A dental veneer is a thin shell placed over your teeth to help improve their look. If you are concerned with the colour of your teeth, gaps, or dentations, veneers can offer great solutions. At Heva Clinic, we offer various of materials such as composite, porcelain, E.max, and laminate. Click here to learn more about dental veneer procedure.

Hollywood Smile procedure uses a set of different dentistry techniques to give you a smile makeover by addressing an array of problems from misalignments to discolouration. Click here to learn more about Hollywood Smile makeover.

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The secret to a beautiful smile is having brighter and whiter teeth. With Our professional team, the teeth whitening procedure only takes about 30-90 minutes depending on the condition of your teeth. Click here to learn more teeth whitening procedure.

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Dental implants offer secure and long-term artificial teeth to patients suffering from missing teeth. At Heva Clinic, you can choose to get a single implant, multiple implants, or full mouth implants. Click here to learn more dental implant procedure.


Invisalign is a novel orthodontic treatment that is used to improve teeth alignment and achieve a beautiful smile. Completely invisible trays of invisalign are mostly undetectable and hardly disturbs your appearance. Click here to learn more about invisalign treatment.

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Dental braces straighten the crooked or crowded teeth and correct misaligned jaw problems by applying constant pressure on them over a long period of time. Click here to learn more about dental braces treatment.

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Dental bridge treatment is designed to fill in the gap that missing teeth leave behind. The gap created after you lose a tooth can cause an undesired appearance in your smile. Click here to learn more about dental bridge treatment.

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Composite bonding is a type of non-invasive dental aesthetic treatment that can help you cover up any of those unwanted appearances. It is one of the fastest ways to achieve the smile you want. Click here to learn more about about composite bonding.

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