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Probably the most famous Governor in world history, Arnie stands tall as a mountain both literally and metaphorically at age 77 in 2024. He’s like a mythical giant who jumped from a small village in Austria to movie screens and from being the Terminator to becoming the Governor of California in the US. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s incredible life story is indeed an inspiration to the entire world population.

While we could write an entire book on his accomplishments, controversies, and enduring legacy of his political career, we will instead be shedding light on his success story as an extraordinary individual with a remarkable amount of hair still intact.

If you have been suffering from hair loss or worry that you may in the future, rest assured that following our detailed hair analysis about Arnie’s moves on hair management will benefit you in life-changing ways towards the end of this blog post.

With that said, let’s begin diffusing the clouds on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hair mystery to see if he has joined celebrities with hair transplants.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hair Transformation

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hair Loss

Let’s begin with the unseen side of one of the world’s most iconic celebrities; his hair that’s been overshadowed by his ultra-toned muscles.

Arnold’s hair in his younger years was like a forest of dreams; strong, long, plentiful, and with attitude. That’s until the inevitable march of time brought a weaker hairline and natural hair erosion caused by aging.

We all know that looking effortlessly fit is never the true story. Just the way we know that Arnie’s muscles didn’t come out of nowhere, keeping his hair as healthy as possible has also taken extraordinary TLC.

Arnie’s hair entered a new chapter with the arrival of the ’90s and that’s also when he turned to the buzz cut. But why did the Terminator terminate his hair and start keeping it shorter? A calculated move, or a fashion statement? Not at all his style. It was just that the density of his hair along with his overall hair quality was diminishing with time, and he was conscious about it.

If you also find it interesting that a former professional bodybuilder with decades of possible steroid intake still has an impressive amount of hair, keep reading.

arnold schwarzenegger - hair transplant before after result

Has Arnold Schwarzenegger Had A Hair Transplant?

Hair today, gone tomorrow… What’s important is to find permanent solutions rather than following temp trends, and that’s exactly what a hair transplant does.

In Schwarzenegger’s case, his body strength and piercing eyes remained the same, despite his lack of hair in time. That’s because over the years he had already built an image impossible to be shattered. For the rest of us mortal non-Terminator human beings, this isn’t the case, however. We are not 100% sure if Arnie had a hair transplant or not. If he underwent a hair transplant surgery, it must have been a completely no-shave procedure. If not, he must have opted for many alternatives to hair transplant surgery.

So let’s resourcefully focus on how to solve your own hair loss problem forever.

How Many Grafts Would Have Been Transplanted?

Arnie’s diminishing hairline is most certainly a reminder that even the ultra-strong face the universal quirks of being a human. For someone dying his hair all the time, Schwarzenegger’s hair held up quite well. He might have benefited from multiple hair transplants at low number number of grafts, around 1500, to maintain his natural mature hair density.

On the other hanf, to fill in Arnie’s balding temples, restore his iconic hairline, and add a healthy-looking thickness, 3500 grafts will suffice. If handled by an experienced team of surgeons and technicians, this can be done and over within a few hours under local anesthesia.

No reason why he shouldn’t be rocking and enjoying strong, dense, and awesome hair of his own in less than a year after a successful hair transplant.

arnold schwarzenegger hair transplant before and after

Where Would He Have Gotten His Hair Transplant?

Given that he spends most of his time in his Brentwood estate in California, and that he is the ex-Governor of the State of California, there you have the answer.

We don’t think he would have gone anywhere else with the amount of wealth and fame that he has, compromising his time and comfort.

Other celebrities with his hair type who have undergone a hair transplant include Boy George, Kevin Costner, and Antonio Conte all of which have very impressive, satisfactory results.

How Much Would It Have Costed?

Come along if you are ready to face the truth. For everyday people, self-esteem is not only necessary but also the true source of life since we all try to build an image in our networks. We can not even build rapport if we in any way doubt our own self or feel vulnerable. That includes our insecurities with our hair.

Regardless of how long we meditate every day, we spend money and resources to gain self-assurance over and over. Compared to a lifetime of expenditure on our insecurities, and the huge difference it makes on our psyche, a hair transplant literally costs nothing.

For Arnie, a modest 3000 graft hair transplant would cost him anywhere around $20,000+ at a fancy California clinic. The takeout here is to know that equally professional and perhaps better results can be achieved paying way less than what a top celebrity is prepared to spend.

We all have a friend who got their Hollywood smile done overseas at that ultra-luxury clinic for a fraction of what they would pay home, right? So, think similarly because a top-quality hair transplant is perfectly safe and affordable when you know where to go.

arnold schwarzenegger - hair transplant before and after result

Only The Strong: Where To Get The Best Hair Transplant?

In a universe where dreams often seem larger than life, Arnold Schwarzenegger not only dreamed big but lived even bigger, forever etching his name.

Remember, just as Arnie once said, “Strength does not come from the body. It comes from the will.

When you start losing your hair and ask yourself “What can I do differently?”, just know that a hair transplant is the only way to fix your issue rather than trying to find strength in your vulnerability through spirituality.

We’re here to help you and therefore need to emphasize that there’s a reason why Istanbul’s hair transplant industry is worth more than a billion USD with over 200 thousand international patients traveling every year to change their lives with a hair transplant.

The attention you will need before, during, and after a hair transplant is waiting for you at Heva Clinic in Istanbul and right now, a FREE online consultation is on offer. It is up to you to stay vulnerable or stand strong. Just remember that only the strong survive.