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Offering viewers an appealing cocktail of good food, entertainment, and romance, Fred Sirieix reminds us about the joy that comes from sharing a meal while making meaningful connections.

With his charming French accent and screen charisma, Sirieix had a style transformation from casual and bald to elegantly dressed with grown hair. Moving towards a more mature and appropriate wardrobe for his age and image isn’t hard. But growing hair from what used to be a bald/shaved head is a detail that the whole world finds curious.

It all happened suddenly when he appeared with fully grown hair in a Christmas TV show back in 2021. Understandably, viewers started speculating about the bold change.

Sirieix said in an interview that some followers were sure that he had made a hair transplant trip to Turkey or started wearing a headpiece.

Let’s look into the details of his complete image transformation to find out about the truth. Has he joined other celebrities with hair transplants? Is it a wig? Let’s get it right!


Fred Sirieix’s Hair Loss

Having kept his hair at scalp length throughout decades, Fred got us all used to his never-changing bald look. We saw him with the same old bald head twenty years ago, fifteen years ago, and a decade ago up until 2021.

It is common for male professionals in the food scene to keep their heads shaved or very short. In a restaurant environment, cleanliness is extremely important. A shaved head reduces the risk of hair falling into food, which is essential for maintaining hygiene standards.

Shaved heads are also low maintenance. Sirieix started his TV career as a maître d’hôtel which means long work hours in hot and stressful conditions. A shaved head reduces grooming time and can be more comfortable. It is in fact a smart choice to bring forth authority and leadership, symbolizing focus, discipline, and a no-nonsense approach to his type of career. These practical and logical explanations are pretty much what’s behind decades of a very bald Fred Sirieix rather than hair loss.

fred sirieix hair transplant before and after

Has Fred Sirieix Had a Hair Transplant?

No, most likely he has not!

More often than not, no one in their right mind keeps a shaved head all the time without having a hair loss problem. But what do you know, Sirieix chose to do so. Not a man of surprises when it comes to his never changing hairstyle, Sirieix’s long hair came out of nowhere on one pleasant Christmas day.

When we see a bald person suddenly with hair, it’s a dramatic change so speculations started flying around about a hair transplant.

What’s funny is that it must have come as a shock to Sirieix himself, as the only person who knew that he had hair but he never grew it out.

fred sirieix - hair transplant before and after

Fred Sirieix Before and After Hair Transplant

Sirieix sets a fantastic example of how a hair transplant would make him look if he were bald. Because he was bald by choice, he just grew out his hair but the outcome is in fact very similar to a hair transplant in the way that the transplanted hair is your own to grow out.

The majority of people feel much better when they have hair and a hair transplant is pretty much the only viable solution for those suffering from hair loss. The dramatic change between shaved head Fred and grown hair Fred is what you get before and after a hair transplant.

There’s an 8 to 12-month recovery timeline after a hair transplant to see the final yield and a hundred percent of patients who underwent a successful hair transplant think it was worth the results.

Which Technique Could Have Been Used for His Hair Transplant?

Sirieix only used the “letting your hair grow when you still can” technique but jokes aside, hair transplant technology is quite advanced in 2024 and a single procedure can create wonders.

The method or the mix of techniques used in any given hair transplant procedure is determined after the patient’s consultation with a hair transplant specialist surgeon. This decision depends on different needs.

If you have a mild hair loss, your surgeon may opt for the DHI method whereas if you also need your hairline redesigned they may use the FUE method for unmatched precision.

The FUT method is when the surgeon makes a cut on the donor area to later use this harvest in recipient sections. The FUT scar remains on the back of the patient’s head forever but most people cover it up by keeping their hair at a medium length.

How Many Hair Grafts Would Have Been Implanted?

If Fred Sirieix was truly going bald with a receding hairline, naked temples, and an empty patch on his crown area, he would have needed a good number of grafts. It all depends on the type of density the patient wants and the realistic achievability of it. At the end of the day, the patient must have sufficient donor hair to be implanted elsewhere.

To provide real examples; if your only concern is your mild widow’s peak and you want your temples to be filled in, it may translate into 1500 grafts.

Add a denser and stronger hairline to the above and the number will jump to 3000 grafts. If you add the crown area, we’re looking at a 4000 graft procedure.

fred sirieix - hair transplant before after result

Where Would Fred Sirieix Have Gotten His Hair Transplant?

Sirieix’s first reaction to the comments on his new hairstyle was; “It’s that everybody thinks I’ve got a toupee or I went to Turkey to get new hair”…

His words are proof that Turkey is associated with quality hair transplants and that that’s probably where he would go.

This fact does not only apply to him. Thanks to the high quality and lower hair transplant prices in Turkey, many people choose Turkey for their hair transformation.

Does Fred Sirieix Use a Hair Piece?

Sirieix’s best kept secret was that he actually had hair of his own. In 2021, Fred became the style ambassador of a UK male clothing brand and sort of re-invented his style. He grew out his own hair and does not wear a hairpiece.

fred sirieix - hair transplant before and after result

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