rob holding hair transplant techniacal analysis

A professional footballer who plays as a center-back for Premier League club Arsenal and the England national team, Rob is without a doubt a great ambassador of celebrity hair transplants. Known for his friendly and down-to-earth personality, he has become a popular figure among both his teammates and fans. Despite his youth, he has already made a name for himself as a trustworthy and dependable player, and he appears to have a promising future in the game.

Also despite his young age, he has been suffering from hair loss but he acted quickly as he found the only permanent, natural solution to the problem. Let’s talk about the Arsenal player’s hair transplant, shall we?

Was Rob Holding Balding?

Well, it was clear as day that Rob had a hereditary male pattern baldness condition. Not an unusual thing to inherit but he was one of the unlucky, because approaching his mid-twenties, the hair loss advanced and became very severe.

Rob Holding Hair Transformation

For a young man, there are, of course, other issues that stem from losing hair. Especially if this young man is a celebrity, more often than not in the public eye, and talked about a lot on social media. Rob Holding mentioned in several comments and interviews that his condition had a negative impact on his psyche, self-confidence, and general mood. His story is therefore a very precious lesson for all of us, suffering from hair loss as there’s a high chance it affects the quality of our well-being in general.

Rob Holding Hair Transformation

Each individual will deal with hair loss differently. Some chose to accept it and lead a humorous life while others may search for a solution to feel more confident.

As amazing as it is, the transformation in Rob’s appearance going from a balding young man to a happy, healthy-looking person who looks his age, is most remarkable.

Now rocking a full head of hair, there’s nothing in his way to move mountains for the remainder of his career and life.

Has Rob Holding had A Hair Transplant?

rob holding before & after hair transplant hairline

Spilling the news himself before rumor found its way around the world, Rob didn’t only have a hair transplant but quite a successful one at this stage. It was also timely, although he could have opted for a hair transplant surgery earlier.

As a result;

  • His own hair was put back to where it was needed
  • He is no longer looking like a run-down 30 old with a huge load on his shoulders
  • The hair transplant has not only refreshed his looks but also his inner world, self-confidence, and joy
  • He sparkles…


Rob Holding Before and After Hair Transplant

rob holding before and after hair transplant

The thing is, clearly there’s a humongous difference impossible not to notice between his before and after hair transplant looks. In our opinion though, it’s just much more than that. When we look at the natural hairline he had before he started losing it, we see that he had a V-shaped hairline structure.

This is however not the case when we take a closer look at his post-transplant hairline. We are of the opinion that this new, rounder and more balanced hairline suits him extremely well while still looking natural.

Although everyone’s facial structure and forehead proportions are different, bringing back the V shape in Rob’s case was going to highlight empty temples.

That is why hairline design and receiving good advice about it is just as important as the quality of the hair transplant procedure itself.

Which Technique Might Have Been Used?

Again, this is something Rob has revealed himself but even if he hadn’t, it’s not challenging to spot that he had the hair transplant done with the FUE technique.

FUE is a popular hair transplant method and stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. What is meant by unit here is a hair graft. One unit or hair graft usually contains more than one hair follicle, and micro incisions are made to transplant harvested hair grafts in balding areas. This all means that the hair is moved from one area on the scalp to another, one by one together with the roots. It is therefore a method that requires skill, preciseness, and experience. Hair transplants applied with the FUE technique are also known to heal fast.

hair transplant before and after rob holding

How Many Grafts Could Have Been Transplanted?

Let’s take our magnifying glass and analyze Rob’s case from a very close distance. To determine the number of grafts transplanted on him, it is useful to first nail the level of his baldness prior to the surgery. There actually is a way to measure baldness and number of grafts that is called a Norwood scale. It’s a scala that goes from stages 1 to 7; 1 referring to a full head of healthy hair and 7 describing severe balding.

In 2021 prior to his hair transplant, Rob cut his hair very short and it made details of his hair loss all the more visible. The thing is that he lost the hair on his hairline so fast, and the majority of his hair loss happened in about a year and a half. From what we can see in his pictures before the hair transplant, he was already at Norwood stage 4 at a young age.

He must have been conscious of the fast-paced hair loss and therefore taken action. Regarding the number of grafts transplanted on him, we can confidently say that it must have been around a good 3000 grafts, give or take.

Rob Holding’s New Hair

rob holding hair transplant before and after

Oh well, new hair, new life… It’s great to see Rob’s big smile more often now that he has regained his confidence. His new hair has already reached new lengths as he quickly recovered from the hair transplant.

All he has to do now is to keep things in check and under control, not use nasty chemicals that cause hair damage, and look after his hair. Due to experiencing severe hair loss rather early in his mid-twenties, he may have been advised to take up a certain hair care routine. He sure has many years ahead of him to enjoy his new, fantastic hair!

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We don’t want to sound like the hair stylist who criticizes every hair, not done by him or her… Instead, we will just tell you the facts and our honest opinion about Rob’s hair transplant.

Although not in line with his natural hairline from before, we do like his hairline design. There are also no signs of overharvesting in his donor area which is what you expect from a very experienced surgeon; leave no signs…

Could it be done better? Yep. Cheaper? Yes! But where?

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