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From party boy to entrepreneur, Calum Best is the son of legendary footballer George Best. Calum had a lot to live up to, and for many years, he seemed content to coast on his family name and good looks. But in recent years, Calum has reinvented himself as an entrepreneur and fitness guru, proving that there’s more to him than his past.

Calum’s transformation was not easy. He had to overcome his addiction and learn to live a healthier lifestyle and guess what? A good amount of credit goes to the hair transplants he had, making him look and feel younger, fresher, and healthier.

The truth we all know is that if you lead an active lifestyle but look worn down and much older than your age, you’re probably just getting bald. Why did Calum decide to join celebrities with a hair transplant? Was it successful? How are his results now compared to his looks before?

In this blog post, we will shed light on the fruitful path followed by Calum Best and how you can do the same without being a celebrity.

When did Calum Best’s Hair Loss start?

Calum Best Hair Transformation

Despite his luck in wealth and fame, Calum has not been blessed with the favored genes for hair. Just by analyzing his pictures, it’s easy to say that his hair struggle started in his early twenties; a typical sign of male pattern baldness that we can see his photos in 2005. He may have been too busy having fun back then hence he did not take any action or seek help until many years later.

Calum Best before Hair Transplant

We observe him with weak, low density and sort of baby-like hair from earlier on. The hair fall on his temples was visible, and his forehead was already forming a deteriorating V shape, also known as the widow’s peak. This caused his hair loss all the more noticeable as his forehead was moving backward.

Hair Transplant Result Before and After Calum Best Difference

A big eyebrow-raising fact about Calum is that he did not opt for any hair growth medication despite his young age and thus a higher possibility of success. Instead, he went straight for hair transplant after hair transplant…

How many Hair Transplants did Calum Best have?

While we answer this question, let’s also take a look into why he may have chosen to get several hair transplants over a single procedure to get done with it.

We have mentioned that Calum Best started losing his hair in his early twenties but did not seem to care about it much until he turned thirty years of age.

Age thirty marks a significant landmark in the lives of many, something like a wake-up call perhaps. Even in the Bible, the number 30 represents dedication to a vocation, set apart of a certain activity, and increased awareness.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the very start of Calum’s hair transplant journey.

Hairline Calum Best After Hair Transplant

1- First Hair Transplant

Calum Best had about 1200 grafts transplanted at age 31 or 32 as his first hair transplant experience. The primary intention was to give his receding hairline more volume and structure. Thus, the transplanted hair had a focus area of the hairline, without filling in his temples and certainly without overdoing it.

As a result, a very natural look was achieved which is probably what he wanted. Following his first hair transplant we also observe that his hairline has been worked on very artfully, far from forming a straight line that would look quite artificial.

All in all, it has been a conservative move from his side as Calum probably just wanted to dip his toes in the water to start with.

2- Second Hair Transplant

His second hair transplant came with another 1200 hair grafts. Remember that one hair graft often holds more than one hair so a 1200 graft hair transplant roughly equals the looks of additional 2000 to 2500 individual hairs.

We can comfortably state that Calum obviously was satisfied with the results of his first operation to go for the second transplant. The reason why he opted for an additional transplant was that his hair loss did not stop and he wanted to have fuller, denser hair before it was too late.

Calum Best Hair Transplant Hairline Before and After

3- Third Hair Transplant

Calum Best’s consistency continued in getting hair transplant procedures and with the same amount of hair grafts. He underwent a third transplant again with his lucky number of 1200 hair grafts.

The reason behind Calum’s multiple hair transplants can be explained with simple logic. He was probably explained about the truth behind his hair quality throughout and thus, chose to keep some quality hair roots for later in life, may he wanted to opt for further transplants. This is because hair transplant patients still need to have healthy hair of their own in order to undergo the procedure. The donor hair comes from you so he may have thought that he better keeps some of it for later.

In terms of the timeline of these hair transplants, he received all three consecutively every year, waiting up to fulfill the full cycle of 12 months of recovery time after the operation.

4- Fourth and Final Hair Transplant to Date

On his final hair transplant to date, he opted for a 1400 graft procedure instead of the usual 1200. Battling to keep the hair on his crown area intact, he may have felt the urge to fill it in before too late, reaching a total number of around 5000 grafts in all four hair transplants.

Calum Best Hair Transplant Result Before and After Photo

Calum Best after Hair Transplant

As a result of distributing what could have been a single hair transplant into four procedures (we say this because a 5000 graft hair transplant is possible in a single session, regardless of being recommended or not), the balance of donor area and implanted hairs is successfully homogenous.

His hair density is still not as lush as he may have wanted it because there’s the desired outcome and then there’s reality. It is what it is, we were all born with certain genetic codes. All in all, we reckon that his surgeon did a good job and Calum followed a feasible path achieving acceptable before and after hair transplant results.

Calum Best Hair Transplant Before and After

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