Having his niche in the most popular team sport of all time, Theo Baker’s soccer-focused YouTube channel has grown to a staggering 1.4M+ followers and a growing Instagram account with 500k+ subs. Theo Baker’s content is known to be professionally crafted and he isn’t short of the skill to reach out to whichever celebrity he wants.

While keeping things straight and pro in his podcasts and socials content, Theo shared an announcement video in 2019 that he suffers from hair loss and that he is planning to do something about it. This honest episode was followed by others, with Theo commenting on the outcome of his game plan. Hair loss falls right into our area of expertise, so we will be analyzing what happened.

Let’s see what sort of hair agenda Theo Baker had and if he followed in the footsteps of many other footballers.

Opting for permanent hair transformation seems to be very much a healthy trend among the soccer community and it doesn’t seem like it’ll stop any time soon.


Theo Baker’s Hair Loss

Born on 31 March 1996, aged 28, Theo started getting the bitter taste of hair loss in his early twenties. The thing is that Theo’s hair type is very fragile, very soft, and very thin.

As most hair loss sufferers do, Theo picked up on a comb over-cheat hairstyle to cover up his large, receding forehead. A couple of years went by with zero progress and a deepening hairline recession.

What most didn’t know at the time was that he was contemplating getting a hair transplant for a while but was quite nervous about it and thus, kept postponing.

If your hair type resembles that of Theo Baker’s, time is the most precious currency and even months may matter.

Did Theo Baker Get a Hair Transplant?

As mentioned earlier, Baker published an announcement video about his hair game plan. And yes, he had decided to go for the safest, most permanent hair loss solution. As he published the October 2019 video, he was about to get a hair transplant.

He teamed up with a hair transplant clinic and became their ambassador to raise awareness about the effects of hair loss.

The video was to become his first hair transplant video on his channel in which Theo said that he wanted to be that guy who everyone suffering from hair loss could reach out to for advice.

His efforts to help others in every aspect of life make him a great role model indeed.


Theo Baker Before and After Hair Transplant

Theo underwent the hair transplant in November of 2019 when he was still short of 24 years of age. In June 2020, he shared his 6 months outcome in another video on his own YouTube channel.

“It’s pretty mad!” commented Theo Baker on the results of his hair transplant in the same video. He also said he found the outcome very satisfying and that a hair transplant has been the best thing he has ever gifted himself.

It took about 2 weeks for his scabs to fall off, the transplanted area being his hairline and the top section of his head. It is common to see an update on transplanted hairs as they heal and grow and you keep photo-documenting after the hair transplant. That’s exactly what happened to Theo Baker.

It’s also important to remember that for the full outcome of any given hair transplant, it takes nine to twelve months of waiting time.

theo baker hair transplant before after

Which Technique Was Used for His Hair Transplant Operation?

Theo’s surgeon opted for the FUE method which basically is an abbreviation of Follicular Unit Extraction. This technique is popular for two main reasons:

1. It allows the surgeon to work his or her design skills freehand on the scalp and thus, a greater ability to recreate a natural-looking hairline.

2. On the patient front, the hair grafts that are extracted and replanted one by one into microincisions heal very quickly afterward.

How Many Grafts Were Implanted?

Baker has got 3000 grafts just on the top of his head and for the redesigning of his hairline. This seems like an optimal number of grafts for the first hair transplant to see the survival rate and how the patient responds to a hair transplant.

Due to the fragile nature of Theo’s type 2 hair, his hair transplant procedure was complemented with laser therapy and hair growth pills. This is not a rule and not always the case but just know that it’s not only about the number of grafts you receive during your hair transplant but the entire holistic hair transformation journey.

theo baker - hair transplant before after result

Where Did Theo Baker Get His Hair Transplant?

In an interview with the Happy Hour Podcast, Baker said that when he underwent the hair transplant, no one talked about it. Prior to the hair transplant, Theo was getting approached by multiple hair transplant clinics that were after a pro-bono deal but it was difficult for him to find the courage.

Baker took up a brave attitude when the son of the owner of International Hair Studio in London wrote to him on Instagram, offering a consultation where all his questions would find an answer. He then decided to take up the offer and felt that it was safe and alright to go for the procedure.

theo baker hair transplant before and after result

Planning To Have A Hair Transplant? Reach Us To Achieve Better Results than Theo Baker!

What a hair transplant actually is, is that it’s your gameplan for moving forward in life. Once you recognize what a blessing a hair transplant is, you can start by getting professional advice.

While multiple clinics may claim they specialize in this and that, make sure you have a list of the right questions to ask, just like Theo Baker did. The FUE method he underwent, for example, is a technique that requires extreme skill and expertise. If the root of each hair graft isn’t extracted correctly aiming the right angle, the root will be cut off which means that replanted hair grafts will not be taking.

Another important aspect you should be paying attention to is finding out the real monetary value of the best possible quality hair transplant. Overpaying is what most hair transplant patients end up with, which isn’t ideal or fair. If you want to find the best market value for your future hair transplant, the number of grafts you’ll need, and ask all that you want, then schedule a FREE online consultation with Heva Clinic today and benefit from the affordable costs of hair transplant in Turkey.

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