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We’ve been freediving in the ocean for you to hunt down celebrities who have had hair transplants. A much sought-after figure is the household name in the culinary world, the grandiose Chef Gordon Ramsay. Renowned for his exceptional cooking and mentoring skills along with his fiery temper on popular television, Ramsay is a Michelin-starred chef, restaurateur, and bestselling author.

Despite his demanding schedule running his various restaurants and appearing on television, Ramsay seems to make the time to keep a polished appearance. His best-kept secret or, the recipe he has been keeping to himself is probably that of his hair.

Let’s take a closer look at how this culinary icon with a remarkable influence on the industry managed to keep an abundance of hair on his head, aged 56.

Gordon Ramsay’s Hair Throughout the Years

It requires a trained eye to catch the thinning and the thickening of the famous Chef’s hairline because he isn’t one of those from zero to hair hero cases.

Gordon ramsay hair transformation

The man can make ingredients dance in such harmony that the end results water our mouths even from the other side of the screen. Just like his particular cooking style, he has a particular way to style his hair. Who would have thought that there is an army of people and years of effort behind his messy, out-of-bed hair? We see the same outlook in everything he does; working hard and stacking success…

This quote from Ramsay summarizes what we think has been happening with his hair throughout the years:

“I don’t like looking back. I’m constantly looking forward. I’m not the one to sort of sit and cry over spilled milk. I’m too busy looking for the next cow.”

Did Gordon Ramsay Have a Hair Transplant?

Gordon ramsay hair transplant before and after

One thing’s for sure; he did something if not a number of things to regrow his thinning temples, redesign his hairline also to increase his hair density. It is possible that his abundant, messy hair today is the fruit of a strict hair care regime using medical shampoos, products, and even medication.

Nevertheless, lost hair doesn’t just make a comeback with any of these methods, so the likelihood is that he has had one or several hair transplants spread over the years.

When did he have the operation?

It is only when pictures of Ramsay are analysed very closely in chronological order that the answer comes as obvious. Because he was very much on time and quite subtle in proportioning his hair transplants starting in late 2010.

Gordon ramsay after hair transplant in 2010

It’s hardly noticeable, but it’s there. Gradual proportioning with supporting hair transplants in the years to follow left fans without a graspable clue, as Ramsay’s hair flourished ever so naturally.

His second hair transplant is conducted in 2014.

Gordon ramsay after hair transplant operation in 2014

Which technique was used?

Blessed with an abundance of healthy donor hair, we only saw the difference in Ramsay’s hair starting in 2012 when the transplanted hairs on his temples started growing visibly. We are 99.9% sure that the Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method was used.

How many grafts could have been transplanted?

It’s always good to remind ourselves how fast technology evolves and that although under the name of the same method, things were different in 2010 vs how advanced everything is now.

It was sort of the early days of the FUE method back when Ramsay had his first hair transplant. Hence, as a Norwood 2 patient, the number of grafts transplanted seems rather conservative with an estimated 1000 grafts.

Come 2014, again the focus was on strengthening his hairline, and this time with just about 1200 hair grafts in our view.

Gordon Ramsay Before and After Hair Transplant

Gordon ramsay hairline hair transplant before and after

Because Ramsay only started getting somewhat noticeable thinning temples all the way at age 34-35, his alopecia was only at between Norwood stage 2 and 3 and he acted fast to do something about the hair loss. As mentioned above, he followed his determination with a second hair transplant a few years after the initial procedure.

Between then and now, we certainly see improved hairline density, shape, and overall thickness of his hair. Has he not undergone the two hair transplants, his hair would have looked like Sting, more or less.

That is precisely why it’s important to take timely action if you’re suffering from hair loss. For most people, majority of the hair loss happens in a short period of time.

Gordon ramsay hair transplant result before and after frontline

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