Celebrity Dental Implants and Veneers Before and After

Altered confidence may hide a lot of components underneath in terms of how we wish to be perceived, and this isn’t any different for celebrities. They’re just much more in the public eye and have infinite resources to go through all of their aesthetic wish lists.

There’s one specific pattern though that we observe almost every (if not all) A-list celeb follow; the Hollywood smile dental makeover

The shape and make of our teeth, the way we are remembered in high school, is a distinct feature of our faces and smile. However, for those in show business, dental implants and dental veneers are almost a must-do.

We see that when it comes to getting blinding perfect teeth, looking natural isn’t really a major concern because the Hollywood smile is in fact quite an unnatural one. Celebrities with full dentures are therefore extremely common and that’s exactly the topic we want to dig into today.

Without further due, let’s take a look at the before and after appearances of some of the most talked about celebs to analyze it all more closely.

Freddie Freeman - Dental Veneers Before & After

Freddie Freeman

Now 33 years old, Californian baseballer Freddie Freeman has a gorgeous baseball swing, and his teeth are also just right. Looking at Freddie’s before and after photos, it’s possible to see a significant difference in his smile.

Dental veneers are ceramic or porcelain coatings that are applied to a tooth in dentistry to enhance smile aesthetics and safeguard the teeth from surface-level harm. That is exactly why a pro sportsperson opts for veneers.

Thumbs up to Freeman for his iconic big, bold, full set smile whenever possible. He must have long discovered that a positive attitude is good for health and motivating fans.

Katie Holmes - Dental Veneers Before & After

Katie Holmes

Earlier commitment pressures in her life may have led Katie Holmes to drag down a bit but her natural teeth before she got the veneers done weren’t to blame. Her natural teeth had character but she decided to go for a feel-good veneer correction anyways. Luckily, her dentist did not ruin the natural structure of her teeth, just straightened it all up for a more even proportion.

Her pre-veneers look revealed her delicate soul more baldly, while the straightened veneers make Katie look more comfortable with a bigger, bolder smile every time she’s photographed.

Rebel Wilson - Crooked Teeth Dental Before & After

Rebel Wilson

Our Aussie darling has had quite a dramatic change in all forms and shapes over the years. One of her best moves by far was to opt for a smile makeover. It’s said that since she had her crooked teeth fixed, she had some of her earlier pictures removed from the internet. Who are we to blame to want a great smile when she’s a comedian? A reflection of who we are and who we want to become has a lot to do with how we feel after all.

Jim Carrey - Dental Before & After Chipped Teeth

Jim Carrey

The funny and distinct face of Hollywood used his characteristic front teeth for many years to his advantage until perhaps he had already marked his name in world archives.

At some stage, he even had the dental bonding substitute he had on his front teeth removed to get the chipped look again.

Now aged 60, Carrey is looking great with natural looking implants and veneers that do not take away from how the public got to know him in the first place.

Dental veneers can stop tooth discoloration and are the recommended choice for a bold smile.

Hilary Duff - Dental Before & After

Hilary Duff

Duff built a reputation for herself as young as a teenager by turning into the sweetheart of other young girls. Never failing to remain as a great role model, the Texan has chosen to opt for veneers much whiter than her natural tooth color but they suit her very well nevertheless.

Veneers are more resistant to deterioration and discoloration than natural teeth. Since Hilary’s natural teeth had no aesthetic problems of shape, her transformation is mainly about locking in a bright, confident smile that is stain free at all times. Makes sense to us.

Tom Cruise - Dental Work Before & After

Tom Cruise

The never-getting-old face of Hollywood, perhaps with the help of his proportions, has so far managed to stay healthy and fit. He does have quite a few aesthetic interventions performed on him though and that includes dental implants and veneers.

Looking good but far from natural, we must say that his front teeth are too large. He may have made this choice to look more masculine though. From a dental health perspective, dental veneers appear and feel authentic and can cover stains, chipping, and gaps. We’re more than sure that Tom Cruise must have done his research on that.

Kirsten Dunst - Dental Before & After

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten’s case is one of those situations where the smile makeover only added to her talent and confidence. She was reminded, if not pressured, from an early age to get a smile alteration. Her uneven front teeth and somewhat cutie-vampire looks didn’t get in the way of fame though.

She resisted for a very long time getting veneers done and it seems that she dominated her dentist to keep them as natural as possible. In a line of work where talent must be matched with extreme beauty and perfection, Kirsten deserves a standing ovation for resisting the Hollywood norms of beauty.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Dental Before & After

Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite being a celeb, Ronaldo did not make his fame or fortune based on his looks. He is considered a distinct talent in the world of football and also one who has been gradually looking better over time.

