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Hair loss is possibly the most common gloom of mankind. No matter how successful they are, emerging celebrities like Paulo Costa are just as affected as the rest of the world. For those unfamiliar; Brazilian professional mixed martial artist Paulo “The Eraser” Costa competes in the middleweight division of the UFC.

As a rule, we write about the hair transplant journeys of influencers, celebrities, and sports persons of public interest. We do this to analyze the path they’ve taken and to see if there are valuable lessons or hints to serve the interests of those who suffer from hair loss.

Most of the time, persons in front of the public eye can’t hide from the lenses for an extended period of time and opt for novelty treatments that heal quickly. Let’s dive into Paulo’s hair restoration journey to see if he has actually joined the rows of celebs who had a hair transplant.

paulo costa hair transformation

Paulo Costa Hair Loss

As evident as it was, Paulo Costa, now aged 32, had problems with diffused hair distribution and his hair was also thinning. In fact, he did not have a terribly receded hairline and his wavy textured type 2 hair was successful in hiding what was happening to a point.

Based on the existing visual archive, it seems like he first started showing signs of his sparse hair situation in his mid twenties but he also had his crown receding. It all only worsened as years passed but Paulo wasn’t to postpone things for much longer.

His hair loss case of diffused loss rather than a typical male pattern alopecia sets him apart from most other celebrities. Read on to find out what he decided to do next.

paulo costa - hair transplant before and after

Did Paulo Costa Get A Hair Transplant?

In June 2021 right in the midst of the global pandemic, Paulo thought it was a great opportunity to finally go get his hair transplant done. Mind you that as a professional fighter, he may have been on all sorts of supplements and secret health juices which may have affected his hair or accelerated the hair loss. Whatever his condition was, he hit the hair transplant clinic for a major procedure to fix his hair.

paulo costa - hair transplant before & after

Paulo Costa Before And After Hair Transplant

When we take a look at the photo evidence of Paulo Costa’s hair journey by evaluating photos taken prior to and following the hair transplant things get interesting. 3 to 4 months post hair transplant we don’t see a significant difference, to be honest. Given the amount of grafts transplanted on Paulo, one may even think that the transplant had failed, showing signs of lower than average graft survival.

However, starting from the 8th month post-transplant this all starts to change. Towards months 11 and 12 after his hair transplant, Paulo’s hair looks healthy and dense but not to the point where we can wholeheartedly say that the change has been fantastic.

It’s much better than before for sure but anyway, scroll down and keep reading for our extended professional opinion on this.

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

In order to comprehend the scope of Paulo Costa’s hair restoration we need to examine the important data, such as the number of implanted grafts. This not only helps to clarify the scope of the process but also the cost.

To be perfectly honest, it’s surprising to see that Paulo was put through an around 4000 grafts procedure which is a lot. The work that was done is seen mostly on his hairline, on top of his head, and on the crown area. We also see that at least three-quarters of total hair grafts are concentrated in the frontal section, whereas his crown was fed a few hundred grafts to thicken up.

paulo costa - hair transplant before after result

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant?

He chose to get it done in his native Brazil by Dr. Pablo Matos Milhomem and in fact, it was the physician who spilled the beans first on Instagram with a post that thanked Paulo Costa for his trust.

How Much Did It Cost?

For a hair transplant, Brazil is not the cheapest (nor the most hyped) place to start with but if Paulo could not afford it, who can? Cost per graft on average at a decent registered clinic in Brazil will start at $2 and up. Paulo’s surgeon does not seem to be someone who charges the lower end so it is safe to say that the MMA Fighter received a final bill of around $10,000 or more.

If you aren’t keen to spend this amount of money at a surgery in Brazil, read on to learn about a sea of possibilities. If you’re thinking about getting a hair transplant, it’s important that you know your options.

paulo costa hair transplant before and after result

Where Should You Go For The Best Hair Transplant?

What we hope to do is to provide insightful information for anyone thinking about getting a successful hair transplant done safely and for the best possible price. Statistically, all roads lead to Istanbul, Turkey when it comes to best place for hair transplant.

Attracting patients from all over the world, a staggering 200k hair transplant patients travel from abroad to Istanbul per year for a hair transplant.

Dr. Gary Linkov, a prominent hair transplant surgeon based in the US has a whole YouTube video on why Istanbul is the place to get your hair back, despite having no professional affiliations in this city. He explains in plain language that there are clinics and medical teams of different levels and qualities in all countries including in the US.

We must add that it’s sad to see the numerous documentaries produced by British media channels and medical associations with the aim of making Istanbul sound like a shadowy destination. They base their built-up aggression about Istanbul’s thriving success on nothing but a lack of their own competitive advantage. Istanbul’s hair transplant success is nothing but the result of hard work, skill, and arbitrage advantage. Patients are free to go where they are treated best for the best possible price.

Why Istanbul Could Be The Best Option?

A huge attraction of Istanbul is that top hair transplant clinics in the city are highly organized and offer affordable hair transplant prices, including everything medically related to surgery, luxury accommodation, and VIP transfers. These top clinics also offer a free online initial consultation. It’s no surprise that UK clinics are unable to compete with the type of dedication and professionalism on offer in Turkey.

When you’re ready to book a free online session to get yourself started on your own hair transplant journey, try Heva Clinic. It will probably be the best ten minutes of your life, spent for your future.