts and stitches which reduces the risk after the operation and accelerates the recovery time. The short recovery time also reduces the potential post-surgery risks. Provided that you follow the advice of your surgeon on the aftercare process, your journey to a healthy hair recovery should be safe and smooth.

Is a DHI hair transplant painful?

If you choose to get a DHI hair transplant you don’t need to be worried about a painful procedure. Your surgeon will be using local anaesthesia to provide maximum comfort during the surgery. Also, as the DHI procedure involves no incisions, cuts, and stitches there is minimal discomfort during and after the operation.

The essential tool of DHI technique, Choi implanter pen, is a sophisticated non-invasive device that removes the need for incisions during the operation. Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey perform painless DHI hair transplant operations using this innovative tool with expertise.

Do I need to use finasteride after the surgery?

It is all up to you, but our medical team recommends using finasteride after the surgery to make sure you don’t lose your existing hair and keep it as it is designed. Please consult your doctor before starting any medication.

When can I start exercising after the surgery?

You can start light exercises 2 weeks after of the procedure and continue your routine after the first month without any issue.

How long does it take for the hair grafts to be secure?

Even though the most important period is the first 24 hours, it takes 10 days for transplanted hair grafts to be completely secure.

When can I go back to work?

Hair transplant is a relatively light surgery, and that’s why mostly being a 2-3 days off work is generally enough. However, if your job requires intense activity, you may need to rest at least 2 weeks.

How long does it take for a DHI hair to grow?

After your surgery, a certain amount of time must pass for your hair follicles to adjust and capillary vessels that would provide the necessary nutrition for hair growth to form around the hair follicle. To help with the process you should follow your surgeon’s directions on the aftercare of the transplant area.

You need to take good care and protect the transplanted area from sun damage or other external factors especially during the first month. DHI hair could take 3 – 4 months to start growing. After this period, you will start to get back that healthy natural hair look you dream of. Significant results are usually observed after a six month period while the full result becomes visible 10 – 12 months after your procedure.