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The multi-talented rapper, songwriter, and actor who has been in entertainment for over a decade continues to make waves with his music, collaborations, and personal life. Tyga’s journey to success has not been without its fair share of controversies but we are here to focus on his journey of personal transformation to inhale the positive changes.

Like all celebrities of his scale, Tyga has also made headlines for his personal life. Other than his several high-profile relationships, he was most talked about a possible hair transplant everyone suspected about. When Nicki Minaj spilled the beans about Tyga’s hairline transformation on social media in a non-flattering manner, he came out and did the right thing by revealing the news: He had joined celebrities with a hair transplant!

Let’s take a look at what he has actually got done, where and how much to analyze if his hair transformation is a successful one.

Let’s analyze if James quietly joined celebs who had hair transplants.

If anything, Tyga got himself out of a low-income household after facing many challenges from a young age. Determined to pursue his passion for music, he was discovered by the record label Young Money Entertainment. This was a significant turning point in Tyga’s career and provided him with the platform he needed to showcase his experimental nature and introspective lyrics to the world.

Tyga remains one of the most successful and influential rappers of his generation. His music continues to inspire and resonate with fans all around the world, and he has shown time and time again that he is not afraid to take risks and push boundaries with his art. This means that he pretty much followed the same path when it comes to his personal and grooming choices.

Tyga Hair Transplant Before After Photo

When Did Tyga’s Hair Loss Start?

In reality, other than it is evident to the naked eye, Tyga has been upfront about his troubles with hair loss in the past. It seems like his hair loss started at a relatively young age. As rappers and most other entertainers do, he had been pulling off different looks by playing around with his hair color quite a bit, and guess what? Changing your hair color, just like relaxers, often damages your hair, thins it out, and may even cause chemical burns. Braids ain’t any good either on the long haul.

Not entirely blaming the love of hair chemicals, he most likely has a common condition called alopecia a.k.a. male pattern baldness which may have started as early as in his late teens or early twenties.

How Did Tyga Get His Hair Back?

One thing is certain, and that is the positive transformation this guy’s hairline has been through. It’s important to remember that a good hair care regimen is your friend for a lifetime regardless of a hair loss condition. For those suffering from hereditary alopecia, there are various treatments and remedies that individuals can use to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

These remedies may differ from essential oil scalp massage to medications such as minoxidil and finasteride. It is also crucial to note that a good and consistent hair care regimen may be helpful in addition to a hair transplant surgery.

This means that depending on your condition, your natural (not transplanted) hair fall may continue naturally even after having a hair transplant BUT altered states of happiness can be achieved with a high dose of TLC. This is how we think Tyga got his hairline back and how he is able to keep it via Afro-textured hair transplant operation.

Tyga Hair Transplant Before and After

Did Tyga Get A Hair Transplant?

Recipient area of Tyga's hair transplant

Yes, as we mentioned above, Tyga certainly admitted getting a hair transplant to treat his hair loss in an interview shortly after being sort of exposed by Nicki Minaj on social media in 2018. He was in fact caught up in a nasty argument between Nicki Minaj and her ex and things somehow got to Tyga having a hair transplant.

He responded in humor and explained that he had been losing hair for a while and had made the decision to do something about it. Good on him as an important figure in the eyes of many young fans.

Tyga Before And After Hair Transplant

Raise your hand if you love a receding hairline at a young age. Those who love a receding hairline at any age? Anyone? Well, it just makes us look older and worn out, doesn’t it…

Tyga’s hairline was simply nowhere to be seen, and certainly not where it was supposed to be. Having moved a few inches back, leaving a giant, shiny, empty forehead on stage, his before and after pictures show the dramatic positive transformation.

Hair Transplant Before and After Result Tyga

Which Technique Was Used?

Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is highly likely the method used on Tyga. This method requires each hair follicle to be removed one by one from the donor area which are then transplanted on the recipient region without shaving the donor area. In Tyga’s case, that’d be his forehead, and temples leaving him with a brand-new hairline with improved density.

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

It’s a hard one to nail due to the nature of his hair type as afro/curly hair covers wider area. When we look real close, it can confidently be stated that we’re talking nothing short of 2000 grafts if not more.

Post hair transplant Tyga switched from a Norwood scale 3 to a 0, and that’s quite a remarkable transformation usually achieved with at least 2000+ grafts. Just to clarify, one hair graft often holds more than one hair.

Who Was Tyga’s Hair Transplant Doctor?

Tyga promoted his hair transplant doctor and posted the contact information of hair transplant surgeon Dr. Craig Ziering right away when his secret was revealed online. Dr. Ziering has clinics in California, Las Vegas, and New York but Tyga was treated in his home town California.

Tyga’s doctor seems to handle a good amount of celebrities and got our attention for being brave enough to treat afro textured hair. Now, this is interesting because it is much more difficult in many ways to transplant textured hair. Most surgeons aren’t able to achieve the same success rates on their afro haired patients compared to those who have straight hair.

Tyga Hairline Before and After Hair Transplant

Was Tyga’s Hair Transformation Successful?

We can say it was definetely above average. His hairline has been lowered quite visibly in a very straight line. It is unknown whose decision this was but a more subtle and natural-looking hairline could certainly be on the cards in the hands of a different surgeon.

As a result, Tyga’s hair held up alright until now, which means that his body accepted the transplant. Considering that he is still somewhat young, he should be on a very strict hair care regimen for the rest of his life.

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Although we mostly hear and see hair transplant stories of celebrities, a considerable amount of everyday people have been frequenting hair transplant facilities in the past few years. It is great to see that the stigma and shame around getting something done surgically are quickly evaporating.

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