As more and more hair loss sufferers and those who want denser hair from all over the world go outside of their country to seek an affordable and permanent solution, hair transplant keeps capturing the spotlight.

Despite the expanding market for hair transplant operations and the rise in the number of countries positioning themselves as the best hair transplant destination, there is only one truth.

Let’s uncover what the hype is all about as we analyze the capacity of the South East Asian nation the Philippines and compare it to the world leaders in hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Costs in the Philippines (in USD)

Average hair transplant cost in the Philippines

$3000 to $4000 is the average cost of a hair transplant procedure in the Philippines. This price range is a quantitative indicator and is free from any concerns about quality.

Please continue reading as we explain down below the criterion to determine the best price/performance ratio in any given country.

How much do 2000 hair grafts cost in the Philippines?

The price per graft at lower-end clinics in the Philippines starts from US$ 1,20 and goes up in line with the quality and experience of the surgeon. A 2000 graft hair transplant therefore will cost a minimum of $ 3000 at a mediocre clinic.

How much does 3000 hair grafts cost in the Philippines?

As the number of hair grafts you need transplanted rises, you may have a little room for negotiation. Regardless, what makes the real difference is the quality and artistry behind the hair transplant. For 3000 grafts, it’ll be no less than $3500 if not more in the Philippines.

How much does 5000 hair grafts cost in the Philippines?

Based on the same calculation, a 5000 graft hair transplant in the Philippines will start from $ 3900. This is a major number for Filipino surgeons and expect the procedure to be performed over two days.

It’s important to note that none of the above pricing includes anything more than the hair transplant surgery itself as opposed to the all-inclusive packages offered in Turkey.

3500 grafts hair transplant result - before & after

What variables impact a hair transplant’s price?

Reclaiming lost hair is a path paved with both aspiration and precision. For those seeking to undergo a hair transplant, the price of this restoration can vary significantly, akin to a complex mosaic of variables.

These variables shape the canvas upon which the final cost is painted, reflecting not only the investment of resources but also one’s trust and hope.

5 factors that may affect the cost of a hair transplant:

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1. The Extent of Hair Loss:

The extent of hair loss sets the foundation for the entire procedure. A smaller area requiring restoration may demand fewer grafts and less time. Conversely, those with more extensive hair loss may need a larger number of grafts and a meticulous procedure, thereby influencing the overall cost.

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2. Chosen Method:

Within the world of hair transplantation, there exists a spectrum of techniques, each with its own nuances. The two primary techniques are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT involves removing a strip of the scalp for graft harvesting, while FUE involves individual graft extraction. The latter, being more time-consuming and elaborate, often commands a higher price due to the level of expertise and precision required.

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3. Graft Count

In this art of precision, grafts are what recreate a seamless hairline. The number of grafts needed is connected to the patient’s hair loss pattern and the desired density of the outcome. A higher graft count extends the duration of the procedure and, consequently, affects the cost.

surgeon hair transplant

4. Reputation and Expertise

Just as a skilled artist’s work is worth a higher value, a clinic’s reputation and expertise hold considerable weight in determining the price. Renowned clinics with a track record of successful outcomes often equal to a premium. The accumulated years of experience, advanced technology, and a proven history of patient satisfaction all contribute to the price.


4. Location

Geography is a tapestry of its own, and it also plays a part in shaping the final price. The cost of living and operating expenses in a particular country or region can impact the overall cost of hair transplant. Simple logic says that clinics located in metropolitan areas or popular medical tourism destinations might have higher overheads, which could translate into higher prices. Turkey is an exception to this.

What qualifies a clinic as the top hair transplant facility in the Philippines?

Same rules and protocols that make a hair transplant clinic a top facility elsewhere apply to hair transplant clinics in the Philippines. The rule of thumb is that the clinic should at the least;

Have a track record and portfolio of satisfied patients
Have invested in a modern facility, equipped with the latest medical technology
Employ only the best and most experienced surgeons
Beat competition in price/performance
Provide excellent customer/patient care from start to months after the surgery
Offer packages that make it easy for international patients

afro beard transplant before and after photo

How to finance a hair transplant?

This is not an easy one since hair transplant falls under the cosmetics/aesthetics classification and won’t be covered even by private insurance.

The best one can do is probably to keep it real and budget friendly rather than splashing out on a hair transplant spree in an expensive country. Do your research well and it’ll save you thousands.

How do hair transplants in Turkey and the Philippines compare?

Remember that the cost should not be the sole factor in deciding on a specific country or clinic; you should also consider the expertise and experience of the medical professionals as well as the quality of the facilities and services provided.

To provide an example; anything above a 3000 graft hair transplant is considered a mega major hair transplant session in the Philippines whereas in Turkey it is within the normal range due to the expertise and the size of medical teams attending to each patient.

Average Hair Transplant Costs in the Philippines vs Turkey chart

How affordable is Turkey?

The fact that some of the best hair transplant clinics happen to be in Turkey has little to do with the fact that the country is actually quite affordable for foreigners.

Turkey has been going through some economic turmoil since the beginning of the pandemic and there still seems to be a long way till they see the light at the end of the tunnel. But hey, it’s an arbitrage opportunity for the rest of the world which also helps their economy.

What is included in the hair transplant package in Turkey?

Turkish clinics and the medical tourism industry in general have been very successful in designing experiences that create seamless, hassleless journeys for international patients for decades.

The country is the pioneer of all-inclusive hair transplant journeys which include everything but your flight and that is:

  • VIP airport transfer to your luxury accommodation


  • 4 or 5-star equivalent accommodation options


  • VIP transfers from your hotel to the clinic and back


  • An interpreter if you request one


  • Consultation with your surgeon and a throughout explanation of the hairline and density specifically suggested for you


  • Pre-surgery health check


  • Local anesthesia medication


  • The surgery performed by some of the top surgeons in the world


  • Free lunch if your surgery exceeds half a day


  • Goodie bag with everything you’ll need post-op


  • Your first hair wash teaching you how to wash your scalp until the scabs are gone


  • Unlimited 24/7 hotline access after you return to your home country


  • Ultra-modern facilities and equipment


  • Big smiles, jokes, and attentive customer service that make you feel your best


3200 Grafts Hair Transplant Result Sapphire FUE

Choose a clinic that will help with transport and wtay

If you’ve spent any time at all in Istanbul, you are probably aware of how challenging it can be to get around. In a metropolitan that expands on a very large area over two continents, why would you want to be dealing with the traffic or trying to find the closest accommodation to your clinic if all these can be arranged for you?

Top clinics provide luxurious lodging alternatives as well as private VIP cars to make traveling hassle-free. Even if this doesn’t really affect the outcome of your hair transplant, knowing that your stay’s specifics have been planned out does make a huge difference. Also, count that you will never get the same rates as your hair transplant clinic in the class of accommodation they arrange for you when you book it yourself.


We encourage you to seek a country and clinic that, in addition to its years of expertise, has a recognized international reputation. When you opt for a top hair transplant clinic in Turkey that possesses the most cutting-edge methods, and artistic surgeons, you’re on the right path to successful results.

Heva Clinic in Istanbul provides the hair transplant gold standard backed by thousands of satisfied patients from all over the globe. Book your FREE online consultation to kick-start your own journey!