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Grandiose Floyd Mayweather Jr. is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in the world of professional boxing. His remarkable skill and flawless technique have won numerous titles and accolades throughout his career. However, Mayweather’s success has been accompanied by a fair share of controversies and criticisms, which have added to his mystique and made him an intriguing figure in the world of sports.

Mayweather has amassed a net worth of over $500 million, making him one of the richest athletes in history. Defeating some of the best boxers in the world, he sadly failed to defeat his hair loss, a hereditary male pattern baldness condition he was born with. The same condition is very common among men and women of all ages and ethnicities affecting millions.

We will therefore analyze what Mayweather did to overcome hair loss, how he achieved to grasp what was left on his head, and what we can learn from it. Let’s dive deeper into it to find out if Mayweather joined celebs who had a hair transplant.

Floyd Mayweather hairstyles

When Did Floyd Mayweather’s Hair Loss Start?

As we have shortly mentioned, male pattern baldness is often a gradual and progressive condition that develops over time. It’s a common condition that affects many men, typically starting in their 20s or 30s. Characterized by a receding hairline, thinning hair on the crown, and eventual baldness, Mayweather’s condition followed this exact pattern.

In addition to donning many haircuts throughout the years, including buzz cuts, short hair, and a shaved head, Mayweather has been outspoken about his hair loss. His hair loss has been more obvious since the mid-2000s, as seen by the receding hairline and very sparse top of his head.

These are typical signs of androgenetic alopecia and he finally did something about it when he still had the chance.

Floyd Mayweather Jr frontline hair transplant before and after

Did Floyd Mayweather Get A Hair Transplant?

The thing is that Mayweather’s hair type is considered to be a complicated one for a successful hair transplant. Hair transplants used to be more challenging for individuals with Afro hair type than those with straight hair.

This is mainly due to the distinct structure of afro hair with tightly curled strands that might make follicle extraction and implantation more challenging. Afro-hair follicles can be more difficult to remove and transplant because of their form and curvature, which makes them more likely to break and sustain damage.

However, as time passed and hair transplant surgeons stacked more experience in transplanting and understanding all types of hair, the success rate of afro hair transplant skyrocketed. This said, you still need to find a clinic that has a track record of transplanting afro hair, to stay on the safe side.

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Hair Transplant

It may be that Mayweather knew this and only went under the knife during the pandemic when the tech, knowledge, and post-op success rates were quite advanced already.

His afro-textured hair transplant result is amazing indeed! We do see Mayweather with a fully restored and reshaped hairline. His temple areas were also filled in very naturally and the final looks quite pleasant, making him look fresh, young, and fit! He did not seem to have experienced any shock loss while everything blended in nicely together. The body and density of hair, the framing of his hairline are all a big success!

Floyd Mayweather Beard Transplant Before and After Result

Beard Transplant

We can observe that Floyd did have some facial hair on his chin and mustache area but was lacking it on the cheeks with large empty patches. Hair grafts were harvested from the back of his head and transplanted on his face to create a bolder, denser beard.

Full results were already visible from month seven following the transplant. Overall, his Afro-textured beard transplant was successful, and his hair blended in super naturally.

Floyd Mayweather Before And After Hair Transplant

We did mention with great enthusiasm that Floyd’s hair transplant came out as a huge success. We confidently say the same when we look at the back of his head where the donor area is supposed to be and see no signs of any scarring or damage at all!

Given that Floyd was suffering a severe Norwood scale 3 level of baldness before undergoing the hair transplant, his case can be considered a brilliant case study as well as solid proof of the advancements in hair transplant procedures.

Floyd Mayweather hair transplant result before and after

Which Technique Might Have Been Used?

Since Floyd does not have any scarring whatsoever at the back of his head even fresh after the transplant, the possibility of a strip (FUT) method transplant is out of the equation. This leaves us with the FUE technique in which hair grafts are harvested and transplanted one by one. It is much harder to do this on coiling afro-type hair, however, his surgeons took up angled punch tools to harvest coiling hair grafts without any damage.

How Many Grafts Might Have Been Transplanted?

After reviewing way too many pictures of Mayweather under the magnifier, we would say that a minimum of 1300 grafts were transplanted on his face for the bush beard look. Another 2000 to 2200 grafts must have been transplanted to reconstruct Floyd Mayweather’s hairline and fill in his temples to achieve amazing results.

Before and after Floyd Mayweather hair transplant photo

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant?

Rocking insanely good results, the exact clinic or place where Mayweather underwent a hair and beard transplant has not been made public. The famous selfie he posted on Instagram that reveals fresh scabs on his beard and cheeks was posted from the US but the scabs are a few days old so he could have been on his way from the airport from anywhere really.

In our professional opinion, we would not be surprised if he took a trip to Turkey for such amazing before and after results. While being pure speculation and that he could have taken the surgery in the US, his results are typical of what hair transplant surgeons in Turkey achieve every day on thousands of patients.

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The majority of humankind won’t achieve a $500M networth in a single lifetime like Mayweather but bear with us. The naked truth is that celebrities and people with a high net worth pay more for the same or similar quality products and services even in their everyday lives.

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