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Kirk Cousins is well-known for his trademark pre-game routine, grown in popularity over time. Cousins has a ritual of yelling “You like that?!” before every game. In October 2015, during a post-game interview, his slogan became viral.

On the other hand, for the sake of a holistic approach to life, Kirk deserves a self-affirming image. He therefore must have realized that small alterations with a big impact are possible, like fixing hair loss. If there’s still stigma around getting a hair transplant, the world needs to get over it.

We therefore gather here today to see what we can learn from Kirk Cousins from a perspective unrelated to the world of sports. 1988 born football quarterback Cousins is right at the age of men’s hair troubles and we come to talk about just that. Let’s analyze his hair affair to see if Kirk Cousins hair restoration rumors are true, and most importantly, how a celebrity’s story can positively change your life.

kirk cousins hair loss and transformation

Kirk Cousins’ Hair Loss

To start with, there’s nothing unusual about hair loss. It is the most common attribute of humankind and is somewhat related to aging. Our hair gradually slows down to renew itself just like all of our cells. What’s important here is to take notice and be conscious about it.

We all know from our own lives how much hair loss can affect the way we feel about ourselves. What’s more, is that this comes at the exact time when youth is no longer on our side, but we still need our hair. Because our hair is our way of self-expression, no one in their 20s or 30s wants their hair to turn gray or their hairline to disappear. It simply makes us look older and less reproductive, which we don’t want.

Kirk Cousins is one of the many men who experienced hair loss after the age of 25. It’s clearly visible that his temples started thinning in early 2010s. Since this happened subtly and gradually, most may not have noticed but we did.

kirk cousins hair transplant before and after temple area

Did Kirk Cousins Get A Hair Transplant?

Through our celebrity hair restoration analyses, you may have realized that footballers in particular make up a huge chunk of hair transplant clients. We often hear that hair transplant is a topic they often talk about when training and in locker rooms. Professional footballers seem to have internalized the proven fact that hair loss today has a permanent solution via hair transplant, so why not go for it?

Kirk Cousins, on the other hand, has not made a public declaration about a hair transplant but the truth is utterly evident. As opposed to the state of his diminishing temples and uneven hairline of a few years ago, we see him with a perfectly corrected and naturally blended hairline today. Kirk Cousins hair restoration is therefore more than just the word on the street.

In response to his trademark ritual question, we’d like to say “Yep, we like that very much!” this time referring to his level of consciousness about hair loss.

kirk cousins - hair transplant before after result

Kirk Cousins Before And After Hair Transplant

Commonly known as male androgenetic alopecia or MAA, hereditary hair loss affects most men starting from their early 30s (or at least that’s when the alarm bells start ringing). When analyzed very closely, we see that Cousins’ hair loss started before his 30s but it became noticeable later than that.

Cousins stands as a fantastic example of a conscious and informed individual, smart enough to seek a permanent solution to this problem, while he still has an abundance of healthy donor hair for the operation.

kirk cousins temple area before and after hair transplant surgery

Could he have waited for a few more years to undergo a hair transplant? He most certainly could. But meanwhile, he would have to cope with the psychological effects of further hair loss and worry about it every single day.

As they say, do it while you still can. Early intervention has nothing but added benefits. We find that the redesign of his new hairline suits his facial features very well and was kept very natural. There’s zero exaggeration about his altered look in terms of the achieved density, and in fact, it is so subtle that hardly anyone noticed.

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Kirk Cousins’ hair restoration was mainly focused on filling in his temples and recreating a harmonious hairline. It is not overdone at all, in fact kept minimal.

To achieve this look, 2000 grafts suffice for his individual situation. When you absorb these numbers, remember that one hair graft often contains 2 to 3 hair strands but hair transplant procedures are universally based on the number of grafts.

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant?

We don’t know exactly but he’d most likely underwent the operation in the states; Cousins resides in Rosemount, Minnesota with his family but it would be wrong to argue that that’s where he had the magic touch. All we can say is that it has worked wonders for him and was a successful hair transplant.

Regardless, the deeper people dive into research about the right destination for a top-quality hair transplant on a non-celebrity budget, the more they see the word “Istanbul”. We will explain shortly why that is.

You are free to stay in your city or country for whatever cosmetic solution you are planning for and at the same time it’s always a good idea to see what others are doing. This way, you’ll have something to compare to and thus can make an intended decision.

kirk cousins - hair transplant before and after result

How Much Did It Cost?

Cost is of course the main topic of interest for most. However, Kirk Cousins hair restoration comes in a wide array of numbers when we change location. That’s because the only commodity that has the same spot price all over the world is gold (not literally but you get the idea).

Services, however, such as a labor-intensive hair transplant procedure, are subjected to arbitrage. Many clever people take advantage of this in positive ways by choosing to get their dental work or hair transplant done at an affordable destination. This way, they not only save money but have access to top-quality treatments which in their country cost a fortune. The idea here is that prioritizing your needs according to your budget is unfair. Instead, you can take advantage of an abundance of opportunity in a globalized world.

Back to numbers, a 2000 graft Kirk Cousins hair transplant costs anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on where you get it done. Hair transplant prices in the US are among the highest in the world. As a successful football player, Cousins most likely chose a hair transplant clinic in the states that would have cost him nearly $20,000. These numbers contain the same quality hair transplant and medical care, so the cheaper one is an equally successful hair transplant. What this tells us is that between Sydney-New York-London (expensive) and Istanbul, lies a life-changing opportunity that you should not miss.

kirk cousins hair transplant before after

It’s Time To Create Your Own Inspiring Hair Transplant Story

Happy about Kirk Cousins’ hair transplant success, let’s turn the tables. What we do is to help people become aware of the opportunities available to them. Because a hair restoration journey goes beyond the surgery room, you need the investment of money, time, and temporary bravery (although the pain is minimal).

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