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Essex born Lee Mead has most certainly a gifted persona that shines on stage every time. His talent exceeds the glittering world of musical theater as an actor, performer, and singer.

As expected, he’s blessed with an infectious charisma to do all that he does. Part of this charisma came with his lush, naturally curly hair and he once had plenty of it. He’s one of those loved celebs identified with a bouncy, full head of hair as his trademark out of all things.

Recently, we’ve witnessed a remarkable and positive transformation as his diminished hair density made a full and robust return. And this could only mean one thing: A Hair Transplant!

Is it really the case that he went under the knife to get a hair transplant done? If yes, where and when? How much did it cost? Is it safe to get a hair transplant? We will be answering all of these questions and more!

Let’s see if Lee Mead is now part of the hair transplant celebrity club.

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Lee Mead’s Hair Loss

There isn’t really anything special about Mead’s experienced age and alopecia related hair loss. But what he says he didn’t realize until his head was shaved, was the severity of hair fall, especially in his crown area.

“I hide it really well but my crown and the centre top part of my head were receding quite a lot,” he said in an interview.

In January 2023, at Istanbul airport, he posted a picture that made him nearly unrecognizable with a shaved head, a remarkable departure from his iconic curly black hair…

Why Has Lee Mead Had A Hair Transplant?

“I was receding and it was affecting my confidence a bit” he says in another TV interview. It isn’t hard to guess all the reasons leading him to a hair transplant in search of a permanent solution.

Mead is a man who takes his appearance seriously, as well as a well-known actor, recognized for his abundant, curly black hair. As a famous person, he is constantly in the public eye. We say that it’s possible that British humor and their love of juicy criticism may have also influenced his decision.

What’s important here is his satisfaction with the results. Let’s find out.

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Lee Mead Before And After Hair Transplant

Lee also confessed that although there’s nothing inherently wrong with a bald appearance, he personally wasn’t fully prepared for that look just yet.

Nevertheless, he decided to go full public about it, posting pictures straight from the hair transplant clinic in Istanbul on his social media accounts.

I was a bit nervous about being public about it but to own that and to feel confident is a good thing,” he says.

Looking fantastic is never the case straight after a hair transplant, but 6 to 12 months through the post-op healing, it definitely is. Today, Lee Mead looks nothing like the picture he posted from Istanbul with scabs on his head. He’s off to new ventures in his career and private life with re-emerging fresh curls and bold confidence.

On another note, we are sure a huge difference has been made by Mead’s story for others who are thinking about a hair transplant. Never waste a good hair transplant story because the whole world may appreciate for sharing it openly.

Lee Mead hair transplant before after result

Where Did Lee Mead Get His Hair Transplant

So, Lee revealed only after his second hair transplant that he had another one back in the old days. We suspect it must have been a FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction) around the years 2008-2009 and was kept as a classified secret no one knew about.

His January 2023 hair transplant procedure, however, was publicized by him in every detail, including the location. Mead posted evidence from the Hair of Istanbul clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. This time, his whole head was shaved and the surgeon chose to use the FUE (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method.

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When Did Lee Mead Have The Hair Transplant?

In early 2023, Lee Mead underwent his second and most famous hair transplant, with the first occurring in 2008 or 2009. In a January 2023 revelation, Lee Mead surprised everyone with his decision to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey, which led to him shaving off his legendary bouncy waves just to grow much thicker ones.

After his procedure in Istanbul, he stayed for a few more days to ensure proper after-care, and he was highly impressed by the quality of service. It’s not only a brave, wonderful story but also proves top-notch hair transplants can be affordable.

How Many Grafts Did Lee Mead Get in Turkey?

Your surgeon will surely explain this to you but one factor to take into account is that not all transplanted hair grafts will survive the transplantation process. There is typically a certain percentage of grafts that may not take, and this can vary from person to person.

Lee Mead’s surgeon seems to have done a good job when transplanting 2500 grafts on him. An experienced surgeon will accuretly calculate how many hair strands you have in one graft on average along with graft survival rates when planning the hair transplant.

How Much Did Lee Mead Pay For His Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant’s total cost is mostly determined by its “cost per graft.” Based on the total quantity of hair grafts required for the procedure, this essential element establishes the entire cost.

The cost per graft can be greatly impacted by the transplantation technique selected, with FUE frequently costing more because of its labor-intensive nature. On top of that, the experience and reputation of the surgeon or clinic affect the cost per graft.

In Lee Mead’s case, he told BBC Essex that “the treatment was at least three times cheaper than in the UK“. Despite this fact, it wouldn’t be fair to claim that a famous actor, with a minimum net worth of $8 million, made his transplant location decision solely based on cost.

Keep reading to find out how you can receive an accurate estimate that is customized to your own hair loss situation.

lee mead hair transplant before & after

Considering A Hair Transplant? This Is What You Need To Do To Achieve Better Results Than Lee Mead!

When you are ready to repair your confidence and reverse hair loss, it will be a good idea to opt for a trustworthy clinic that offers a complimentary online consultation to begin your journey.

You may look into the skill and level of expertise of surgeons, go through patient testimonials, and ask questions during your online consultation. Feel free to check if the clinic is able to organize accommodation and local transfers for you so that you can focus on your hair transplant. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask about their proficiency in minimally invasive techniques, expected recovery times, and the solutions they offer for achieving a natural appearance.

Taking these steps will empower you to make an informed decision about your own hair transplant journey.

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