Harshal Patel Hair Transplant Analysis Before & After

Out of India’s 1.5 billion population, Harhsal Patel showed just how valuable a gem he is in the hectic world of cricket in a populated country that adores cricket.

Our mission is and has always been to provide you with the greatest analysis on celebrity hair transplants and thus, in this informative blog post we give you the acclaimed Harshal Patel.

He has gone through the whole hair transplant journey and we want the entire world to acknowledge the benefits of a timely hair transplant on one’s physical and psychological health. That is why we unlock celebrity hair transplant journeys one by one, and serve as a point of contact as well as a reliable source of insider info.

Having stated that, let’s dive into the story of the wonderful and talented Hasrhal Patel to understand how his experiences and the lessons he learned may help you on your own hair transplant journey.

Harshal Patel hair Transformation

Harshal Patel ‘s Hair Loss

Patel says he was only 22 years old when he realized that he was facing the bitter truth of hair loss. He thought that it was way too early to go bald and that it wasn’t fair. The truth is that it’s always too early to grow bald because hair loss makes anyone at any age look much more mature and worn out than they actually are with a full head of hair.

Understanding that most hair loss is a hereditary condition we can not control on our own opens up the path toward seeking the best possible solution for it. For Patel, his hair loss was not his fault but he stood up tall to take control until he reached the results he opted for.

Let’s discover further what he has done to get his hair back and better than before.

harshal patel - hair transplant before and after result

Did Harshal Patel Get A Hair Transplant?

As a young and successful cricket player with all eyes on him, it must have been very challenging for Patel to deal with hair loss at a very young age. Timewise he is also a very busy man with an uninterruptable training, gym, and field schedule.

The fact alone that he made it a priority to undergo a hair transplant is an admirable attitude. Of course, the curious eyes of cricket lovers did not miss the sudden crew cut and new spikes of hair growing on his head. Even though Patel seemed to sort of avoid making his hair transplant public at first, he remained strong and announced his hair transformation later on. So the answer is that yes, Patel did get a FUE hair transplant and he seems to be owning it very proudly.

harshal patel hair transplant before & after result

Harshal Patel Before And After Hair Transplant

Patel’s diminishing hairline and loss of hair in his crown area were so evident that he made his own diagnosis. His hair type is also prone to thinning, so at age 26 he was no longer able to cover up the balding and thinning state of his hair.

After his initial hair transplant in May of 2018, Patel kept seeing his hair transplant surgeon to determine if at any stage he should opt for a touch-up to keep his full, healthy head of hair. That is most certainly an athlete’s discipline showcasing his determination to battle and reverse hair loss.

Six and a half years through, his hair is looking the best it can but when we look at his pictures just 3 months post-hair transplant, we see that he had a grand success rate in terms of graft survival. Not only that but after only 9 months of the surgery, his hair was all grown longer but this time with double the previous density. That’s the achievable magic in a hair transplant as it moves your own hair around to where you need it.

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Since this is undisclosed information, we will make an educated guess but don’t you worry, it’ll be a very close guess if not the exact amount of transplanted grafts.

The logic behind our educated guess/count lies in the scale of Patel’s pre-hair transplant hair loss. He was a scale 3 on the Norwood scale of baldness which is the global standard to measure hair loss.

Putting the magnifier above Patel’s thickened density on the crown area and his redesigned hairline, it is safe to say that Patel got 3000 grafts transplanted give or take. It was done with the shaven FUE method where hair is extracted from the donor area (usually the back of the scalp) one by one and transplanted to fill in problem sections.

harshal patel hair transplant before after photo

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant?

Patel revealed that he had his hair transplant done at Monaris Hair Clinic in New Delhi, India. It is highly likely that his choice of clinic may have been influenced by a kind offer by the clinic itself. We say this because it was highly likely a pro-bono exchange since Patel volunteered to record a promotional video praising the clinic and allowed them to document every step of his hair transplant journey.

As a result, the exchange seems to have worked out well and we are happy to see him all smiles, expressing gratitude about the hair transplant’s success.

Harshal Patel After Hair Transplant at the Clinic

How Much Did Patel’s Hair Transplant Cost?

Cost is closely linked to the number of grafts and that is why you should put in the effort to learn about just a few technical terms about hair transplants. The thumb of rule is that the more the grafts, the merrier your final bill will be.

In Patel’s case, we said it was around 3000 grafts but the thing is that the cost of transplanting one graft isn’t the same everywhere. Just like other countries, hair transplant costs in India fluctuate according to the surgeon, and technique of the procedure.

In New Delhi, there are all sorts of hair transplant options from shady clinics to fancy facilities and the price range is therefore broad from 50 cents to $3. Since Patel’s upmarket clinic is on the fancier side, he would have paid just short of $9,000 for the 3000 grafts.

When it comes to the final cost of a hair transplant, always make sure to ask what the extras are. Some clinics add doctor’s consultations, medical tests, and post-op medication or visits as extras while others do not.

In fact, the further you look the better it gets in the world of hair transplant opportunities. Some of the best clinics with the highest success rates offer packages that include not only your post-op medications but also luxury accommodation and VIP transfers if you’re flying over from abroad.

Keep reading if you want to know more about that.

Where Should You Go For The Best Hair Transplant?

We’re not here to talk about inflation but with the global economy in turmoil, investing in yourself rather than in goods may as well be a wise decision.

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