4500 grafts hair translant male patient at heva clinic in Turkey

Getting a hair transplant gives life-changing, natural appearances. After a hair transplant, most patients can’t wait to see the results. Remember that hair transplant is a continuous process before and after. If you get a hair transplant from a qualified surgeon with the right method and amount of grafts to meet your hair loss needs, the results may last years. Let us explain how long does a hair transplant last!

Is a hair transplant permanent?

A hair transplant is the only hair loss treatment that offers long-lasting solutions. If a qualified surgeon performs it, your hair will remain longer and thicker for years.

The longevity of your hair transplant is directly impacted by the methods employed during the procedure and the expertise of your surgeon. Moreover, the texture, thickness, and density of your grafts play a crucial role in determining the durability of the hair transplant. In Turkey, you have the opportunity to undergo a hair transplant that delivers both a natural appearance and long-lasting results.


How Long Does FUE Hair Transplant Last?

As mentioned above, a FUE hair transplant can give long-lasting results if performed by a qualified surgeon. The longevity of a FUE hair transplant depends on several factors listed above. These can vary for each patient. However, you should keep your maintenance high for your hair. Consult with our medical team to learn which method lasts longer for you.

How Long Does DHI Hair Transplant Last?

Hair follicles in the donor area tend to stay on the scalp longer, so they aren’t likely to fall off genetically. This is why most hair transplant surgeons usually choose the donor area from the back of the head. Whether DHI or FUE, hair transplant results are long-lasting and natural. However, if you want to promote hair growth, you may want to opt for other hair treatments.

hair transplant candidate before the operation

What Does Permanent Hair Transplant Actually Mean?

A permanent hair transplant means a successful hair transplant that lasts over a decade. Patients can achieve that state if their hair transplant is performed correctly and they do protect their natural hair. Of course, there may be some loss during the hair growth cycle however they will grow back even thicker.

How Does My Transplanted Hair Look 10 Years After The Operation?

No matter how long time lasts, hair transplant results will remain still. However, there may be slight hair loss, but this doesn’t imply that your hair transplant results go wrong. This happens in the growth cycle of hair naturally. Ten years after the hair transplant, you should have reserved 80% of the transplanted hair.

Can I Still Go Bald After Hair Transplant?

Even if it’s a small possibility, you may still go bald after a hair transplant. If you get a hair transplant from an inexperienced surgeon or at a clinic that has a bad reputation, your hair transplant may fail and due to that reason you may go bald. Also, overharvesting, inadequate donor area and weak hair follicles can lead to baldness after a hair transplant. This is why choosing the right surgeon for the procedure is as crucial as the method.

4000 grafts hair transplant before and after result by heva clinic

How Can I Prevent Hair Loss After A Hair Transplant?

You can prevent hair loss after a hair transplant by keeping your hair healthy. If you give your hair high maintenance during the recovery timeline, you’ll prevent hair loss primarily. However, there are other ways to prevent hair loss after hair transplant.

Alterations in your lifestyle

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP is a treatment prepared from a person’s blood cells to promote hair growth. Getting PRP after a hair transplant is usually recommended by most surgeons. It minimizes downtime; moreover, it increases the vitality of hair follicles.

Second Hair Transplant

An additional 2nd hair transplant is also possible if your hair loss continues. This will be the case if your donor area is still suitable. However, you should wait at least 12 months after the procedure. You should choose a qualified surgeon in the first place to avoid hair loss permanently.

Alterations In Your Lifestyle

Although this may not sound like a way to prevent hair transplant, alterations you make in your lifestyle. You know what they say, you are what you eat. If you keep your eating habits clean after a hair transplant, you can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. You should avoid smoking and consuming alcohol and add nutrients to your diet that contain protein, vitamin B, and Omega-3.

fue hair transplant in turkey at heva clinic -pre-consultation

Is One Hair Transplant Enough For Life?

If the method applied is performed by a qualified surgeon to treat your hair loss pattern, if the number of grafts is adequate and if you give proper aftercare to your head, there’s no reason for one hair transplant not to be enough.

How Long To Wait For A Second Hair Transplant?

Most surgeons recommend that you should wait to see the final results of a hair transplant first before getting a new one. So, you should wait 12 months after the first procedure to get a second one.

In order to avoid such disappointing circumstances, you need to make sure that you are working with an expert hair transplant team that can plan 10-15 years into the future and strategically leave healthy donor grafts for possible future hair transplant operations.