One of the challenges of having Norwood stage 3 hair loss is hiding the receding hairline and balding spots. While it might seem like your only option is to go bald, there are indeed various hairstyles that you can use to hide your hair loss.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Norwood 3 and various hairstyles recommended for this stage of hair loss.

Norwood 3 Hairstyles - 2 examples

What is Norwood 3 hair loss?

Norwood 3 is the third stage of balding on the Norwood scale— a scale developed to measure male pattern baldness. At this stage, the hairline recession becomes more apparent. So, compared to Norwood 1 or Norwood 2, hair loss in men with Norwood 3 significantly alters the shape of one’s hairline.

Norwood stage 3 hair loss candidate

How Does Norwood 3 Hair Loss Look Like?

Although hair loss looks different for each person, there are remarkable similarities among people with Norwood 3:

Hair loss around the temples
Development of an M or U-shaped hairline
Thinning hair on the crown
Advancement of hair loss past the vertex

Norwood 3 hair loss is not stable and it can easily move to Norwood stage 4 and 5. Stars like Tom Hanks, Wayne Rooney, Gordon Ramsay, Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, and Jimmy Carr have experienced Norwood 3 hair loss and progressed through treatment or hair transplant to conceal or improve thinning areas.

How to Style Norwood 3 Hair?

If you suffer from Norwood 3, it’s advised that you wear hairstyles that can hide thinning hair and of course, there are various options you can explore.

Here are some things to consider when choosing hairstyles that can hide hair loss at the front of your head.

Norwood stage 3 Hairstyles - 2 examples

Cover Receding Hairline

Almost all the best hairstyle for hair loss require brushing your hair forward so that you can cover balding areas on your hairline that way. So, if you formerly wore your hair brushed to the back or in a ponytail, you could switch to a hairstyle that creates a slight fringe with your hair. The goal is to draw attention away from your receding hairline.

Add volume

When choosing the perfect hairstyle to hide your hair loss, you should always focus on tricks that can give the appearance of volume. You can try styles that involve layering and texturizing to create volume and movement, which can help conceal thinning areas. Here, you could consider hair fibers and hairstyles to give your hair and scalp the appearance of full hair. Alternatively, you can use extensions with the same texture as your natural hair.

Going bald

Cutting off your hair completely is one of the best hairstyles for hair loss. Because no one can see your bald spots if your scalp has no hair at all. If you are looking to make a bold change, then this is for you.

Norwood 3 Hairstyles— 9 Hairstyles That Can Hide Hair loss

Norwood stage 3 Hairstyle - Side-Swept

1. Side swept hair

If styled perfectly, styling your hair to the sides will hide traces of hair loss. If properly styled, most of the baldness can be properly hidden with the healthier parts of your hair.

Norwood stage 3 Hairstyle - Skin Fade

2. Skin-fade

Skin fade is one of the best hairstyles for men suffering from hair loss. However, so it doesn’t go wrong, it’s better to ensure that the top hair is short enough. That way, you will also have an overall clean look.

norwood stage 3 hairstyle - Textured Slick-back

3. Textured Slick-back

Here is a typical slick back hairstyle with a twist. As the name implies, you slick back your hair with a gel, then use a comb to fluff up the hairs in front of your head to give a volumizing effect. This effect accentuates your hairline, thus allowing you to rock your Norwood 3 hair without much effort.

Norwood stage 3 Hairstyle - Forward Brushing

4. Forward Brushing

It’s all about hiding the receding hair while still looking amazing, and brushing your hair forward is another great hairstyle to hide thinning hair.

Norwood stage 3 Hairstyle - Fringe

5. Fringe

This is a versatile haircut that can be worn in multiple ways. With a fringe, the top of your hair is styled to fall flawlessly across your forehead, hiding traces of balding around your hairline.

