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The look of your teeth can impact your whole appearance as your smile is one of your most important features. Unfortunately, teeth can have natural imperfections or lose their pristine appearance with time. Some people might be more prone to tooth decay or have weaker teeth that can easily chip. Whatever the reason is, you might be needing some dental treatments to improve your smile. Dental crown treatment is one of the most effective ways to achieve a better smile.

If you are curious about dental crowns in Turkey and what dental crown treatment can offer you, here we go into detail!

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a covering placed on top of your natural tooth. Crowns are usually used for improving the appearance of broken, crooked, or decayed teeth.

For the dental crown treatment natural tooth is required to be filed down so that the crown can be placed on top. Dental crowns are strong and natural looking replacements that allow you to have a better looking smile for a long time.

Different types of dental crowns including porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, metal, and composite resin can be used for achieving your dream smile.

Types of dental crowns

Ceramic crowns are known for their natural looking appearance and resistance to temperature changes. This type of crown is preferred for frontal teeth because of its natural appearance. However, it is important to note that ceramic crowns can get damaged.

Porcelain crowns are actually porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns which are known for their natural appearance and the added strength of the metal.

Zirconia crowns offer longevity, strength, and biocompatibility. They also have teeth-like colouring. However, they might not look as natural as ceramic crowns since they have a more opaque appearance.

Metal crowns including gold, palladium, nickel and chromium crowns are known for their excellent strength and wear resistance. However, the unnatural look of these types of crowns is one of the most important disadvantages of them.

A composite resin crown is an affordable and natural looking option. However, it does not offer durability and can show signs of wear quicker than other types of crowns.

5 Reasons why go to Turkey for dental crowns?

Many people from around the World choose to get dental crown treatments in Turkey. Why dental crown treatments in Turkey are so popular is a frequently asked question. The reason why you should go to Turkey for your treatment is the great experience you will have. Dental clinics in Turkey offer high-quality results for an affordable price and an enjoyable trip combined with your treatment.

Cost 1) Cost

The cost of dental crown treatments in Turkey is much lower compared to other European countries and the USA. Such affordable prices are available because of the exchange rates and government policies that support medical tourism.

World-class service

2) World-class service

If you choose Turkey for your dental treatment, you won’t be missing your home thanks to the world-class service we offer you. We ensure an enjoyable and easy experience to make sure that you are as comfortable as you are at home.

No waiting

3) No waiting

In Turkey, you don’t have to wait for your dental crown treatment. You can get your dream smile rather quickly.

All-inclusive packages

4) All-inclusive packages

We understand that planning for a medical procedure abroad can be stressful. All-inclusive packages take the stress out of the equation and ensure that everything goes smoothly. You can choose from different packages in line with your needs.


5) Tourism

Turkey is a great country for tourists with its rich culture and beautiful nature. You can get a holiday in while you are here for your dental crown treatment.

How long do I need to stay in Turkey for dental crowns?

The dental crown treatments in Turkey usually take 2-7 days. Because dental crown treatments do not involve a long healing period, you can take a week-long vacation and upgrade your smile.

dental zirconium crowns treatment before after

Dental crown costs in Turkey

Turkey is a great location for getting relatively cheap dental crowns. The cost of dental crowns in Turkey ranges between $100 and $250, which is much more affordable than in many other countries. If you are looking to get a cheap but high-quality dental crown treatment, Turkey might be the place you are looking for.

How much does a full set of crowns cost in Turkey?

The cost of a full set of crowns in Turkey ranges between $800 and $1,800.

How long do crowns last in Turkey?

Dental crowns are known for their longevity. Especially with proper care, dental crowns can last for up to 15 years. The average lifetime of dental crows usually changes between 10-12 years.

What is the difference between veneers and crowns?

Dental veneer treatments in Turkey is as popular as crowns. Even though both treatments aim to improve the appearance of your teeth, they have differences in terms of application.

Veneers only cover the front of the teeth and are applied as a thin layer.

On the other hand, crowns cover the entire teeth and have a thicker structure.

Veneers can only fix minor problems and discolouration. Thus, if you have more problems than a chipped tooth, crowns might be the better option.

Which one is cheaper: crowns or veneers?

Because dental veneers require less material and less work done on your existing teeth, they are usually cheaper than dental crowns. Crowns require the existing teeth to be filed down and the teeth are recreated with the crown material. Furthermore, they are more durable than veneers. Thus, the cost of dental crown treatment is usually higher.