cesc fabregas hair transplant analysis

While beloved by fans, some celebrities and famous sportspeople choose discretion, keeping the details of their personal growth and transformation under wraps. With a crazy number of football stars opting for a hair transplant every day, we give you the details of their hair transformation stories one by one.

Today, it is Cesc Fabregas’ turn. Stay tuned as we uncover how he recovered from hair loss and which steps he followed to have more hair today than he ever had in the past.

Let’s lift the lid to see whether Cescy has followed in the footsteps of other famous footballers who have undergone a hair transplant.

Make sure to read till the end to discover how celebrity hair transplant stories can benefit your own transformation.

cesc fabregas - hair transformation

Cesc Fabregas’ Hair Loss

Once upon a time at the beginning of his football career, Captain Cesc did have an abundance of hair, as we all do when we’re young. He stepped into professional football at age 16 with the typical hair abundance of a teen. As years passed, Fabregas almost became a distorted version of himself in the hair department.

Once rocking healthy, long hair, his Captain version suffered from an old and tired looking appearance because of the hair loss. The cheering fact is that Cescy also noticed the change and did not give up on his hair.

We ask ourselves the same question every day; why would anyone live with the psychological distress of hair loss, when it can easily be reversed? Keep scrolling down to find out how Cescy brought his youth back into his life.

cesc fabregas hair transplant before and after

Has Cesc Fabregas Had A Hair Transplant?

Well, just comparing the Captain’s past and present, the change is such a colossal one that even his grandma must have noticed from a mile away.

To start with; take notice of how his entire hairline has changed in shape so yes, he did have a hair transplant, and a very good one. Backing clues are also plenty; his hairline wasn’t only reshaped but was also brought forward, there’s added density, and the thickness is just perfect.

cesc fabregas hair transplant before after result

Cesc Fabregas Before And After Hair Transplant

When we look at Cescy’s images from a decade ago, we can’t help but wonder what he would look like now, if he had not had a hair transplant. It’s too heartbreaking even just to imagine.

The more time passes after his hair transplant, the better and stronger his hairline looks. That’s exactly what we want to see following a top quality hair transplant. Fabregas practically reinvented his image just by undergoing a hair transplant.

How Many Grafts Did He Get Transplanted?

Despite the wall of silencio on Spaniard Cescy’s hair transplant, we can comfortably count at least 2000 grafts on his hairline alone, if not more. To provide an easy to remember example, let’s keep the ceiling on 2000 grafts and do the calculus.

If he had the time in his busy schedule back then to spend a quality weekend in Istanbul, Fabregas would have paid $2500 for a top quality hair transplant of 2000 hair grafts. Just a reminder that there is more than one hair root in one graft, so 2000 grafts translate into 4000 to 5000 individual hairs.

If Fabregas had his hair transplant procedure where we think he had, he must have paid a staggering $10,000 at the least.

Read below to find out where that is.

cesc fabregas -hair transplant before and after result

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant?

Fabregas was playing for Chelsea when we think he got his hair transplant done and thus, London makes sense as his hair transplant destination of choice.

He was just paid a hefty amount for the transfer, so Fabregas’ London hair transplant may not have hurt him back then. However, no one gets a hair transplant done in London in 2024. It literally is the priciest city in that regard.


Which Other Football Players Had A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is probably the most popular procedure footballers have ever lined up for. Soccer players of all ages and famous names who are now managers have undergone one or more hair transplant procedures.

It may be true that hair transplants had a much higher trust score among footballers after Jurgen Klopp and Andros Townsend’s fascinating transformations. Rob Holding, Aubameyang, David Silva, Ter Stegen, Antonio Conte, and Sadio Mane are only a few among hundreds of football players with a hair transplant.

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