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George Groves was introduced to boxing at an early age. His transformation from an amateur to a top-tier fighter is indeed inspirational through a thriving professional career that includes World Titles.

Beyond Saint George’s outstanding accomplishments, George Groves has made significant contributions to the boxing sport. He is renowned for his dedication to coaching and mentoring upcoming fighters. His knowledge and insights have influenced how British boxing will develop in the future.

In late 2022, his appearance underwent a significant transformation, and we’re not just referring to the change in his weight. There is global curiosity about the return of his hair, and that’s the topic we want to explore in-depth today.

Did the “Saint” join celebrities with hair transplants? Has he addressed it openly, or is he still maintaining a tough image? What’s the update on his past hair loss issues? If you want to discover answers to these questions and understand how you can benefit from his story, be sure to read all the way to the end.

george groves - hair transformation

George Groves Hair Loss

To begin, let’s first get the diagnosis right. What led to the noticeable hair loss and receding hairline in our tough Saint? Well, it is nothing but the common condition of androgenetic alopecia, another name for male pattern baldness. It is a very common disorder that affects a large percentage of the male population.

Male pattern baldness in men typically follows a predictable pattern of hair loss, more often than not starting with a receding hairline (similar to George’s experience) and advancing to hair thinning at the crown. This progression can eventually lead to more extensive balding.

The primary factors behind male pattern baldness are genetics and hormones, notably the hormone DHT. As DHT levels increase, it can cause hair follicles to shrink, leading to the production of shorter and finer hairs. Eventually, these hair follicles may become dormant, resulting in permanent hair loss.

There is currently no known cure for this condition but this doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed, because, just look at George now!

george groves hair transplant before and after

Did George Groves Have A Hair Transplant?

When asked, it is said that George Groves responded that he likes to reinvent himself every few years like Madonna. He added that his new hair isn’t a hairpiece and that he grew it himself.

Because we all know that the only way he can grow it himself is after going through a hair transplant procedure, the answer is affirmative, and he did have a hair transplant. That’s what the results and his new hairline scream as well.

george groves - hair transplant before and after result

George Groves Before And After Hair Transplant

Up until he turned 30 (and retired from boxing), Groves had all the typical signs of male pattern baldness with a deep widow’s peak, a thinning crown, and weak hair overall. His remaining hair looked quite dull too so he started shaving. While such signs are not uncommon for individuals in their thirties, his condition would likely have deteriorated if he hadn’t chosen to undergo a hair transplant.

Call it his “retirement hair” if you will but Groves most definitely looks much younger after his fantastic (and silent) decision to undergo a hair transplant. It looks like he got a FUE procedure done in which hair strands are harvested together with the hair roots and transplanted individually. This provides the surgeon with the flexibility to design a more natural-looking hairline and fill in the different sections to achieve the desired density.

George Groves’ hair quality and hair fall speed don’t look too promising though. We don’t want to break his heart but he most likely will need a follow up procedure every decade or so.

When Did George Groves Have His Hair Transplant?

It must have been sometime during the pandemic in 2020 or 2021. The reason why it’s hard to tell is because he is no longer an active boxer since January 2019 and does not appear much on screen.

george groves - hair transplant before and after

Where Did George Groves Get His Hair Transplant?

An unverified rumor circulates about a boutique hair transplant clinic with two locations in Manchester and London. While it remains unconfirmed, the clinic’s alleged treatment of former footballers in the past seems to have fueled the rumors.

How Much Did George Groves Pay For His Hair Transplant?

If Groves indeed underwent his hair transplant procedure in England, where hair transplant costs are known to be substantial, it likely came at a solid expense which can be considered a significant investment for most.

The cost of a hair transplant per graft in England is approximately $4. As a result, a 2,500 graft hair transplant would be priced at $10,000, while a 4,000 graft transplant would come with a cost of $16,000.

That’s the United Kingdom for you. This is why investing some time in researching high-end clinics that offer services at a fraction of UK prices can be a life-changing decision. All you need to do is to embark on a trip for a few days.

george groves - hair transplant before after result

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