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Equally flamboyant and charming in his sixties, it’s great to see Boy George making a comeback. His influence on music and fashion marked 80ies and 90ies with his gender-bending identity and songs that became anthems. Boy George’s life has most definitely been a tale of self-expression, creativity, and unmatched authenticity.

The mission of this article however is to uncover the story underneath his unforgettable hat collection that set trends and created a lasting impact on fashion. So, what lies beneath those remarkable hats today? He was caught on camera with a shaved head to camouflage the bald areas just a few years ago but now he has lush, soft hair. How did this happen?

Join us on the journey of discovery to see if Boy George bought a lifetime pass to the Celebrity Hair Transplant Club!

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Boy George’s Hair Loss

Embracing what makes him unique is what brought Boy Goeroge immense success. He became a cultural symbol when he was still young in his early twenties. Decades later, as we celebrate his legacy as an icon, fans of all ages are curious about how he managed his hair as he aged.

Now at age 62, it won’t be a compliment to state that Boy George has aged amazingly gracefully except for his hair. Although he hadn’t gone completely bald, he was standing somewhere near a baldness stage of 5 to 6 based on the Norwood scale.

His case is a typical example of the common male pattern baldness, so it happens silently but steadily over the years.

boy george hair transplant before and after result

Has Boy George Had A Hair Transplant?

You may have watched him on the “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” show when out of the blue he reveals that almost all his hair is the result of a hair transplant. Followed by his confession, other celebrity participants hold a discussion in the middle of the jungle amazed by the whole story.

Apparently, Boy George was so inspired by Wayne Rooney’s hair transformation that he decided to undergo a hair transplant himself. So Rooney had become Boy George’s alarm bell even though he is much younger than Boy George.

It is remarkable how one of the most creative minds in the music industry can get inspired by a football player, but it happened for a good reason.

Boy George Before And After Hair Transplant

The change is astounding since Boy George was nearly going bald before he opted for the procedure. Throughout his career, he colored his hair often and used heavy hair accessories which may have sped up the hairfall but by age 62, he’s looking nothing less than extraordinary in the hair department.

His example embodies the change we aspire to witness in the world, as both celebrities and everyday individuals embrace the hair transplant procedure to look and feel better, younger, and more confident.

boy george hair transplant before and after

Jamie Laing Before And After Hair Transplant

Who knows what took him so long but his transplanted hair is a success story. To keep the hat tradition in place he still makes his public appearances wearing them. Nevertheless, it’s evident that the hair transplant was a significant confidence booster for him. We notice that the density of the transplant could be more intense. It is probably the case that he was a little late to the party and didn’t have sufficient donor hair left.

How Much Did Boy George Pay For His Hair Transplant?

He never revealed this information and no one really asked him but let’s make a rough calculation right now.

First, we need to know the number of hair grafts transplanted on Boy George in order to estimate the total amount he may have paid. As a general rule, hair transplants costs are calculated by the number of hair grafts and surgery sessions because that’s the most labor-intensive part.

There are, of course, other elements that contribute to the total cost such as the surgeon’s expertise, the chosen hair transplant clinic’s reputation, its location, post-surgery medications, and any other relevant expenses.

When we mention location, remember that there’s not only a price difference between cities within the same country but also a significant disparity between countries.

boy george hair transplant before after hair density

Back to Boy George, he must have had at least 3500 grafts transplanted on him and could do with more. It must have been the case that he actually didn’t have more healthy donor hair to be transplanted on the balding areas.

Assuming that he went to a hair transplant clinic in the UK where the price of a single hair graft is around $4, let’s do the math. His total bill may have been $14,000 just based on the number of grafts (and disregarding the naked truth that he’s a celebrity).

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Because you read this far, we appreciate your determination to allow yourself to find a solution for your hair loss.

It’s important to note that the timing of a hair transplant isn’t solely dependent on your age, whether you’re in your mid-twenties or late fifties. Waiting until it’s too late might not be the best strategy. Take Boy George’s experience, for instance; had he considered a hair transplant a decade ago, he could have achieved significantly better hair transplant results in terms of hair density. Assessing the rate of your own hair loss, you can run an urgency test and take things from there.

boy george hair transplant before and after result

Another important aspect for most people to delay the hair transplant is the cost. Most of us don’t have the financial resources of celebrities or influencers, which makes us more cost-conscious with lesser amounts of disposable income. And that’s precisely why that makes you a much smarter shopper. You are highly likely to be aware that some countries offer an arbitrage advantage, and a handful of hair transplant clinics in some of these countries offer much more than just affordable prices.

Yes, we too are talking about Turkey, the most popular hair transplant country in this decade. The smart choices you make will provide you with access to top surgeons and the highest quality treatment available for your hair transplant.

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