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With an ironman-like image on the field, Danny Ings is a tough player in a rough game. He is the representation of a muscular, strong, and competitive warrior. Now, why is that important and what does it have to do with Danny Ings getting a hair transplant? Let us explain.

Football fans around the world are known to reflect a deep-rooted passion and loyalty for their team. Football, among other team sports, therefore serves more than just a sport; it’s a cultural and social activity that fans often identify with a sense of belonging. Understanding the expectations of European football fans from their teams provides us with an important hint about the pressure on football players in general.

In this blog post, we will go deep into the roots of the never changing desire to keep our hair as we age. We will do this by exploring Danny Ings’ hair transplant journey, the reasons that made him opt for a hair transplant, and how his experience can benefit YOU.

With all that said, let’s see if Danny Ings really joined the ranks of celebrities with hair transplants.

danny ings hair transformation

Danny Ings Before The Hair Transplant

To the outside world, it never really looked like Danny was suffering from hair loss, except for overall decreased density and a slightly uneven hairline. For a man his age (aged 31 in 2023), his hair did not look excessively unhealthy.

If you are someone with a thinning and balding crown in your twenties, you may think that Danny Ings had all the hair in the world. Blessed with black and dense hair, who would have known that sooner rather than later he was to join the hair transplant club?

As a self-conscious man, Danny must have been clearly keeping the pulse of his hair fall and the general health of his scalp. Our professional opinion is that his hairline was uneven with a bit of a strange angle on one side prior to the hair transplant. Could he have ignored or camouflaged this small detail with a different hairdo? Most certainly, yes!

What we admire is that he chose to face the challenge to solve the problem from its roots, rather than turning a blind eye to it.

danny ings hair transplant before and after

Has Danny Ings Had A Hair Transplant?

Many might have overlooked Danny’s hair transplant if he hadn’t openly shared it on social media unlike, such as, Wayne Rooney. Celebrities who undergo such procedures often possess natural confidence and aim to set positive examples for their fans. From a professional perspective, Danny Ings’ before and after pictures clearly outlines that he had a hair transplant.

Let’s take a look further into the details of his hair transplant to see how it can benefit you, assuming that you’re considering a hair transplant yourself.

danny ings - hair transplant before & after

Where Did Danny Ings Get His Hair Transplant Done?

Before we reveal the details, we want you to remember that this is the story of a successful football player whose budget is way above the average citizen. Read it with a grain of salt and rest assured that a much better quality service is available for a better price in the world for hair transplant.

Danny Ings received a recommendation to consider a London hair transplant clinic, with the recommendation coming from a “colleague,” as he stated.

Where Danny went is the Mayfair Hair Transplant Clinic which markets itself as a bit of an over the top clinic in the UK, where the hair transplant prices are already high. Other than the hair transplant procedure, on offer is an ultra-luxurious facility with concierge services that cater to the ultra-wealthy.

Here, you can get fed by Michelin star Chefs after you arrive in a helicopter so no wonder it’s this expensive (we will come to the final bill a little later). Patients are also provided with the option to rest at The Langham Hotel in London post-transplant for an extra cost which for most people, is a whole month’s wages.

You get the picture…

Danny Ings’ New Hair

Danny Ings’ story is not one of a hair loss sufferer per se, but of someone who wants to look his best while he can.

Could he have lived the rest of his life without a hair transplant for hairline? This is a very personal decision we won’t dare to answer. We aren’t here to judge, it’s apparent that he looks and feels great which is what truly matters. As for the potential for improved performance through a hair transplant, we will address this shortly to provide you with more information about your options.

danny ings hair transplant before and after result

When Did Danny Ings Get His Hair Transplant?

It was the late second quarter of this year (2023). He also didn’t take much time to rest and was back in the gym and team training after his scabs were healed.

How Many Grafts Did Danny Ings Get?

Danny Ings’ hair transplant procedure seems to have been mainly focused on getting his uneven hairline fixed. We noticed that the surgeon also worked on adding a bit more density to the top of Ings’ head. Under normal circumstances, not more than 2000 grafts is sufficient to create his new looks.

Remember that the number of grafts required depends on the type of look you want to achieve, but going overboard may result in unnatural looking results.

How Much Did Danny Ings Pay For His Hair Transplant?

At the above mentioned London clinic (a lavish sanctuary designed to indulge the elite and pamper the super-affluent) the minimum hair surgery fees start at $14,000 and do not seem to have an upper limit.

That’s the case if you arrive via cab instead of a helicopter. Consider additional expenses like $1,200 for add-ons such as hair vitamin infusions. Let’s narrow our focus and transition to the achievable reality, shall we?

danny ings hair transplant before after result

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If you’re put off by what it has cost Danny Ings to get his hairline redesigned, just know that we are too! If we could only provide a single piece of advice to you, even though the hair transplant costs are low in Turkey, it would be to avoid suspiciously cheap clinics by all means.

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