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As the man who bought Twitter, Elon Musk is also the father of Dogecoin and the Jesus of robots. So far he has 11 children with eccentric names (he named his last-born Techno Mechanicus, nicknamed Tau). We’re talking about a man more powerful than a full set of presidents combined at a UN meeting, so he may as well do as he pleases.

What this shows us is that even the most influential man on Earth right now has suffered from hair loss (and big time). His human-like robots don’t have any hair but Elon himself clearly cares a lot about his own hair hence he could not stand the idea of going bald. Elon Musk’s 77 year old father still boasts an abundance of hair which he keeps kind of long for his age. Father Errol Musk has no signs of hair loss except for a very acceptable amount of hairline recession, however, Elon wasn’t as lucky as his biological father when it comes to hair health.

Because celebrity hair loss & transplant analysis is our department, we proudly present you with the evidence and numbers to see how the richest man on Earth deals with hair loss. It is guaranteed that you will have hope by the end of this highly inspiring and educational article. So much so that you may even start packing your bags for a life-changing weekend trip.

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Elon Musk’s Hair Loss

We have all seen this famous Elon Musk picture from when he was involved with PayPal as one of the company’s founders. In this iconic picture, his age is only 31, and yet his grooming style is far from a Fintech start-up millionnaire. Seriously, who would have thought that a median-accountant look-alike Elon Musk was to become a space superstar to change the world forever?

What the above picture evidence shows is that his hair loss started being a visible issue for Elon Musk way earlier than PayPal was founded.

Having analyzed a gigantic Elon Musk photo archive, we came to the conclusion that the first signs of his receding hairline date back to his student years at the Ivy League Upenn. He sports medium-length straight hair combed towards his face like a fringe. It is therefore a possibility that Musk had noticed his receeding hairline, given his hairstyle of choice.

elon musk hair transplant before and after temple area

The truth is that there was little to nothing he could do about it back then, may he had the time to care for his looks while majoring in physics and economics at the same time.

More visible signs of his hair loss are evident even for the untrained eye from age 27-28, a few years after his graduation and his first attempts as a founder.

How Did Elon Musk Get His Hair Back?

No, it wasn’t the Martians who gifted him a hair regrowth scalp-chip (and he didn’t invent one himself). As a leader in tech and actual space innovation, this is a man who will soon take people to colonize another planet and has the most futuristic technology under his fingers, so he is somewhat expected to look his best.

Interestingly, Elon Musk isn’t pro prolonged human life and does not invest in longevity start-ups. In an interview about the topic, he stated that he does not think humans should live forever because this would endanger our evolution. His take on the topic is that people don’t change, but they eventually die and this opens up the stage for fresh, and authentic minds. His views on human life-span don’t mean that he is against a healthy, quality lifetime though.

In light of this explanation, let’s explore what he did to recover his hair and how the remedy he opted for can benefit you without being a billionaire or a millionaire.

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Has Elon Musk Had A Hair Transplant?

You’ll notice that we hardly see Musk with a beard or a mustache. That’s because he actually has sparse, thin facial hair. When grown, his facial hair looks quite patchy with uneven gaps along with poor hair quality. In other words, his facial hair isn’t distributed homogenous.

The reason why we bring this up is because the same goes for the baby soft, fragile hair on his scalp, specifically on his hairline and crown areas. What saved him was the good-quality hair available on the rest of his head, called healthy hair grafts, mainly on the sides and the back of his scalp.

Yep, you read it right. One may have a severe hair loss issue and still have healthy hair in your donor area (back side of your head) other than the problem area. The reason why it’s important to have healthy donor hair is… you guessed it; to get a hair transplant done as a permanent solution for hair loss.

Having undergone more than one hair transplant and several touch-ups, Elon Musk certainly rocks a natural-looking hairline today.

elon musk hair transplant before after

Elon Musk Before And After Hair Transplant

When we talk about a pre-hair transplant Elon Musk, just know that we mean his untouched scalp of his early 30ies. With considerable hair loss which was no longer possible to hide, Musk was somewhere between a 4 to 5 on the universal scale of baldness known as the Norwood scale.

