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Did you know that Ben Stokes’ red hair is a distinctive trait found in less than 2% of the global population? However, beyond its rarity, Ben Stokes not only belongs to the rare category of redheads but also to the most exceptional league of top cricket players.

This presents a great opportunity to cherish his efforts in raising awareness about mental health issues related to hair loss. Our goal here is to spread stories of successful hair transplants among celebrities like Stokes, underlining their importance in positively influencing others whose voices are not heard.

Let’s see the how, where, and when of Ben Stokes’ hair transplant journey to decide if he has really joined the Celebrity Hair Transplants club.

ben stokes hair transformation

Did Ben Stokes Have A Hair Transplant?

Stokes decided to go to a popular hair transplant clinic in 2018. He did not hide the hair transplant procedure from friends or family but he was a little reluctant to scream about it to the general public at first.

When he speaks about it now, it’s wonderful how much he has internalized it and the fact that hair loss is a natural process that just happens as a result of aging.

Like most of you who work full time to make a living, Stokes’ biggest issue before the hair transplant was to make the time for it. Other than that, there wasn’t a specific trigger for his decision. He is just a wise man who wants to maintain and add to what he has.

ben stokes hair transplant before and after

Ben Stokes Before The Hair Transplant

With a life full of success, Ben is the recipient of the 2019 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award, the Player of the Match accolade in the ICC Cricket World Cup final in 2019, and the author of several inspirational books.

It is no wonder he speaks a very educated language, able to express himself and his early concerns about one day losing his hair. He confesses that he was worried about hair loss as early as age 18 when he still had no signs of it.

It’s somewhat heartwarming that the first thing he used to pay attention to when watching himself on TV was how his hair looked like. “Cricket players have a hair disadvantage due to the angle cameras aim at the cricket field bowl,” he says in an interview.

Ben thinks that a hair transplant was a huge thing to make a decision about before whereas today it’s no longer a stigma.

He decided to finally opt for the procedure at age 27 to add more density before it was “too late”. This reminds us of preventive medicine and how much sense it makes…

ben stokes hair transplant before after result

Ben Stokes’ New Hair

Ben not only looks fantastic post-hair transplant with amazing hair density but he also is an exceptional example to many. He actually had his hair transplant before experiencing any noticeable hair loss, so as to not suffer from certain negative feelings.

“Hair loss and hair transplants are usual topics to talk about among professional cricket players today,” Ben says. We understand that almost all players experience some degree of hair loss and those who haven’t yet had a hair transplant ask the hair transplant club members about their experience.

The positive difference is still quite noticeable when we gather Ben Stokes’ pictures before and after 2018 but what’s most remarkable is his approach to hair transplants.

Where Did Ben Stokes Get His Hair Transplant?

A popular choice among high net worth individuals in the UK is the Wimpole Hair Clinic, where Ben Stokes also went to get his hair transplant procedure done. We must add that back in 2018 there weren’t too many quality clinics to choose from.

Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic has branches all over the UK with six different surgery locations along with four pre/post operation consultation centers.

Anyhow to get to the point, you have more choices than costly UK hair transplant clinics when it comes to getting a top-quality hair transplant done. Keep reading to find out where and how.

How Many Grafts Did Ben Stokes Get for His Hair Transplant?

Stokes’ blond hair transplant results aren’t as visible as others who have a darker hair color. Stokes’ surgeon has successfully filled in his crown area while strenghtening his hairline with 2000 grafts extracted from elsewhere on his scalp.

Call it an early intervention if you will but the smart move will pay off later in his life while Ben Stokes enjoys the confidence that comes with having a full head of hair.

ben stokes hair transplant before and after

How Much Did Ben Stokes Pay For His Hair Transplant?

A Ben Stokes hair transplant picture appears as soon you open Wimpole Clinic’s website. We also see Stokes promoting the procedure at this particular clinic, so it’s possible that he has a collaboration or a pro-bono deal with this hair transplant center. Nevertheless, they’ve done a good job.

As mentioned earlier this is a premium hair transplant clinic regardless of how much Ben Stokes may (or may not have) paid. This means that if you’re not a major influencer or a celebrity, you better prepare your stacks of cash. If you don’t want to spend a fortune and get even better results than Ben Stokes, you may want to consider getting a hair transplant in a diffrenet country.

ben stokes hair transplant before and after result

Ready For Your Own Hair Transplant? Contact Us To Reach Beyond Ben Stokes’ Results!

The thing with hair transplants is that the quality of hair is provided by you. The hair transplant clinic and surgeon you chose will determine the caliber of the procedure along with a natural finish.

Here, we want to touch base on the difference between a high-end hair transplant (cost-wise) and a fairly priced hair transplant as this is a topic that often causes confusion. The naked truth is that a cost-effective hair transplant can be just as good (if not better) than a hair transplant performed at some posh clinic in a high-cost city.

Let’s also distinguish an affordable hair transplant from an overly discounted back-alley hair transplant as the latter carries a high risk in pretty much every aspect. You should never risk your health to save a few hundred bucks, ever.

If you don’t have the spare cash to spend on an expensive London clinic, all you need to do is think differently. There are many ways to run a background search on the reputation and results of a good and affordable hair transplant clinic. Thanks to the lower hair transplant costs, Turkey stands out as a logical choice.

Heva Clinic in Istanbul for instance not only stands out with their hair transplant results but also with the quality of patient care provided. Like the top few hair transplant facilities in Turkey, they design seamless journeys for international patients in return for unmatched rates.

If you want to be like Ben Stokes but not spend as much, book your online consultation right now to find out what’s on offer. Who knows… everything you want may be on the other side of the call but if you never try you’ll never know.