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In today’s celebrity hair transformation story, we’ll be exploring the challenges CBum encountered along the way. By examining his experience more closely, we aim to set you up for success in writing your own hair transformation story and discover the ideal solutions.

As a five-time world champion bodybuilder, Chris has a different routine of nutrition, training, and supplements to the rest of us. The whole world and their mom know about the association between certain bodybuilding supplements and hair loss. This indicates that in his case, his professional career may have played a role in his hair loss. Having said that, most hair loss in men has a better chance of being classified as androgenetic alopecia, so CBum may have a combination of both.

Without further due, let’s see why the strongest man on Earth has a problem in the hair department and how he managed to overcome the issue. Could it be that CBum became a member of the celebrity hair transplant club? Let’s find out, shall we?

chris bumstead hair transformation

Chris Bumstead’s Hair Loss

CBum serves as a great example highlighting the fact that while we can have control over various aspects of our bodies, such as weight loss, improved flexibility, and endurance, our hair isn’t one of those things we can easily manipulate.

We all know that Chris’ favorite and iconic hairstyle is his mullet-y mohawk-y and somewhat long hair. However, his hairline and crown were receding so badly that he could no longer hide his hair loss through any sort of styling trick.

At 29 years old, CBum’s experience with hair loss isn’t particularly unusual, as it’s a common occurrence for many men around his age. However, the speed of his hair loss may have been influenced by his use of bodybuilding supplements, as previously mentioned.

When it comes to addressing hair loss, taking timely action is likely the most crucial rule above all else.

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What Happened to CBum’s hair?

CBum’s hair quality leans on the softer, thinner, and more delicate type of hair and he was receding mainly on his temple sections and crown area first. This started causing a deeper recession on all of his hairline, creating a well-defined widow’s peak. In Norwood baldness scale terms, he was at stage 3 going for stage 4.

Like most people who suffer from hair loss, CBum says that he was very worried about it but also quite nervous about seeking the best known hair loss cure. Read further to find out if he found the courage…

Did He Get a Hair Transplant?

He did! CBum traveled halfway around the world from Toronto to Istanbul with his wife and two business associates to get his hair transplant done. His trip is video-documented, and it is so evident how he wasn’t looking forward to the hair transplant part of his travels.

This is how most people feel about hair transplants but it is a short-lived concern once they sense the comfort and the expertise that surrounds them. CBum’s courage makes us very happy because his decision to undergo a hair transplant saved him from feeling down and insecure for the rest of his life.

cbum hair transplant before after result

Chris Bumstead Before and After Hair Transplant

He had his hair transplant in late November 2023 so we are yet to see the full results but so far, it appears to be a very successful one. The hair transplant recovery timeline often takes after about a year that we see the full outcome of any given hair transplant. In most cases, transplanted hair first falls and gets replaced by the old hair roots in their new location.

The positive change in Chris’ mood post-hair transplant is observed with ease which is priceless. Without the hair transplant, he may have found himself feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and unaccomplished. And he’s not the type of guy who will take a low-performance day, every day.

His before and after pictures speak for themselves when compared. Not only a huge difference in his hairline but also in his spirits.

chris bumstead - hair transplant before and after

Where Did Chris Bumstead Get His Hair Transplant?

CBum seems to have done his homework as he chose a famous hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, called Now Hair Time.

He could have easily chosen to undergo a hair transplant without leaving his city of residence but CBum is an individual who has his own approach that works best for him.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

CBums head was fully shaved before the FUE hair transplant procedure but depending on your individual situation, a unshaven FUE may be an option.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a popular hair transplant technique where the healthy hair grafts –usually harvested from the back of the head- is extracted by a punch tool and implanted where it’s needed.

So CBum had the sapphire FUE on his hairline and the DHI method on his crown. DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation and it is slightly different to FUE in technical terms. In FUE, micro incisions are prepared before the harvested hair is implanted whereas, in DHI, a special tool is used to implant harvested hair directly, as soon as an incision is made.

How Many Grafts Were Implanted?

CBum had around 3000 grafts on his hairline and top of his head. Another 1000 grafts were implanted to densify his crown section, so altogether it was 4000 grafts. Remember that one hair graft often contains more than one hair, so his overall density was strengthened in a single session.

chris bumstead (cbum) hair transplant before after

Planning To Have a Hair Transplant? Reach Us To Achieve Better Results Than CBum!

As we tried to pass through CBum’s story, he wasn’t looking forward to the hair transplant procedure, but he knew he wanted the outcome created by it. More people than you imagine have anxieties related to surgical procedures which they easily overcome once they feel the trust. A hair transplant occurs only with local anesthesia being administered to your scalp, so most patients just fall asleep or watch a movie during the procedure.

What you need therefore is a clinic where you feel at ease by sensing professionalism and cordiality at the same time.

You want to opt for a hair transplant clinic that consistently delivers friendly service and successful results in response to the challenges faced by their patients. One that puts you through the blood work, EKG, and all other necessary tests before the scheduled procedure.

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