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Gareth Gates was once the rightful owner of the plentiful, spikey hairstyle. Catching the attention of the world’s biggest hair product brands, his hair was healthy, shiny, and infinite. As it so happens, this didn’t last very long, marked by a gradual deterioration in hair quality and the onset of receding hairline concerns.

In 2016, Gareth embarked on a diligent quest for info about hair transplants and reputable clinics renowned for their track record of successful outcomes. He says he felt very nervous about getting a hair transplant done after all the research but at the same time, he was convinced that there was no other way out. A hair transplant was a big thing for him and he was excited and nervous at the same time, struggling to make a decision.

Let’s analyze Gareth’s hair situation further to understand if he has any association with the celebrity hair transplant club.

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Gareth Gates’s Hair Loss

As previously noted, during the initial phase of his rise to prominence, Gareth became synonymous with his spiky hairstyle. His edgy, needle-like hair was his trademark and they were inseparable. However, most of the time, our love affair with our hair doesn’t reward us with a happy ending.

Getting close to the age 30 mark after 2010, Gates was simply concerned about the future of his hair. His receding hairline was a problem for him and he just wanted to claim back his spikey radiance days. His hairline had receded to an M shape, also known as a widow’s peak. The M shape is the typical signal of Norwood stage 3 hair loss and the best indicator of an alarming hairline so Gareth was right in his worries.

While he was worrying, he used his time wisely and started researching hair restoration options. Read on to find out what happened next.

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Has Gareth Gates Had A Hair Transplant?

It was in 2016 when Gareth Gates was 32 years old that he sped up his research and started taking this seriously.

His objectives were clear as day; he wanted to achieve denser hair of better quality and a corrected hairline to get him back to his spikey days of glory. Fear of surgery almost overcame him but he met the right team at the right clinic where he was comforted and convinced.

In 2017, he finally underwent an FUE hair transplant with the no-shave method, in which healthy hair follicles are harvested from (usually) the back of the head, called donor area in hair transplant terminology, and transplanted into the micro incisions made on the recipient area. This technique is no longer a novelty and is one of the most practiced hair transplant methods with the highest success rates today.

Following the FUE hair transplant, Gareth went for a hair Platalet-rich Plasma (PRP) treatment in 2021 to support his hair growth. In simple terms, a PRP is when a little bit of your own blood is taken from your arm, the plasma is separated through a device and administered to wherever you need it. It is a great yet costly procedure to maintain transplanted hair.

gareth gates hair transplant before and after

How Many Grafts Did He Get Transplanted?

The UK clinic that handled Gareth Gates’ hair transplant made every effort to utilize it as PR material, but exact details were not disclosed.

By the looks of it, we can comfortably comment on the number of grafts transplanted on Gareth, based on the newly created hairline and his hair teture. Not many are aware that Caucasian hair requires more grafts to cover the same area compared to afro-textured hair. Gareth’s hair is very straight, so he could not get away with fewer number of grafts when say Akon could.

Nevertheless, Gareth’s new hairline looks natural and true to his facial features. Nothing stands out and it also doesn’t scream a huge change. When it comes to his graft count, it must have been between 2500 and 3000 grafts transplanted in a single FUE session, which seems to be sufficient so far to provide him with the look he wanted.

Gareth Gates Before And After Hair Transplant

It is obvious that Gates had his hair loss in check and that he is someone who listens to his body. Prior to his 2017 hair transplant, he was at stage two reaching out for stage three on the Norwood scale of baldness. He must be glad he acted right on time because you never know at which speed you’ll receed.

Following the hair transplant procedure, Gareth healed quickly which is what we expect from the FUE method. The micro-incisions are so small that they require just a few days of healing time, scabs fall off and then the patient just waits for their hair to grow. We must add that as someone who suffers from migraines, Gareth’s courage to undergo a hair transplant was remarkable.

When compared, his before and after hair transplant looks reveal the difference with his hairline stealing the show among other positive changes. He no longer looks like an “I was once a super-star but I’m getting old” kinda celebrity.

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Where Did Gareth Gates Get His Hair Transplant Surgery?

Gareth Gates says he conducted throughout research on the topic prior to taking his final decision, which wasn’t until he had a consultation at KSL Clinic in Manchester in his native UK.

Once he felt comfortable and had all of his questions answered, he was less nervous about going through a little bit of discomfort to have his life changed.

How Much Money Did Gareth Gates Spend On His Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant prices in the UK is one of the highest in the world; that’s why a 3000 graft unshaven FUE in the UK costs anywhere $20k and up at a clinic with experienced surgeons. For an entertainer with a busy schedule he obviously chose to stay within the borders of his country of residence but this isn’t always the case.

It all comes down to available options and the risk/reward choices we make. We hate to say it but if Gareth Gates knew that the same procedure at a top hair clinic costs $3000 in Istanbul, he’d probably start stuttering again.

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Where Should You Go For The Best Hair Transplant Results?

Everyone encounters periods of misfortune in a lifetime, and hair loss is one of them. Just remember, you’re not alone in this experience. What’s important is not to lag behind if you are already receding.

Do your research, develop a game plan and stick to it.

If you are balding, and your hair is very important to you, you should get radical and forget everything else until the issue is resolved. Use the many free resources that are available to you such as the FREE online consultation with HEVA. They are globally renowned experts in designing hair transplant journeys from A to Z, offering not only guaranteed results but also the best price, luxury accommodation, and VIP transfers all in one package.

To navigate challenging times with self-esteem, it’s crucial to prioritize self-care and invest in a well-deserved hair transplant.