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Jimmy Carr is best known for his authentic style as he cracks jokes about a wide range of controversial topics. Things that may have happened to us or to somebody we hold dear. It is therefore that he has his ways to have our attention during an entire show.

What the well-known face of comedy is not so known with is his sensitivity to aging. In 2020, he revealed that he went down the cosmetic dentistry alley, had botox, and fillers done along with a hair transplant procedure.

Impossible not to notice as someone on TV regularly, Carr made a smart move when joining celebrities who had a hair transplant surgery. While answering hair-related questions with honesty, he joked about having “donated” new hair.

Let’s take a closer look at Jimmy’s hair journey to understand what happened and how a hair transplant helped him to bring the years and his confidence back.

jimmy carr Hair Loss throughout the years

Jimmy Carr Hair Loss

Nothing out of the ordinary, and much like the rest of the society in their fifties, Carr’s hairline started receding in time.

The most common explanation for a receding hairline is the good old alopecia, in Carr’s case, it’s a hereditary condition that is also part of the natural aging process.

Jimmy Carr Pre Hair Transplant

The thinning hair and hair loss on Carr’s temples were probably more noticeable to him than to anyone else. Understandably, as a showman on the screen all the time, it may have affected him more than we can think of.

Given that nearly half the world’s male population starts losing their hair way earlier than Carr, his hairline had held it quite nicely in fact.

However, witnessing the clear signs of aging at home without TV makeup, he may have been worried that his appearance and hair loss could have an impact on his successful career, or maybe it was just that he wasn’t satisfied with his looks in the mirror.

Whatever the reasons behind it, this is a natural instinct to react to hair loss and even better, to take the necessary action to reverse it.

Jimmy Carr Before and After Hair Transplant Difference

Has Jimmy Carr had a Hair Transplant?

To answer the question, yes, the comedian had a noticeable hair transplant procedure after years of dealing with a receding hairline, joining the lengthy list of celebrities who have had the same surgery.

He may have planned to undergo a hair transplant and had done his research a while ago because as soon as the lockdowns started, he just went for it. He took advantage of the stay-at-home ruling in 2020 to get a fuller hairline.

He jokes about this saying his hair had socially distanced from his forehead.

Hair Transplant Result Jimmy Carr Hairline Before and After Photo

Jimmy Carr Before And After Hair Transplant

Looking at the pictures taken just before the hair transplant procedure, the condition around his temples showed a typical example of stage 3 balding on the Norwood scale. This happens when clinically significant indications of baldness arise and the hairline recedes deeply at both temples, in Carr’s case forming a V shape. His recessed temples were almost entirely naked.

After the hair transplant, we were happy to see that Jimmy had a very natural touch on his receding hairline without an artificial-looking, overdone, or overly dense look.

Jimmy Carr’s New Hair

A job nicely done, our professional opinion is that the procedure was completed using the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique in which hair follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one and replanted in the mico-incisions made on the recipient part of the scalp.

In Jimmy’s words: “They basically move hairs from the back of your head to the front where they are needed. I had enough hair overall; it was simply that it was in the wrong place and the surgeon applied some redistribution.”

Jimmy Carr Before And After Hair Transplant

How Much Did Jimmy Carr’s Hair Transplant Cost?

First off, we need to understand that there are different techniques to perform a hair transplant. These techniques require the use of different technologies and tools. The technique used in any given hair transplant should be explained thoroughly to the patient and be suggested by the surgeon for each individual situation.

In Jimmy Carr’s situation, FUE method was used. This method provides a quicker recovery period than other procedures, which take longer to recover and may leave visible scars from the hair transplant.

Because the perfect hairline design using this technique requires equisite skill, eperience and patience, and hair grafts are removed and transplanted one by one, it is a slighly more costly procedure.

Although one can have the same surgery (we say surgery but it’s performed under local anesthetics) for a fraction of what Jimmy paid for (just not in the U.K.), rumor says that Jimmy has paid around £10,000 for the procedure. It is probably the highest one can pay for a Norwood scale 3 hairline re-touch of around 3000 grafts but the cost per graft in the UK is just really expensive.

Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant Before and After

Where Did Jimmy Carr Get His Hair Transplant?

Jimmy made use of the time European residents were locked up at home to get his hair transplant done, so he had the procedure done in the UK.

For someone like Carr who has infinite resources, it may have been practical to get it done quickly and quietly in his hometown.

Just know that celebrities probably spend more than the mainstream society for pretty much anything and the same procedure is available to all of us without breaking the bank. Hair transplant prices in Turkey are significantly cheaper and before & after photos look as fascinataing.

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