Christiano Ronaldo constitutes a very bold example of how greatly designed veneers can alter one’s looks three levels up. From weak looking uneven teeth with gaps in between to his current state with his dental makeover, Ronaldo most definitely deserves looking and feeling his best version. Important to note that veneers and dental implants are an essential part of mouth health other than providing altered looks.

Morgan Freeman - Dental Before & After

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman must be the longest-standing majestic actor to go with a chaotic, crowded set of his own natural teeth for as long as he could, until he got dental implants and veneers.

We love him so much that it’s only after seeing him with dentally altered looks that we notice the relief. He looks so much better, healthier, younger, happier and just amazing with properly aligned and stainless teeth. It’s almost like a magical smile that brightens up the day!

Ed Helms - Dental Missing Teeth Before & After

Ed Helms

The legendary act of the movie Hangover who has scenes with a missing tooth has an interesting but common story about his dental health. One of his front teeth (the one missing in the movie) has in fact never developed for which he had to get a dental implant from an early age. He then had it temporarily removed for the movie scene.

Dental implants don’t just provide convenience or an improved appearance but are a necessity most of the time to replace removed or missing teeth.

Jojo Siwa - Dental Before & After

Jojo Siwa

The youngest on our list of celebs, it’s sad to say that Jojo appeared with veneers way too large, unnaturally white and probably way too early in her life on a 2021 music awards red carpet.

By just looking at a couple of her post-veneer pictures we can sadly say that she looks nothing like herself and the veneers are just poorly made. It may have been a decision made under the influence of everyone else in a sparkly world of unicorns. Looking at the bright side though, veneers prevent discoloration and aremore than just an accessory to keep a healthy mouth.

Cheryl Cole - Dental Before & After

Cheryl Cole

Our petite Brit sweetheart had a somewhat pretty but uneven tooth structure before she went ahead and got herself a bolder, cleaner statement smile.

As adorable as her natural teeth looked prior to visiting the dentist, the dental work transformed her from cute to sexy. It’s almost like she left the darling phase behind, upgrading into womanhood.

Dental veneers are a long-term solution for teeth whitening and are more durable than our natural teeth. Cheryl therefore made a wise investment not only for her looks but also for her health.

Bee Gees - Dental Before & After

Robert Gibb (Bee Gees)

Ultra-famous at a distant time in history, the only living member of the band Robert Gibb is rocking his veneers at the age of 76. The trio made of brothers and famous with friendly smiles has now only left the last Bee Gee Barry behind, who continues to produce music.

In fact, he had a remarkable performance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2017 where his dental implants and veneers were the most visible in front of millions watching across the globe.

Demi Moore - Dental Before & After

Demi Moore

Unbelievable when we look at her today, Demi Moore is now 60 years old and still smokin’ hot! Open about the numerous aesthetic surgeries she has had along the way, she’s like a walking billboard that screams no pain-no gain.

Among her aesthetic touches, the most naïve is probably her dental work. Aware that a radiant smile rips many years off someone’s age, she was able to brighten her smile and look her best by opting for veneers.

Demi Moore’s teeth were nicely lined however dull before getting her latest veneers, which is a common occurrence as we get older. Post-veneers, she’s probably the best looking 60 year old in the whole entire world!

Zac Efron - Dental Before & After

Zac Efron

Like the majority of celeb actors, the professional showman is seen with an upgraded appearance over the years despite aging. Not that he’s old and there’s nothing wrong with spending his hard earned bucks in treatments, gym and veneers to look his best.

His prominence is still here and so is the closed gap between his front teeth. Owning one of the most admired smiles of Hollywood, getting suited and natural looking veneers must have been one of the best decisions he made in our opinion.

The Rock - Dental Before & After

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock is another celebrity blessed with characteristic and beautifully lined teeth. With a million dollar smile that makes billions laugh, his new smile makeover literally brightens up the screen.

Dental veneers sure play an important role in his phenomenal transformation. Dwayne Johnson’s smile is almost a trademark today and he deserves every bit of the compliment, praise and admiration. While taking good care of himself and his smile, he’s also known to be one to remind people of good dental care practices.

Celine Dion - Dental Before & After

Celine Dion

Portraying an unmatched voice and color of throat, Celine Dion certainly carved her name in the history of music with her talent. Considering how important dental health is to a world-famous singer, it didn’t take her long to get her crowded and uneven teeth corrected with veneers.

