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Who doesn’t love an AKON with his recently restored hairline? Finally, the conversation around the talented singer shifted from his polyamorous private life to something more productive; his hair transformation!

What sets AKON apart in the world of music business is that he understands how money works. It’s always unfortunate to see celebrities who earn big bucks drawning in debt or fall victim to a rug-pull orchestrated by their accountant or manager. On that note, for most celebrities, aesthetic procedures are a large part of their reinvestment in themselves and thus, in their career. They do this to stay fresh and relevant.

Among signs of aging, hair loss is probably the one thing that makes us look much older than we actually are. Hair loss is not specific to celebrities and it differs from other cosmetic alterations in a distinct manner since hair transplant operations are much more affordable than the rest of aesthetic operations, not to mention, less complicated and much faster to heal.

With all these in mind, let’s see what wisdom we can extract from AKON’s hair transplant. Did he join celebrities with hair transplants?

.Let’s dive in!

akon's hair transformation

Akon’s Hair Loss

Born to Senegalese parents, AKON is lucky to have been raised in a very musical family. His father Mor Thiam is a renowned percussionist and his mother is a retired dancer. What AKON hasn’t been lucky in, is his hair genes.

It caught our attention that AKON always kept a short and well-groomed hairstyle. He avoided long hair or braided styles, unlike many other black celebrities. Despite the care, he started losing his hair, with a concentration on his hairline.

AKON’s hair loss wasn’t all that noticeable up until his forties, so it actually held up for a long time. However, let’s remember that hair loss may come late for some but occurs in a short period of time.

By the time AKON was 45 years old, he had severe hairline recession and it wasn’t going away.

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Did Akon Get A Hair Transplant?

Most non-surgical hair replacement therapies are newly found technologies, they also won’t provide the same results as a hair transplant.

It is unclear if AKON first opted for LLLT or hair PRP sessions first. These are costly investments that require the patient to be consistent and have no result guarantee.

What we do know about AKON is that he underwent a proper hair transplant in 2019. Scroll down to learn about the juicy details of his successful hair transplant.

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Akon Before and After Hair Transplant

As we mentioned, AKON was heavily receding on his hairline before he opted for a hair transplant. It’s great that he recognized his need for positive transformation.

Fast forward to 2020, AKON’s new hair makes it look as if nothing happened.

His post-transplant hairs have fully healed and grown. AKON’s hairline after the hair transplant matches that of his earlier years. A big issue that was bothering him deeply is resolved, and he now just goes about his day.

Where Did Akon Get His Hair Transplant?

You may not have heard of this but AKON is very good in financial management. Prior to his singing career, he was a businessman and an investor in diamond mines. If you’re asking how this information relates to his choice of hair transplant location, think again. Money-smart people like AKON are the best performers in spotting great value.

AKON’s destination of choice for his hair transplant was Istanbul, a.k.a. the best city for hair transplant.

There’s some skepticism about this historical city becoming the stock exchange of hair transplants, but AKON’s reasons were simple. People with good investment insight always find it simple when in fact, important decisions require in-depth research.

akon - hair transplant before and after result

Who Did Akon’s Hair Transplant?

When you pay attention to nay-sayers about getting a hair transplant done in Istanbul, you’ll see that it’s the UK media and content creators mostly behind the nagging.

It’s almost like they’re running a campaign to drag hair transplants performed in Turkey down when Turkish surgeons are the most advanced and experienced in the field. The reason lies behind the cost of hair transplant. Western Europe and the US have higher price tags, so the best they can do is to create an illusion of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Regardless of the specific surgeon who is behind AKON’s hair transplant, your chances of getting a top-quality hair replacement in Istanbul are very high, given that you do your research homework.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

In the past five years or so, it has been mainly the Follicular Unit Extraction method that is widely used in afro-textred hair transplants.

This was also the technique used on AKON. The method allows the surgeon to work more precisely and to create a natural looking hairline that suits the patient’s features.

The FUE method is also convenient for hair transplant patients because of the favorable healing time.

Hair grafts are moved around one by one and thus, the tiny incisions heal in no time.

Of course, there will be patients who are better suited for a hair transplant performed with other methods such as DHI or FUT. Your hair transplant technique is not something you should be deciding about on your own. It is a medical decision taken by your surgeon and s/he may perform a combination of different techniques if necessary.

akon - hair transplant before and after

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

When we take a closer look at the work that’s been done on AKON, the main focus is on the reconstruction of his hairline. To achieve his current look, about an inch worth of hair grafts were added to his forehead and that’s roughly 3000 grafts.

Patients with afro-textured hair types are in a better place when it comes to hair transplants because afro hair provides wider coverage than straight hair. BUT, due to its extremely curly nature, afro hair must be handled only by surgeons who specialize in it to achieve the desired survival rate.

Planning To Have A Hair Transplant? Reach Us To Achieve Better Results Than Akon!

AKON mentioned his hair transplant in a number of interviews. He’s happy with the way it turned out and does not seem to care about social media critics trying to name and shame him as legoman.

If you are considering a hair transplant, the design of your hairline is something you need to work out together with your surgeon. It is a very personal decision and the surgical team at an experienced hair transplant clinic can guide you in the right direction.

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