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When we reflect on Tom Hanks’ career, his accomplishments are nothing short of amazing. Remarkably humble and heart-warming, Tom Hanks has been bringing touching characters to life through movies for decades. He constantly seems to exude kindness and compassion while putting on a spectacular acting performance every single time.

Coming from part Portuguese, part English ancestors and a challenging upbringing, there’s no doubt that he earned his way to the Oscars. While we think that there are too many beautiful things to be said about the actor, this blog post will be specifically about his hair loss situation.

We will be analyzing Tom Hanks’ male pattern baldness and the solutions he opted for. Tom Hanks’ decisions may shed light on the topic and provide guidance to those suffering from hair loss because Hanks hasn’t only prevented further balding but brought back what was long gone in a natural-looking way.

Without further due, let’s dig into the rumor with a technical perspective to see if Hanks is among the celebrities who had a hair transplant.

Tom Hanks Hair Evolution

Tom Hanks’ Hair Evolution

It is appropriate to describe Tom Hanks’ hair as wavy and lush as a teenager. With shiny dark brown perfect size curls, he did not have any shortage of hair in his twenties. Still, with enough hair not to worry about in his thirties, we do observe the first signs of hair loss starting in his late thirties.

Tom Hanks Long Hair

Hanks has pictures with long hair all the way from high school but his most remarkable scenes showcasing long, sunkissed, and quite messy hair are seen in the movie Cast Away. We also remember his running scenes in Forrest Gump looking bushy with long hair and a beard.

Other than the extreme and bald long hair, and long beard scenes, he is seen with the famous wavy mullet in Da Vinci Code rocking a medium-length cut.

Tom Hanks Curly Hair

Tom’s natural hair structure isn’t curly per se but more in the wavy category like Type 2 hair. It is simply the dream hair that looks great even just out of bed with the right haircut. In the 90s when curls were a big thing, he certainly managed to carry off his appearance considerably better than other males of the decade because of his natural curls and charming personality.

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant Result Hairline Before and After

Tom Hanks Hair Loss

As we mentioned above, Tom enjoyed a healthy & plenty hair look for quite some time. Symptoms of male pattern baldness and thinning hair weren’t all that noticeable until his late 30ies. He can be considered lucky and unlucky at the same time because his hair loss was never severe, similar to Norwood 3, but it was all in the most visible of places right at the front.

Hanks also didn’t rush to a hair clinic in panic or got a hair transplant overdose. He kept things subtle and natural, probably just the way he perceives himself…

Has Tom Hanks Had A Hair Transplant?

Given that his hair density problem was rather clear reaching out to almost four decades of lifetime, it appears that he chose a rather pragmatic, and safe solution by undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

In order to maintain the most natural-looking appearance possible, he seems to only get a hair transplant done where the thinning was most obvious; around the hairline and both temples. His surgeon was successful in achieving a barely perceptible but still completely satisfying job, hence the pressure is on when you work on an A-list celebrity’s hair.

Hair Transplant Tom Hanks Before After Photo

Tom Hanks Before And After Hair Transplant

Hanks has had some ups and downs with his hairline throughout the years while being a legit contender on screen. Experts have noted that Hanks’ mild alopecia gave his on-screen demeanor more empathy and let audiences look past his physical appearance to see his talent at its best.

Regardless, aging is natural for celebrities too and Tom probably knew that the time was ticking when it comes to hair restoration. His initial surgery did not appear to be very extensive; instead, it filled in a few noticeable gaps in his hairline to increase the hair density.

At the time when we have a look at his before and after photos, there wasn’t any major debate about his hair transplant, which was obviously successful. Hanks made the right decision to have a little treatment to reinforce a mature hairline rather than a major procedure to restore a young hairline that was inappropriate for a man of his age and size.

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant Result Before & After Picture

Which Technique Is Used?

Given that this was the prevalent technique at the time, we may reasonably assume that Hanks underwent a small FUT operation at this time. Hanks could have been among the first famous people to attempt FUE hair transplantation as the procedure had just been made available.

How Many Grafts Is Transplanted?

First off, Hanks shows some male pattern baldness, although it is much more noticeable at the front and is best described as a high forehead or a receding hairline.

Tom Hanks’ speculated hair transplant has been a very careful and subtle one, focusing on fine touches and a natural look. We made an estimation that 3000 to 3500 grafts of hair may have been transplanted to restore his temples and to increase hair density in general. His hairline has also been retouched without disturbing the eye, keeping it all very natural.

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant Before and After

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Tom Hanks appears to have done things correctly, even though there were certain medical and scientific constraints at the time of his initial treatment. This demonstrates that, whether you’re a Hollywood A-Lister or not, knowledge, preparation, and choosing the right clinic go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your hair transplant.

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