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From a college dropout trying to make ends meet to an event photographer and freelance food critic, Majlak finally made it as a social media personality. Did we really need him in our lives? We obviously did because he has multi-millions of followers on his socials. He was also smart in his moves rising to fame and partnering up with people more prominent than him (yep, we’re talking about his bestie wrestler Paul Logan).

Well done to big Mike. People like him because he’s cute and real and strong and funny. As a vlogger he also isn’t afraid to put his experiences out there, sharing the fun times and the sour bites in his life. What we are interested in today is his somewhat recent hair transplant experience in Turkey. He just showed the world that he isn’t your average dude and won’t waste a good adventure go to waste.

Let’s therefore discuss a different angle of his achievements; the hair transplant to see if he joined celebrities with hair transplants.

mike majlak hair transformation

Mike Majlak’s Hair Loss

Nope, big Mike is not your average Joe. He has no intention of turning into the average Joe with a receding hairline either. He is the traveling, open minded version of your friendly, everyday American buddy. We reckon this is one of his top qualities which also provides unexpected and authentic context to his line of work.

But yeah, big Mike had a receding hairline and he was conscious about it. In fact, he first started thinning on his crown in his late twenties before there was any sign of the frontal receding. Given his age (now 39), it held up alright. But you know like every man in this world, he was tired of stressing out about when he’d go visibly bald.

The measure he decided to take about his diminishing hairline also shows that he’s a person of logic. Let’s take a look at what he actually did to recover his hair, where, and all other juicy (and useful) details.

mike majlak - hair transplant before and after

Did Mike Majlak Get A Hair Transplant?

Long story short; he not only got a successful hair transplant result but he flew all the way to Turkey to get it. It’s not like he can’t afford to hit the top hair transplant clinic in LA where he lives. This is a man who doesn’t even fly First Class, he jumps in a private jet usually with his buddy Paul Logan. And this makes it all the more interesting for all of us to figure out why he chose Istanbul out of all places.

mike majlak hair transplant before after result

Mike Majlak Before And After Hair Transplant

Big Mike was at stage 3 leaning toward stage 4 on the Norwood scale of baldness prior to his hair transplant. His frontal temples were also receding quite deeply which in most cases can happen at a frightening speed.

Mike was honestly worried about the state of his hair but still, he did not think LA clinics deserved their pricetags when it comes to cosmetic procedures. LA is a high-end destination for pretty much anything let alone a hair transplant but Mike looks at things differently, and you should too.

Three weeks through the transplant, we see a completely healed scalp with no signs of a shaved FUE surgery day head. Just a few months post his hair transplant in Turkey we see him with amazing improvement. One year through, zero signs of a cosmetic intervention and he has a natural-looking, artfully designed hairline taking him back to his early thirties.

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

Mike spilled the news himself on a YouTube vlog that he had 4500 grafts transplanted on him, which isn’t a small number. In his case, his hairline was remade, filled in and he was also provided with extra density on his crown area.

This type of graft count means a full day at the clinic especially if the FUE technique was used. In Follicular Unit Extraction, hair grafts are extracted and transplanted one by one, so it is, therefore, labor-intensive and time-consuming. At the same time, this technique results in excellent natural outcomes and heals pretty fast.

mike majlak hair transplant before & after

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant?

Where logic, reason, warm hospitality, quality, and a fair price tag meet = Istanbul, aka the best hair transplant place to go We always advise you to do your research and choose wisely because not all hair transplant clinics in Istanbul are the same. But the destination has made itself a name for a solid reason; it’s just unbeatable in harmony and perfection. Practice makes perfect and Turkey keeps its stand as the cult destination for the most successful hair transplants and a seamless journey throughout.

How Much Did It Cost?

For decades, most people assumed that the main attraction and reason behind Turkey’s success as the number one hair transplant destination was the competitive pricing. While the country does offer unbeatable offers for top-quality hair transplants, it is because Turkey is a cheap country where you can have an all-inclusive holiday at a 5-star beach resort for a whole week for € 349 when booked ahead.

In terms of a top-quality hair transplant at a reputable clinic today, just know that the competitive price actually includes your luxury accommodation and transfers in a very comfortable vehicle.

Also know that usually, the graft count plays the biggest role when it comes to the final bill. In Mike’s case, he says his hair transplant in Turkey cost him $2000 but he may have been invited over by the clinic at a promo-influencer price. The industry average for 4500 grafts (which is a lot) should cost around $5000 even at Istanbul prices in a decent clinic and we would not go near anywhere that agreed to do it for $2000. This can be the price tag for a 1500 graft hair transplant which is what most patients get.

mike majlak - hair transplant before and after result

Where Should You Go For The Best Hair Transplant?

Big Mike has quite a few videos on his YouTube channel about his personal hair transplant journey in Turkey so make sure to watch them as part of your research homework. As always, you should do your own research and try to find others who had it done, leave no questions unanswered, and use the opportunity to book free online consultations with hair transplant clinics.

Meanwhile, remember that what satisfied Mike may not be the right choice for you. While you can rest assured Istanbul is statistically the top destination with very high chances of getting the best possible hair transplant, it is important that you feel at ease with the clinic and team of your choice.

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