Thanks to advancements in aesthetic procedures, there are now many ways to enhance one’s appearance. Forehead reduction, also known as hairline lowering surgery, is one such procedure. Typically, the hairline starts 5-8 cm above the eyebrows, but for those with a high hairline or elongated forehead, this distance is greater. This can create an asymmetrical appearance that many people find unsatisfactory.

forehead reduction surgery before and after in turkey at heva clinic

An ideal face can be divided into equal horizontal thirds, and it can be harder to achieve that appearance with a wide forehead.

If you also feel like you have a high hairline, forehead reduction surgery at HEVA might be the solution you have been looking for.

Female hairline lowering

Hairline lowering procedures are especially popular among young women. Because a high hairline can interfere with the overall symmetry of the face, many women consider choosing forehead reduction surgery or hair transplant to lower the hairline. These operations lead to a more harmonious look and give a more subtle aesthetic look to the face.

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Am I a good candidate for a forehead reduction surgery?

Women are great candidates for this forehead reduction procedure because of the higher hair density along the hairline. Especially women with no signs of excessive or hereditary hair loss can highly benefit from this procedure.

Forehead reduction surgery is relatively more complicated and expensive than a hair transplant operation. If you are willing to lower your hairline, you might want to consider female hair transplant operations at HEVA to find the best solution for you.

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Male hairline lowering

Even though the forehead reduction procedure is also suitable for male patients, it is a bit trickier because of the common male hair loss pattern among men. A high hairline can create the illusion of male-type baldness and cause men to feel self-conscious about their appearance. This is why men with an elongated forehead commonly consider going through a forehead reduction operation. However, hairline lowering can be achieved by a hair transplant too.

If you have been considering the benefits of a male hairline lowering procedure, make sure that you take into consideration these factors and consult with a specialised surgeon. If you have male pattern baldness, you might want to read more about hair transplant procedures or contact our medical consultants.

Please note: The probability of male-pattern baldness throughout the years may lower the chances of a successful operation. This is why only men who are experiencing a receding hairline (up to Norwood 3) or men who are not experiencing male pattern baldness can go through a hairline lowering surgery.

What is the forehead reduction procedure?

forehead reduction hairline lowering procedure steps

The most important factors to be considered for a forehead reduction procedure are scalp flexibility, hair density, and hair structure. It is generally easier to perform forehead reduction on a flexible scalp because of ease of movement. If you have a tighter scalp, a two-stage operation might be needed.

The forehead reduction procedure begins with a consultation session to determine the desired level and shape of your hairline.

1. Once you are satisfied with the planned forehead height, your surgeon can go ahead and start the process.

2. Your surgeon will create a single transfollicular incision to get rid of the excess skin on your forehead.

3. Then, moves your scalp to the desired level creating the new hairline.

4. Recovery phase – A transfollicular incision is important as it allows hair growth whilst helping to cover the incision during the recovery phase.

What is the cost of the forehead reduction operation?

Cost in Turkey

Forehead reduction surgery prices start from $3,500 in Turkey. The cost of forehead reduction in Turkey is usually much more affordable than any other European and North American countries. Thanks to the government’s policy to support medical tourism and exchange rates, you can get a high-quality operation with great results at much lower prices.

Alternatively, you might want to consider getting a hair transplant operation that costs about $2,500 in Turkey. Have a look at the cost of hair transplant in Turkey to make the best decision!

Costs in the world

The cost of the surgery can vary between $7,000 and $13,000 depending on the experience level of your surgeon and the complexity of your specific situation.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time after a hairline lowering procedure is usually relatively short and smooth. Your surgeon will be placing a light covering over the operated area after your surgery which will be removed the day after your operation. Sutures will be removed after 3-7 days, and you should be able to return to your normal daily life after this period. During your recovery period, make sure to not engage in strenuous activity.

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Does the forehead reduction surgery leave scars?

Since forehead reduction surgery involves creating an incision, it will leave a temporary minor scar along the new hairline. The scarring remains pink and sensitive for a while after the surgery. However, with the growth of hair along the incision, the scar is commonly almost completely concealed after a couple of weeks. The degree of scarring is dependent on the expertise of your surgeon and how careful you are after the operation. Our surgeons are specialised in forehead reduction surgery, as well as afro-textured hair transplant, and female hair transplant.

forehead reduction scar after 1 month
In order to reduce any scarring, you should follow the aftercare instructions, avoid direct sun exposure, keep the incision area moisturised, and avoid any infection risks.

Is the forehead reduction procedure safe?

Hairline lowering surgery is generally considered to be a safe operation. However, like any other surgery, it bears some risks such as minor bleeding, numbness, infection, scarring, and swelling. To avoid any complications during and after your surgery make sure that you are being treated at a certified and experienced clinic and follow your surgeon’s instructions strictly.

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How long does a forehead reduction surgery take?

The length of a hairline lowering, or forehead reduction surgery is one of the most asked questions as patients are curious about the aspects of the surgery. If you are worried that the surgery might take a long time, you will be pleased to hear that the forehead reduction surgery only takes 2-3 hours.

What not to do after the surgery?

After your forehead reduction surgery, you should carefully avoid some things that can interfere with your recovery journey. As tissue around the area is still recovering, you should not do any strenuous activities such as working out.

After your forehead reduction surgery, you should avoid certain activities that could interfere with your recovery. Since the tissue around the area is still healing, you should refrain from strenuous activities such as working out.

It’s also important to keep your head elevated as much as possible to minimize swelling. During the first few days after surgery, you may experience itchiness and scabbing; try not to touch the operated area unless instructed to do so.

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Is the forehead reduction procedure painful?

Forehead reduction (hairline lowering) surgery is known to be a pain-free operation thanks to the use of general anaesthetic and minimal incision. If necessary, your surgeon might also apply local anaesthesia around your forehead to reduce any possible pain.

After your surgery, you might feel mild pain around your forehead, but this can be treated with mild painkillers. You can consult with our medical team if you are feeling any excessive discomfort.

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How can I choose the right clinic in Turkey?

Turkey attracts attention as one of the countries that offer great prices and expertise in aesthetic operations; forehead reduction is no exception to this situation. If you have been considering getting a forehead reduction surgery in Turkey, you can contact HEVA’s medical team to answer your questions and plan your whole surgical experience.

To choose the right clinic make sure that it is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health, ask for some samples before and after pictures, assess the experience level of your surgeon carefully, and make sure to discuss the details of your surgery in advance.