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Fear of losing our hair is a very human feeling we all share. But it may be a bit more depressing for someone who has a top career in the entertainment scene.

Olly Murs’ story therefore resonates deeply as we strive to be better versions of ourselves each day. It’s an auto-response to protect what we have and mind you, we are living uninsured when it comes to our hair. There’s no guarantee that we wake up with the same amount of it the next day.

In our opinion, Mursy falls into the “proactive caretaker” category with his hair. This is a great approach for a celebrity rather than stressing out about getting bald and all your fans talking about it.

Let’s take a closer look at what Olly Murs has done to keep a perfect hairline over the years. Did he join the likes of the famous with hair transplants?

olly murs hair transformation

Olly Murs’ Hair Loss

Olly Murs managed to keep things young and fresh since he first appeared on The Voice. He has never made a statement out of his hair other than keeping it nicely pop-cultured.

In the past, he has had somewhat of a long hair style which provided him with an effortlessly cool talent image. His earlob length, blonde hair suited the piano exceptionally. But as the years passed, his hairline started losing its strength. This is nothing out of the ordinary, hairlines do this often as we age. What matters is the way we respond to solve the problem.

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Has Olly Murs Had A Hair Transplant?

For most male celebrities, openly talking about their hair transplant is not only great PR but also educational content for fans. And yet, there’s another group of celebs who opt for the subtle option and hope that their hair changes go unnoticed. Olly Murs is a member of the latter club who most likely had a hair transplant but hasn’t admit it officially.

Him keeping things quiet won’t stop us from analyzing his hair situation and we do this for the benefit of others who suffer from hair loss.

Evidence shows that Olly has been up to obsessive hair maintenance in a good way. He has been getting his hairline retouched every time it moved back. This means light touches rather than bold ones as in touch up hair transplant sessions over a long period of time. What this approach does is simple; hardly anyone takes notice and you still get the results you want.

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How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

The more common way to do what our proactive caretaker Olly did would be to get it all done in a single session. Don’t take our word as a recommendation but rather as the more practiced and practical method.

All in all and over time Olly must have got a good 2000 grafts taken from the back of his head and transplanted at the front. The understated signs of hairline diffusion which sometimes appear on Olly Murs only make him come back with a stronger hairline because the FUE hair transplant is a very powerful tool.

Olly Murs Before & After Hair Transplant

Olly Murs’ hair transplant is a hard one to crack compared to some other, bolder celebrity hair transplants where the difference just screams. However, if you look at the right images and measure up his forehead you’ll easily take notice of the contrast.

Analyzing before and after hair transplant results is important so that you can see for yourself that it’s all real and achievable.

Olly Murs’s New Hair

We often refrain from imagining what a certain person would look like if they were bald, and thanks to hair transplant technology, we don’t have to. Mursy managed the process so professionally that his hairline not only looks like his (and it is, with the hair transplant trick) but the whole altered look is also very natural.

hair transplant and after result olly murs

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant Surgery?

Unless he jumped on a private jet to go to Turkey, Mursy was not seen at an airport transporting himself to another place for a hair transplant. This leaves a single option; the UK. It’s highly likely that he got mini-sessions at Harley Street. He may have had only a small amount of scabs each time that healed in a few days, to keep it all very private.

What Was The Cost Of Olly Murs’ Hair Transplant?

If you’re experiencing hair loss and have a median income, it’s important to recognize that you need to differentiate yourself from celebrities who have unlimited resources. Also understand that most people who have more money, spend more to achieve the same outcomes.

In this example, we will assume that Mursy has been hitting a posh Harley Street clinic in which case he should have spent anywhere from $20k and up for the 2000 grafts he may have had transplanted so far. Hair transplant prices in the UK is generally above average than the other countries; that’s why you may find a better deal.

olly murs hair transplant before after result

Where Should You Go For The Best Hair Transplant?

What you choose to enjoy in life after you pay the bills is entirely up to you. If hair loss is a concern in your world and you want to do something about it, just introduce a one-off, high quality hair transplant into your life and have one less to worry about.

Once you’ve identified that you need a hair transplant, what we want from you, is to get impatient because time rolls faster than it feels. A hair transplant can be organized quickly but seamlessly when you choose the right clinic to work with. And it does feel amazing to get to the desired outcome! Once you get your hair transplant, the juice is loose! You’ll have your scabs healing in around 10 days and before you know it, it’s party time.

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