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If you thought that India’s top actor Ranbir Kapoor with a $45M in net worth doesn’t care about his overall image, the case is quite the opposite. Rich, talented, good looking, and clever, Kapoor is also gifted in self-conservation. Turning 42 in September of 2024, Kapoor so far managed to survive the hair endemic in a country where at least 34% of the male population is hereditarily very bald.

Hair loss may be our most common suffering as humanity, and probably the easiest one that has a permanent solution. We therefore write pieces where we analyze celebrity hair transformations to shed light on how smart money benefits from the latest developments so that you can follow suit.

Without further due, let’s dig into Ranbir Kapoor’s hair transformation story and the ways he’s managing and maintaining his hairline in detail. Did Kapoor join celebrities with hair transplants or did he in fact unknowingly lead a hair transplant cult in India?

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Ranbir Kapoor’s Hair Loss

Drawing attention to one’s age after 30s is not something any wise person will do. Our beloved Ganglu is soon turning 42 and shows very little signs of being a middle-aged actor. Ganglu’s timeless charm and screen presence are undeniable but is his hair all natural or is there some magic behind it? Considering that nearly half of the world’s population starts getting grey hair and problems of thinning hair at Kapoor’s age, he sure has a few well-kept secrets.

Kapoor’s salt’n pepper reality is leaked through his beard when left to its natural state. Even when he’s seen with a differently aesthetic, layered long hair style in the 2023 movie Animal, there are zero signs of any grey. In Animal, Kapoor looks wild and elegant at the same time but what about hair loss?

How does he manage to keep a solid, dense hairline and youthful black hair when the rest of us can’t?

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Has Ranbir Kapoor Transplanted His Hair?

The answer is; It is patently clear that Ranbir Kapoor has been putting in the work and every effort to not only maintain his hair but to improve his hairline. This means a hair transplant procedure and in Kapoor’s case, he has been aware of such technology since the late 2000s.

This is precisely where savvy betters put their resources in; novelty treatments that are also safe. Back in 2009 when Kapoor had his receding hairline transplant, there wasn’t enough evidence or patients to prove how successful and life-changing hair transplants can be. Not a lot of people understood the revolutionary future that awaited those suffering from hair loss. 15 years fast forward, hair transplant has proven itself as the safest, most reliable, and most permanent way to overcome baldness.

We suspect that he had a second hair transplant in 2016 and has since most likely been getting regular scalp treatments and PRP injections to maintain what he has.

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Ranbir Kapoor’s Hair Transformation: Before And After Hair Transplant

As always, the most obvious evidence is hidden in the before and after looks of any celebrity. They just can’t hide it. As far as Ganglu is concerned, he was still young in his twenties when he decided to use the help of a hair transplant in 2009.

As one of India’s darling and leading actors, he chose not to predict the future state of his hairline and went straight for a hair transplant. Lifting off this type of stress also adds years to one’s life. At the end of the day, famous or not, hair loss affects too many of us and we secretly mourn about every strand of hair that does not grow back.

Later in 2016, he is likely to have had another hair transplant because from 2016 onwards he stopped wearing baseball hats and hair fibers in social appearances.

How Many Grafts Is Transplanted?

Just to make it clear, Kapoor is a versatile actor and there’s a lot of hair and makeup in each of his films. It’s possible to see him wearing a hairpiece in one movie and getting the help of hair fibers in another. It all depends on the look the art director wants to create.

We are highly unlikely to see Ganglu at home and straight out of the shower in his most natural state. However, in both of his hair transplants combined, he must have gotten at least 3500 grafts transplanted.

When you consume celebrity hair transplant content, remind yourself that not every hair type is the same. Unlike his parents, Ranbir Kapoor has a soft and weak hair type and that’s just his destiny.

Where Did Ranbir Kapoor Get His Hair Transplant?

In the past eight years, Kapoor has been seen several times visiting a number of clinics in Dubai to maintain his hair health. Certain injections and therapies have been in practice to boost hair growth for many years and new treatments are being offered every month.

Given that the hair transplant prices in India is relatively cheaper and industry is developed, he might have chosen an Indian clinic. Whether Ranbir Kapoor had his 2009 and 2016 hair transplants done in India, Dubai, or elsewhere is obscured from Kapoor’s fans.

Regardless, both of these speculated locations have a good reputation in hair transplants, but only after the leading number one destination: Turkey.

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How Much Did It Cost?

Again, the exact amount and place of Kapoor’s hair transplants are still undisclosed but don’t you worry. We have the price lists of every single notable hair transplant destination in the world.

To set a healthy example let’s see how much a hair transplant should cost in Turkey, India, and Dubai.

India is where everything is possible at a wide range of costs but let’s assume that Ranbir Kapoor has chosen a reputable, celebrity-savvy hair clinic. In upmarket Mumbai where he resides, he would have paid $7500 for each of his hair transplants as a bare minimum.

In Dubai, it would cost the same at a mediocre hair clinic, much more depending on the experience of the surgeon.

Finally, Turkey is the leading hair transplant destination for a reason. The country is home to the most advanced, experienced, and skilled hair transplant surgeons and the best price/performance ratio. A top-quality hair transplant (much better than those he had) would cost $2500 to $3500 in a luxury, state-of-the-art clinic in Istanbul.

Just know that Istanbul prices include all doctor consultations, medical tests, the procedure itself, all medications, aftercare, luxury hotel stays, and VIP transfers.

Does Ranbir Kapoor Have Natural Hair?

Yes, but like most hair-conscious celebrities, Kapoor is hair smart, meaning; he does it all. He uses hair fibers, gets injections, and sometimes even uses fake hair if that’s what the art director requires when shooting a scene.

All these mean that he does his best to keep his natural hair and also uses innocent tricks to enhance his hair charm.

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How Can You Get Access To The Best Hair Transplant In The World?

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