This is the kind of grade you should very frankly be alarmed by. Most people don’t wait until reaching grade 5 to get a hair transplant done because it’s just not worth the risk of losing potential donor hair. On top of that, the more hair you lose in time the more you need transplanted which adds to the cost but we will come to that later.

On the topic of a before and after hair transplant comparison for Elon Musk, his results speak for themselves. For an adult man aged 50+ with a few cosmetic touches here and there, he would not have looked the same if he was bald-ing.

For most people, there’s a huge difference between having and lacking hair in the way we perceive someone as “old”. Thanks to medical technology, Elon Musk looks his age. The good news is that a hair transplant is affordable for all people unlike driving a Tesla.

Elon Musk Hair Transplant Scars

Elon Musk’s hair transplant story doesn’t lack adventures with the first one leaving visible scars on the sides of his scalp for decades. This is because, during his very first hair transplant, strips of the scalp with hair were cut off from the sides and transplanted in balding areas. This technique is called a FUT which stands for the Follicular Unit Transplantation.

Elon Musk’s FUT hair transplant scar

Although perceived as a little outdated today, FUT isn’t necessarily a bad or out-of-date method when applied skillfully. The hair transplant technique suited to each individual should be advised by an experienced hair transplant surgeon after listening to the patient’s goals while keeping it as realistic as possible.

In Elon Musk’s case, FUT was the only technique available at the time of his first hair transplant. However, we must add that whoever was in charge of his hair transplant didn’t master the best artistry. Little did his surgeon know that Elon was to become the most powerful man on Earth a decade later, for the whole world to point out these awful surgical imperfections.

On his later hair transplant and further touch-ups, it was definitely the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method that was used as there were no more visible scars.

FUE allows for precision, flexibility, invisibility, and a faster healing time among other advantages. In this technique, hair grafts are extracted from the donor area one by one to be transplanted inside micro incisions made in the recipient section.

When Did Elon Musk Get A Hair Transplant?

As we explained earlier Musk seems to have had not one but several hair transplants. We all agree that the very first one, which was clearly a FUT procedure in the mid-2000s, left scars in donor areas. Having said that his first hair transplant occurred just in time when his hairline had completely vanished. We say this after carefully analyzing his hair loss from compared picture evidence between 2002 and 2007.

Remember that at that time, FUT or a strip hair transplant was the popular method. FUE – the non-scar technique, only came into our lives from 2010 onwards.

While shaking the world for a day or two through some of his tweets and comments, Musk clearly has a private stand on his personal life choices. Despite his firewalls, it’s evident that he had his hairline and crown area “fed” for more density over the years using FUE.

As a result, his hair situation looks much better than it did 20 years ago.

elon musk hair transplant before and after result

How Many Grafts Did Elon Musk’s Get For His Hair Transplant?

In Elon Musk’s case, we see around 5000 grafts transplanted in total. This is hair that comes from his very own scalp by the way, so once again we must express the importance of having healthy donor hair on you rather than being late to the party.

How Much Did Elon Musk’s Hair Transplant Cost?

Getting his hair back must have been priceless for the richest man on Earth. In our opinion, Musk would have paid whatever it took for his current hairstyle. That’s why we will be focusing on the number of hair grafts transplanted on Musk, rather than speculating how much he must have paid. After all, we are here to help you form an idea about the cost of a future hair transplant of your own.

As explained above, around 5000 grafts must have been transplanted on Elon Musk in total.

The reason why how many grafts you need is important is because this number directly impacts the total cost of a hair transplant applied with the FUE method. To provide a vivid example, if your current concern is to fill in your temples, hypothetically speaking you will only need about 1500 to 2000 grafts transplanted which would cost a hefty $8000 in the UK and a reasonable $2500 in a top Istanbul clinic.

Where To Find The Best Price/Performance Hair Transplant?

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