Dion was photographed with different looks over the years because earlier veneers did not last as long as what can be achieved with today’s quality. Aged 54 years, the Canadian star showcases a smile that suits her perfectly.

Megan Fox - Dental Before & After

Megan Fox

Even more gorgeous after she’s had full dentures done, the difference is usually between a lovely smile and a boldly feminine one when it comes to implants, veneers and smile makeovers.

Kudos to her dental aesthetician for the natural looking amazing teeth! The Hollywood smile really suits her much better than the uneven canines from before. She achieved a much fresher and bolder smile without looking unnatural.

Ben Affleck - Dentures Before & After

Ben Affleck

Who would have thought that the much sought-after, handsome actor once had small, gummy, crooked, uneven teeth… Affleck is a naked illustration of the ultimate positive effects of dental veneers. Apparently, Ben Affleck’s hair transplant and his great veneers can turn a person from unattractive to desirable.

Climbing up the fame ladder post dental improvements, bigger, longer and bolder veneers not only suited him but were made for him. Is it not a pleasure to look at his smile?

Gary Busey - Dental Before & After

Gary Busey

The Buddy Holly Story actor may have gotten his dental implants and veneers not only due to aging but because of an unfortunate car accident more than anything else. Since veneers quickly and aesthetically restore teeth, he seems to have opted for the best looking and most practical solution.

Gary’s bold and large veneers certainly match his outspoken personality and therefore in his particular case we are not comfortable analyzing his teeth based on pure aesthetics. They suit him well and that’s it.

Jennifer Garner - Dentures Before & After

Jennifer Garner

Finally rising above playing mundane characters halfway through her acting career, darling Jennifer used to be a cutie gummie. With a strong posture and sharp facial features, she is a great example of celebrities with full dentures who is looking her best while better showcasing her very pretty face.

From a technical perspective, her dental work is very close to perfection. It’s still her, still looking quite natural, just with a bolder and fuller smile. Requiring little upkeep, dental veneers are indeed the most convenient approach to pretty and healthy smiles.

Keith Urban - Dental Before & After

Keith Urban

In the beginning of his career, Australian singer Keith Urban had space between his two front teeth which gave him a distinctive look. Probably around the time he wed Nicole Kidman, the space got closed and his dentures became noticeably cleaner and healthier.

This distinction is notable because it wasn’t only the gap in his front teeth but also the visible stains along with some crooked teeth. He looks different from his earlier years with no reasonable explanation other than the dental veneer work performed on him.

Matthew Perry - Dental Smile Before & After

Matthew Perry

Labeled forever as Chandler from Friends, it is known to the public that Perry battled addiction and substance misuse while in the spotlight. Having left the unhealthy habits behind, Matthew Perry announced that he has a full mouth of brand new dental implants and veneers.

Having all of his teeth replaced rather recently, Matthew is now observed spreading a fresh breeze of white smiles more often than ever. Much suited to the actor who has been warming viewers’ hearts for decades.

Miley Cyrus - Dental Before & After

Miley Cyrus

Like most of us her age, Miley has had several dental treatments throughout her life varying from braces to root canal treatments. It is nearly impossible to make a distinction between dental treatments to determine if they are health related or aesthetic based. The reason for this is because even what we need to get is a simple tooth filling, we opt for a natural finish rather than an old fashioned silver fillings look.

Nevertheless, Miley has her upper chin lined with wonderful looking veneers that also prevent stains and protect her teeth.

George Clooney - Dental Before & After

George Clooney

Clooney is a fantastic example of the amazing results that can be achieved with dental veneers. It’s usually only after dental work or a smile makeover is done that we realize how yellow, worn, stained and cracked our natural teeth were before.

In Clooney’s case this is no different. His natural teeth backed him up a long way throughout his life and career. Even though he must have gone through teeth whitening procedures, he now looks so much fresher and clean-cut with whiter, prettier teeth that are very well done. The veneers were made very professionally, while the dentist kept the natural structure of his teeth.

Beyoncé - Dental Braces Before & After


Beyoncé is probably one of the most positive outlooked celebrities who smiles more often than not. She has naturally smaller built and gummy teeth which suit her. She may have had some work done on her teeth that is just corrective but it’s more about other non-invasive treatments on and around her lips that make her gums look less visible rather than serious dental work.

Getting rid of her dental braces when aged 30, the dental work she has done is a great example to a subtle, gradual and natural change over the years.

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