Norwood stage 3 Hairstyle - Spiky

6. Spiky

Another hairstyle that can hide your thinning hair is a spiky haircut. With this hairstyle, you can move the attention from your receding hairline to your hair texture. Also, because your hair will no longer lie flat on your head, it’s harder to notice the baldness in front.

norwood stage 3 hairstyle - ceaser cut

7. Caesar cut

A Caesar cut is a great hairstyle for hair loss largely because of its versatility. Nearly everyone with any face or head shape can rock it. The signature look helps to conceal thinning at the hairline.

norwood stage 3 hairstyle - buzz cut

8. Buzz cut

Buzzcut is one of the best hairstyles for hair loss. To achieve this look, cut your hair several inches lower than its usual length, leaving you with a low cut that de-emphasizes the thinning at the crown. Although this style is popular amongst military recruits, anyone can rock them when styled nicely.

norwood stage 3 hairstyle - bald cut

9. Bald cut

Going bald is also favored by many men suffering from receding hairlines or bald spots. Bald cuts often look endearing when paired with beards or a clean-cut face. It is an option to consider for Norwood 3 hair loss.

Can You Recover from Norwood 3?

Yes, you can recover from a Norwood 3 hair loss. As far as hair loss goes on the Norwood scale, you can get your hair back in good shape after experiencing stage 3.

It helps to catch the loss in its early stages as it can be easily treated with medications and topical creams. People who experience this degree of hair loss are also great candidates for hair transplants.

Norwood 3 Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss is common among people regardless of age and race. Rather, it happens often a result of hormonal changes, stress, genetics, or even scalp infections. As seen in men, this stage of hair loss occurs as early as the age of twenty and continues until the fifties.

Solutions for this hair loss typically involve either surgical or non-surgical options. Non-surgical solutions for hair loss include:

Medications such as finasteride or minoxidil
Scalp micropigmentation
Platelet-Rich Plasma hair injections
Hair transplants

Note: Tight hairstyles are known to be a common cause of hair loss and crown thinning. We therefore recommend avoiding styling that pulls your hair. For instance, if you are fond of putting your hair in tight ponytails, you should avoid them.

Medications for Norwood 3 Hairstyle

Topical or oral medications could be used to treat hair loss associated with male pattern baldness. For example, treatment creams could sometimes be given to prevent further hair loss or stimulate hair follicles for new growth, or drugs may be prescribed for a similar purpose.

Here are some common medications for androgenetic alopecia (hair loss in men and women) and age-related hair thinning.


Finasteride is commonly prescribed as an oral tablet to treat Norwood 3 hair loss. It is effective for restoring hair on the corn of the head, therefore reversing balding spots on the crown.


Minoxidil is a topical treatment that has tabled form. These medications are great options to explore before considering a hair transplant. It is available in two concentrations: 5% and 2%. Over the years, 5% minoxidil has proven more effective in restoring hair around bald areas, hence its popularity.


PRP Hair treatment

In Platelet-Rich Plasma hair treatments, platelets are taken from the patient and activated to improve blood supply in the scalp, stimulate hair growth, and improve hair volume. it is a targeted treatment for thinning or balding parts of your head.

The frequency of the injections may vary depending on the treatment plan, anywhere from weekly injections to monthly sessions. This therapy is favored by most people as it involves the use of your platelets to encourage natural growth.


Hair Transplant

Suitability for a hair transplant surgery depends largely on the type of hair loss, number of grafts you need, and as well as your hair type. However, as a general position, having Norwood 3 hair loss makes you a great candidate for a hair transplant.

Typically, you’d either get a follicular unit extraction (FUE) or a Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). In both cases, you need to have substantial hair volume at the back and sides of your head. The procedure involves an extraction and transfer of hair follicles from those parts to the bald areas.

Depending on the nature of your hair, you may require repeated grafting sessions to achieve your desired goal.

Norwood 5 Hair Transplant Before & After Transformations

norwood 3 hair transplant result 3000 grafts

norwood 3 afro hairline transplant before and after

Key Takeaways

Hair loss is common among men of different ages, so no one should deal with it in isolation. Rather, take the opportunity to explore new hairstyles or invest in any of the solutions highlighted in this article.

You are one step away from finding the best hair transplant clinic to restore your hair loss. Feel free to reach our hair experts to have a free medical consultation! Let’s plan your hair restoration journey together!