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Matteo Lane, the multifaceted guru of comedy, art, and music, has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry by fearlessly embracing his passions and blending them into a unique and captivating career.

We bet that you didn’t know Matteo Lane is fluent in five languages and has a singing range of six octaves! He spent many years in Italy as an oil painter and opera singer before catching attention as a stand-up comedian.

He is proof that there’s often more to what we see on the surface. As the man who breaks down stereotypes, Lane has become an inspiration in the ways he encourages audiences to analyze things. He also has a famous show parallelled with his authenticity, about the topic of our main interest; hair transplants. We, therefore, must discuss his hair transplant, as one of his favorites.

Born to captivate audiences, let’s see how Matteo Lane’s hair transplant journey can benefit those suffering from hair loss.

Matteo Lane’s Hair Loss

matteo lane hair transformation and hair loss

Experiencing hair loss can evoke a range of emotions, each strand seemingly carrying a piece of one’s identity. For most of us, it’s more than just how we look; it’s a deeply personal journey that touches on self-esteem, confidence, and societal expectations.

Agewise making the perfect control subject on the topic, Matteo Lane represents a picture of the state of the world’s hair loss. We usually start bidding goodbye to our hair between the ages 30 to 40 and Matteo is 37 as we write.

The thing is, Matteo is a comedian who can make fun of anything and everything. It is a blessing for the world to have him turn the normally depressing hair loss into a fun story we can all learn from.

Did Matteo Lane Get A Hair Transplant?

You may have not even noticed that Matteo Lane, in his own right, has been putting up with the fear of losing his hair for over a decade. His hair loss was not even evident but you never know what’s going through someone’s heart unless they express it.

Twisting an otherwise traumatic experience with elegant humor, the truth is that Matteo’s hair loss has been affecting him a lot. Hair loss is almost like a societal trauma which very few talk openly about but it seems like this may change soon.

Coming out of the closet about how hair loss affected him while turning it into comedy is indeed a valuable gift for his audience. What’s more, is that Matteo Lane has been open about his hair transplant, and sharing his experience in his show (check out the video below) for the greater good. As a prominent figure with millions looking up to him, his transparency is indeed much appreciated.

We can’t end all suffering in the world, but we can put the effort to resolve some of our own. Our focus here is to provide perspective on permanent hair loss solutions. So, let’s take a look at Matteo’s hair loss journey to gain purposeful insight into how he brought it back.

Matteo Lane Before And After Hair Transplant

Matteo Lane kind of leaves the impression of a super happy person all the time. While happiness is great, he admits to having been in a denial state for way too long when it comes to hair loss. He was blaming his haircuts and trying different hairstyles to cover up the lost density while finding the idea of a hair transplant embarrassing.

For a long while, he also overused hair fiber sprays which meant not going out in the wind or rain and keeping his head out in the pool. Until one day in 2022, he decided to stop procrastinating which is when he booked a few consultations with different hair transplant clinics.

matteo lane after hair transplant result

Even though his before and after looks aren’t as shocking as other hair transplant patients’ results, this is due to his use of hair fibers before he underwent the hair transplant.

In the end, what matters most is the way the hair transplant makes him feel. Nothing beats that sort of confidence and peace of mind when you finally have a permanent solution for a problem that used to be a daily worry. For Matteo, hair fall and hair loss are a thing of the past now.

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

He had 2700 grafts transplanted to recreate his hairline and add density to the areas he felt a lack of with an unshaven FUE hair transplant technique. Even though male alopecia is mostly an inherited problem, this isn’t the case for Matteo with all of the men in his family having a full head of thick hair, including his grandparents from both sides.

Not all hair loss is related to our family heritage, however, stress is a huge factor. Luckily for Matteo, he took a brave step to make hair loss a thing of the past.

matteo lane after hair transplant

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant?

Matteo says that he decided to stay as close to his home as possible to get the hair transplant procedure done. He knew he wasn’t going to feel comfortable going through customs at airports with a bandage on his head as a celebrity if he had chosen to travel for it.

So he met with a few surgeons in New York back in April of 2022 and chose the one he felt the most comfortable with. About four months after that in August 2022 he had the procedure scheduled which took an entire day.

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How Much Did It Cost?

The amount of hair grafts is the standard basis for calculating the overall cost of a hair transplant procedure. Of course, the cost of one graft will greatly differ between locations. The hair transplant costs in the US floats between $5 and $7 per grafts, and the cost might be even high in upmarket New York, where Matteo had his hair transplant done. This means that he must have paid anywhere between $13,500 and $18,900. We are also unsure if the pricetag includes initial consultations, medical tests, medications, and post-transplant care.

Just so you can compare, if he had it done in Turkey, aka the best country for hair transplant, at a renowned and luxury hair transplant clinic, the same procedure would have cost him no more than $3000 including everything (excluding return flights).

His Comedy Special: Matteo Lane Hair Plugs And Heartache

At the heart of Matteo Lane’s success in comedy lies his flair for fluent storytelling. His ability to navigate sensitive topics with grace sets him apart in the comedy scene, making him a beloved figure for everyone seeking laughter knitted on topics they can relate to.

In his show Hair Plugs and Heartache, he makes us laugh about the sensitive and depressing topic of hair loss. He reveals his suffering of ten years every single day, not knowing what to do about his hair loss.

hair plugs & heartache hairline matteo lane

The show is also full of mentions of lessons learned and how important it is to choose a professional hair transplant clinic. He tells the story of getting nearly overdosed with relaxant medication prior to the procedure which caused him to sleep through the entire procedure for about ten hours. The reason why this is striking is because his doctor never asked any lifestyle questions to check his tolerance or resistance to the type of drugs they were to give him. It is also highly unethical to administer a patient an overdose of diazepam instead of local anesthesia.

During the show, Matteo also provides great insight into the most asked question: “Is a hair transplant painful? “. Since he blacked out during the procedure and did not feel anything (which is always the case but without being knocked out), he comments about the post-op part of things. In his experience it wasn’t painful but a little high maintenance for the first few days following the procedure. This is when you have to follow the instructions and avoid abrasion even with the pillow.

Did A Hair Transplant Make It To Your NY Resolutions for 2024?

From laughter back to reality, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the personal journey you may be going through with hair loss. It’s a journey that often touches the core of one’s self-esteem.

At Heva Clinic in downtown Istanbul, we understand the emotional weight hair loss can carry and the impact it can have on your daily mood. We are therefore proud to promote the transformative possibility that a hair transplant offers. Picture waking up each morning feeling a renewed sense of confidence, running your fingers through a full head of hair, and enjoying a self-assured reflection in the mirror. A hair transplant is not just about regaining hair; it’s about reclaiming a part of yourself and feeling amazing in your own skin.

The skilled team at Heva Clinic is here to guide you right now, offering a completely free online consultation whenever you are ready. We would love to be a part of the positive change that will open a new chapter in your life.

If you’re open to discovering how amazing you could feel after a hair transplant, please feel free to reach out for a confidential consultation. We’re here to support you on this journey toward renewed self-confidence.