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Hair relaxers have been in use since the early 20th century and make life much more practical for those who are blessed with chaotic curly hair that is difficult to manage. However, these hair products consist of sophisticated ingredients that contain heavy chemicals. Unfortunately, they might damage our hair or even your scalp and cause hair loss if not used correctly and in moderation.

Potential hair loss due to relaxer

If you like relaxed hair, there are a few measures you could take to reduce the likelihood of hair loss due to relaxer and avoid any possible harm to your hair and scalp. The negative effects of hair relaxers are amplified when they are used incorrectly.

The ideal way is to have the therapy administered by a trained expert. If you decide to do it at home, just don’t use a relaxer on your hair that is unhealthy or if your scalp is already sensitive.

You should never keep a relaxer in your hair for longer than the prescribed period, and you should never leave a relaxer in your hair so long that may cause long-term tingling or burning.

Make every effort to protect from the chemicals to come into contact with your skin. Applying a layer of petroleum jelly to your scalp before administering the relaxer can help avoid hair loss due to relaxer use.

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Determining the cause of hair loss

It’s always a good idea to listen to the early signs of your body. First, you can have a look at our Afro Hair Types – The Complete Guide to find out your hair type.

If you are experiencing hair loss, it simply comes down to determining the actual reason for it, which may or may not involve the usage of a relaxer. Relaxers used professionally and at home may contain harsh chemicals to straighten the hair and keep it straight for a period of time. It’s crucial to remember that there are a variety of different causes and types of hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including hair breakage, inflammatory scarring alopecias, chronic inflammation-related hair loss, lack of nutrition, genetics and more. Some people are only affected by one type of hair loss while others have two or three, depending on their situation. So, let’s not blame relaxers right away!

For instance, scalp discomfort and long-term scalp tingling is an indication that the relaxer is causing harm to your hair and scalp. The chemicals might not be compatible with your skin. If you still keep the relaxer on even though you are experiencing discomfort and tingling, it’s an invitation for serious damage and burns.

You might get sores on your scalp following a relaxer session, in addition to the burning. That’s a severe situation that may result in infection or permanent hair loss due to relaxer use.

It’s best not to dye and relax your hair at the same time. Both your hair and scalp can be severely damaged by the combination of lye in relaxers and peroxide in hair color. Avoid relaxing your hair if your hair is already fragile, damaged, or bleached. Before you rest again, wait a few months to allow your roots to grow out.

On another note, every relaxer product and their pH level is different along with the appropriate time and instructions of use. Regardless though, no matter how long the chemicals are kept on your head, you may get sores as a result of a response to them. You might be allergic to the relaxer, or it could be of poor quality.

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What to do?

Our hair needs TLC to look and feel healthy even when not used chemicals or treated poorly. Your hair will need some lovin’ once it has been straightened. Handle it with care and extra hydration for your strands. Deeply conditioning your hair on a regular schedule will keep it moisturized.

Also, use heat styling equipment like flat irons and blow dryers sparingly. Applying heat to chemically treated hair might make it weaker and more prone to breaking. You should also avoid tight braids and ponytails that tug on your hairline. If you’re experiencing hair loss and fragility, you should consider making an appointment with a dermatologist, since hair loss due to relaxers can be complicated at times.

What Heva Clinic can do for you is:

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