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If you haven’t seen Matt Damon in a while, go take a look because he is aging well. Over decades, transitioning from a raw, ordinary looking blonde youngster actor to a charming star with salt’n pepper hair, his aura shines brighter than ever.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are best buddies and for some reason, there are rumors about both on the same topic. What’s up with their hair? How can they still look so good without any hair loss? Or is there a hair loss prevention regimen in their routine?

We will focus on one celebrity at a time and dig into Matt Damon’s hair secrets. Why does he look effortlessly good with an abundance of hair at an age when he shouldn’t have much hair at all?

Did he join the underground celebrity hair transplant club? We won’t let a good story go to waste, so let’s get it!

matt damon hair transformation

Matt Damon’s Hair Loss

Considered a master performer by top-class actors, Matt Damon is indeed an amazing talent. What triggers curiosity is that his hair is just as abundant as his talent. In his current and natural state, Damon’s grey hair is in line with his age but the quantity of it is not.

In the past ten years, Damon had all sorts of hair lengths from long hair (remember the ponytail? Those were hair extensions) to medium length and his usual, shorter hairstyle.

On the hairline front, Matt Damon’s hairline has been in good shape for his age and against all the behind-the-screen styling over a lifetime. However, we want to highlight the words for his age. In 2019, it was obvious that Matt Damon was losing the density he once had.

matt damon - hair transplant before and after result

Did Matt Damon Get A Hair Transplant?

The whole world and their mom watched Matt Damon’s performance in Oppenheimer and his hairline looked perfect. But in movies, that’s the job of the art director to create younger, older, fatter, etc. looks, so we won’t be judging Damon’s hairline based on his latest movie.

Rumors that suggest that Oppenheimer’s director Christopher Nolan requested a hair transplant are also not quite true. Matt Damon seems to have voluntarily strengthened his own hairline through a personal decision.

matt damon - hair transplant before and after

Matt Damon Hair Before And After Hair Transplant

Prior to the hair transplant, the best place to witness Matt Damon’s lack of fullness was his hairline (and his temples).

Post hair transplant, we see that there’s a change in the frontal positioning of his hairline. Not only that but his hairline has a visibly denser overall quantity as well. He checks all the boxes for what can be expected from a successful hair transplant for receding hairline. It all looks very natural and if he wasn’t Matt Damon, no one would have noticed anything.

How Many Hair Transplants Has Matt Damon Had?

Keeping all A-class celebrities under constant hair surveillance, we have not noticed signs of earlier hair transplants than his last and in our opinion, only one for Matt Damon.

How Many Grafts Are Transplanted?

Surprising and uncommon for straight caucasian hair, Matty didn’t have any opening on his crown area. His surgeon therefore focused on the hairline, repositioning it and adding density.

To achieve the desired results, Matt Damon’s hair type often requires more grafts than everyone’s guess. Most will say it was only a 1500 grafts but our professional eye says around 2000 grafts. That’s because unlike the afro hair type, soft, straight hair has very little scalp coverage.

matt damon - hair transplant before after result

Where Did Matt Damon Get His Hair Transplant?

Probably in New York because he lives in Brooklyn and he can find the highest-class clinic. This is complete guesswork by the way as there’s no info on the hair transplant clinic which handled Matt’s procedure.

Could it be that he got it done in Buenos Aires during a family visit to his wife’s native? Whatever the case is, it’s a very successful looking hair transplant.

How Much Did His Hair Transplant Operation Cost?

Matt Damon is one of the most in-demand and top earning actors. He’s so rich that in 2009, he turned down the starring role in the movie Avatar, which meant turning down $250M. So we hope he paid his fair share for his hair transplant but so far, he brought no clue to the table about the where or the how much of his hair transplant.

A hair transplant with his graft count in Brooklyn costs $15k plus, possibly $20k given that the hair transplant prices in the US is significantly higher. The same exact procedure in the Brooklyn of the Middle East costs a jaw-dropping $2k. Nope, it’s not Dubai, we’re talking about Istanbul of course.

matt damon - hair transplant before and after

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Hopefully, you are inspired and encouraged by Matt Damon’s hair transplant success story and how gorgeous his upgraded hairline looks.

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