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Unlike previous generations committed to a lifetime of diligent work for stable monthly paychecks, today’s young adults are fueled by dreams of achieving instant fame and wealth. TikTok is their playground, where the next viral content might as well be theirs and that means BINGO!

Although his intentions may be similar, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Jidion’s success story is fueled by a combination of consistency, hard work, and a burning desire to make it in life.

Recently, there has been a wave of confusion among Jidion fans as the YouTube prank icon turned Christian influencer posted a “live hair transplant” video. He also posted prank videos with a shaved forehead to peak curiosity.

Today, we will uncover this cloudy topic to see if Jidion joined other celebrities with hair transplants and why getting a hair transplant can be a transformative decision for you.

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Jidion’s Hair Loss

Life has one extra struggle for individuals with coily, afro hair type. Like Jidion, if you have afro hair type, you better keep it very short or be prepared for a lifetime of relaxants, treatments, braiding/styling hours, and as a result; hair loss.

For a young fella, Jidion does have quite a receded hairline and he was getting way too many comments about it.

His hair loss does not seem to be caused by any of the afro-hair type related complications we just mentioned though. He isn’t the type to change his hairstyle often or color his hair, so it’s probably just the hereditary male pattern alopecia.

And yes, some people just have a large forehead but Jidion’s hair was simply receding.

Let’s focus on what he has done to overcome this problem.

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Is Jidion’s Hair Transplant Real?

So what happened was that Jidion streamed a long video of him getting a “hair transplant” at a surgery look-alike setting. Because he is the prank man, a lot of viewers got confused. Was this just a show or did he really put a hair transplant surgery on livestream? Did he intentionally use the wording hair transplant or was it due to his lack of knowledge on what a real hair transplant is?

Let us state from the start that we are not here to judge, it’s in fact quite the opposite; we’re here to help hair transplant enthusiasts make informed decisions.

Now, for those who may not know the specifics of a hair transplant or the difference between various hair-enhancing procedures, here’s what it is and what it’s not:

A hair transplant procedure is a surgical intervention on your scalp where the surgeon moves your hair around like a puzzle. Your hair roots are carved and taken out as a whole, kept under sterilized conditions, and transplanted into balding areas.

There are a few different techniques some of which involve moving hair strips and others moving hair grafts one by one.

Later through the video, we understand that Jidion gets a man hair unit a.k.a. a male hair weave which has nothing to do with a hair transplant even from after. Basically, it’s a hairpiece that stays on your scalp and can be made from natural human hair or synthetic material. This is not a cure or a solution for hair loss. It’s simply a hair system to camouflage the problem area without providing a remedy.

Having said that, there’s a lot that happens during a man hair unit session, starting with the design of the hairline. The desired area is then shaved clean before the glue is applied. They then stick the hairpiece on it which at that stage looks like an afro but it’s trimmed down to blend with the recipient’s real hair.

Depending on the type of glue used, you should be able to shower, jog, go to the gym, etc.

Although artificial, temporary, and time consuming, the male hair weave could be a catalyst to simply see how a hair transplant will look on you, so it’s kind of like a rehearsal.

jidion hair transplant before after

Jidion Before And After Hair Transplant

We already explained in detail that Jidion, aged 23, pranked us all about a hair transplant when in fact, he only got a man hair unit for now.

Does he look better than having a severely receded hairline at a young age? Most certainly, yes! Does his attempt solve his hair loss problem? Definitely not!

For those of you determined to resolve your hair loss issues once and for all, the most important professional advice we can provide here is to choose your clinic wisely. This is especially true for our afro-haired readers. Afro hair type hair transplants used to result in lower success rates due to the difficulty of transplanting coily hair grafts without damage.

Although this is no longer the case, just know that it’s still a specialty procedure. There are amazing hair transplant surgeons out there who specialize in transplanting afro hair successfully. You should therefore opt for clinics that have a long-standing history, evidence, statistics, testimonials, and a great reputation in afro hair transplants.

At the same time, if you are someone with an afro hair type and you want to lower your risk level, check out our recommended top-rated global clinic in the last section.

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Where Did Jidion Get His Hair Transplant?

Technically, he hasn’t had a hair transplant but his hai transformation probably happened at some barber’s shop.

There’s no licensing required to install a man hair unit but it is often practiced by barbers experienced in the topic. Man hair units may last anywhere from a month to six months depending on how you treat them. Keep in mind that the short lived euphoria may quickly transition to post-removal blues.

A hair transplant on the other hand is a surgical procedure which (in an ideal world) occurs at a certified hair transplant clinic by a skilled surgeon.

When Did Jidion Have a Hair Transplant?

His hair transplant livestream is dated May 2023 but again, this was just a prank and no more than a temporary hair system.

We are almost sure that Jidion will opt for a real hair transplant sometime soon or else, he may watch his hairline slip away. Time is not your friend if you have hair loss issues because you’ll need healthy hair grafts of your own for the hair transplant procedure.

How Much Did Jidion Pay For His Hair Transformation?

Let’s just address the cost of a real hair transplant procedure instead. If it was the case for Jidion to get a hair transplant, he would have at least wanted his hairline to be redesigned along with added density on his crown area.

That means something along the lines of a 3000 graft hair transplant which in the US cost anywhere from $ 8,000 and up, or $ 12,000 in the UK. Make sure to read the information below to find out how much a top-quality hair transplant costs in a top clinic elsewhere.

jidion hair transformation before and after result

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Jidion’s hair system may be replaced frequently, potentially impacting his scalp health while worsening his hair loss problem.

Instead, just like other black celebrities who underwent hair transplant, we invite you to discover the permanent wonders of a hair transplant for growing your natural hair.

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