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Very blonde and certainly very multifaceted, Jamie Laing is not your average British reality TV star. Laing plays a pivotal role in captivating audiences and steering whatever show or business he is in, to remarkable heights.

We say this because the man also boasts an eclectic and thriving entrepreneurial portfolio. His most notable venture is Candy Kittens, a gourmet, vegan and of course premium candy brand out of all things.

Not limiting himself to a single business venture, he also happens to be the co-founder of “JAM Industries,” a clothing brand. Not hard to guess that the world of digital media is his oyster too, evidenced by “Private Parts,” his YouTube channel and podcast bringing fresh perspectives and humorous narratives.

While we respect all of his qualities, we are most interested in the ways he cares for himself and his own well-being. Does he look after himself as much as he looks after charitable causes? What can his audience learn from him when it comes to restoring one’s self-esteem? Did he in fact join celebrities who had a hair transplant? Let’s dive right in!

jamie laing hair transformation

Jamie Laing’s Battle With Hair Loss

Why is it that A-list celebrities who can’t escape the screens and cameras have to suffer from hair loss? Well, probably because in many ways, they are ordinary human beings just like the rest of us.

Back to Laing, at the time of this writing, he is only 35 and he has been suffering from a treacherous hairline since way back. It is in his own words that he realized the change in his hairline as early as age 19.

I was going to university and it was a time I wanted to be like fire! Unfortunately with guys, no one talks about hair loss. Less so about their emotions and anxieties. You can’t control hair loss and no one prepares you for it” he says when chatting with his hairdresser. We couldn’t agree more.

Jamie Laing Before The Hair Transplant

Laing is sweetly honest when he says he was pretty insecure about his hair loss. After digesting the reality that it wasn’t just going to go away, he then started thinking what to do about it.

Until one day… a close friend told him that he had a hair transplant scheduled (Laing’s friend that is). That was Jamie’s aha moment.

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Has Jamie Laing Had A Hair Transplant?

I thought it was like getting a tattoo, I had done zero research about it but I did go with my friend to get myself one…” he speaks of those days.

Well he eventually found out that a hair transplant wasn’t like getting a tattoo:) He says that he looked like he was stung by a bee colony.

Jamie talked at length about his hair transplant story on various platforms, so yes, he did get a hair transplant indeed!

jamie laing hair transplant before and after result

Jamie Laing Before And After Hair Transplant

Just like any late teen, Jamie never worried about hair loss because it simply never crossed his mind before it actually started happening.

There are interviews of him joking about his hair loss on social media dating back a few years…

I thought I was gonna be a short, bald reality TV starand that’s not a good resume,” he says before he had a hair transplant.

At around age 28 the signs were quite visible.

Jamie Laing’s New Hair

Jamie’s hair transplant journey wasn’t without its surprises. Laing had his hairline redesigned without being conscious about the details of the procedure. 2000 hair grafts were taken from the back of his head and transplanted to reconstruct his receded hairline.

He talks about it like it all came to him as a shock. He suddenly had about 2000 micro incisions on his mildly swollen forehead. He didn’t expect what was coming (which really isn’t all that bad given the results) and that he had to spray salt water on the affected area every couple of hours.

We are of the opinion that overall, he looks very good post hair transplant. Since the hair transplant, he mostly goes for a short haircut while shaggy at the front. We certainly can not imagine him with a balding crown instead.

jamie laing hair transplant before & after result

Where Did Jamie Laing Get His Hair Transplant

So Jamie went along with his bestie to Nottingham to get the hair transplant done. Little did he know that he was going to navigate through someone’s kitchen to then arrive at the surgery room (just for reference; this is odd).

He wasn’t aware of what was about to happen when he thought it was going to be like a scalp micropigmentation (which is funny given his white-blonde hair color). Despite the short-lived trauma, he was satisfied with his results and hasn’t had any complications.

jamie laing hair transplant before and after

When Did Jamie Laing Have a Hair Transplant?

Laing opted for the accidental hair transplant at age 29. The story goes better and better as straight after the transplant he receives a call from a media agency saying they have pictures of his hair transplant procedure and would like to publish a story.

I wanted to keep it a secret, obviously…” Jamie says. It was his friend who played a joke and shared his pictures without him knowing.

The Cost Of Jamie Laing’s Hair Transplant

To answer the question you must first know that the total cost of a hair transplant is universally calculated based on the number of hair strands/grafts transplanted. The price of a single graft changes greatly from country to country.

UK clinics charge about $4 on average per hair graft. Therefore, Jamie Laing’s hair transplant most likely cost $8,000. He might have paid a little less though, as Nottingham clinics are typically less expensive than those in other parts of the UK. In fact, what he describes does not sound like a proper clinic but hey…

Having said that, he may also have paid more, as celebrity status can sometimes lead to higher expenses.

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