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What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridge treatment is designed to fill in the gap that missing teeth leave behind. The gap created after you lose a tooth can cause an undesired appearance in your smile. Since your smile is one of your most important features, it is important to keep your teeth in pristine condition. Having a gap in your teeth not only affects your smile and self-confidence but also it can allow your existing teeth to move in time. This can cause your teeth to look disordered and crooked leading to further problems.

Even though there are various treatment options, many people who have a gap in their teeth choose to get a dental bridge to achieve a better look. Dental bridges can be a long-term and natural-looking solution to dental gaps. You get a better smile thanks to the excellent results of dental bridges in Istanbul, Turkey at an affordable price.

Types of dental bridges

Depending on the condition of your teeth different types of dental bridges can be used. Today, three types of dental bridges are available including traditional dental bridges, cantilever dental bridges, and Maryland dental bridges.

Traditional dental bridges involve using the neighbouring teeth on either side of the gap as an abutment to hold the false tooth/teeth (pontic) in place. Dental crowns are placed on the neighbouring teeth to be able to place the false teeth. The traditional dental bridge method is only available if you have healthy natural teeth on both sides of the gap.

The cantilever dental bridge procedure only requires one healthy neighbouring tooth to secure the false tooth in place. A dental crown is placed on top of the natural tooth to act as the abutment.

The Maryland dental bridge method is very similar to the traditional dental bridge method. It also requires healthy natural teeth to be on both sides of the gap to secure the false teeth. However, in Maryland dental bridge procedure, a metal or porcelain framework that is bonded onto the backs of the neighbouring teeth is used.

Aside from these three methods, it is also possible to use a dental implant to anchor the pontic in place. This approach requires two different operations to complete the dental bridge procedure. First, the dental implant procedure must be completed, and then the dental bridge can be put in place. This approach provides the most durable results.

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Dental bridge treatment in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most commonly preferred locations for dental bridges abroad. The dentistry education in Turkey is high quality and the dentists/orthodontists have plenty of experience in their areas. Qualified clinics in Turkey usually specialise in certain procedures and perfect the services they offer.

This is why many people from other countries prefer getting their dental bridge procedures in Turkey. Furthermore, the dental bridge cost in Turkey is much lower compared to most countries considering the excellent quality.

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How long does dental bridge treatment take in Turkey?

If you are planning to get your dental bridge treatment done in Turkey, you are probably wondering how much time you need to take off your daily life. Even though it is possible to get a dental bridge in one day under certain circumstances if you are in a pinch for time, it is better to take some more time to achieve the best result possible.

Usually, the dental bridge procedure takes 5-7 days in Turkey. However, this process might take longer if you are coupling the procedure with a dental implant.

Please consult with our team of dentists to get more specific information about the extend of your treatment.

What are the steps

The dental bridge procedure is a relatively simple procedure that gives great results. Usually, your dentist completes the treatment in three main steps.

These steps involve examining the overall dental health, preparing the neighbouring teeth, and placing the dental bridge.

step 1

Your dentist first needs to examine the overall health of your teeth and make sure there are no untreated tooth decay or gum diseases. This step is important to make sure that your dental bridge will be durable.

step 2

Bore placing the dental bridge the abutment teeth should be prepared for the procedure. Your dentist will file down the neighbouring teeth to prepare for the dental crowns. Then, the mould for the crowns and pontic is prepared.

step 3

Once the dental bridge is prepared according to the mould, the last step is to secure the dental bridge on top of the abutment teeth. The gap is filled with the false teeth/tooth and your treatment is complete.

Dental bridge costs in Turkey

The cost of a dental bridge treatment in Turkey can vary between $350 and $1,200 depending on the type of dental bridge, how many teeth you need to be replaced, and the clinic. Turkey is one o the most preferred locations for dental bridge treatment because of the affordable prices and experienced dental clinics.

How long does a dental bridge last?

The longevity of your dental bridge depends on the quality of your treatment and how good you are with dental hygiene. A good dental bridge can last up to 5-7 years if you take good care of your teeth. Make sure to follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions for more durable results.

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Which one is better: dental implant vs dental bridge?

Both the dental bridge and dental implant treatments are used to fill in the gaps in your smile. However, a dental implant is a much simple approach than a dental implant treatment. Dental implants involve an invasive surgery that requires bone grafting.

On the other hand, dental bridges only require filing down the surrounding teeth. On the other hand, dental implant treatment provides longer-lasting results.

A dental implant can last up to 15 years while dental bridges only last for approximately 7 years.

Dental bridges also cost lower than dental implants since they don’t require a complicated surgical operation.