When some people think about hairstyles for women struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, they think mainly of haircuts. However, if you are experiencing minor or severe loss of hair, your options are not limited to just having a big chop.

Best Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair Gallery

There are several ways you can still style your hair even when you have lost some hair volume or have visible patches in your scalp.

Here are 13 recommended hairstyles for women with hair loss you will find very useful.

13 Best Hairstyles for Women with Hair Loss

1. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

If you have long hair but it’s thinning around the forehead, curtain bangs are one of the best hairstyles for you. Bangs can help to create the illusion of volume around your thinning forehead as you can cover that part in a stylish way.

2. Short Layered Cuts

Short Layered Cut - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Layered haircuts are great hairstyles for women with thinning hair. They add volume to thinning areas by cutting the weak tips and arranging the hair in layers. These hairstyles require a delicate hairdresser skills.

3. Bob with a Side Part

Bob with a side part - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

The styling of a bob is usually cut to shoulder length or jawline, depending on your preference. A bob with a side part, however, is divided at the side in front of the hair, moving some chunk of the hair towards your face, almost covering one eye in some cases. This can be a good choice if you’ve lost a significant amount of hair in those areas.

4. Bob With a Centre Part

Bob with a center Part - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

This is quite similar to a Bob with a side part, the difference here is that the division is in the middle of the hair, at the center. A center part can never go out of style, it’s been chic and trendy for a long time and you can never go wrong with a center part bob.

5. Extensions

Extensions - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

If you are suffering from lack of volume or length, hair extensions are the perfect way to solve such issues. The best part is that there are multiple extensions available, including for braids, clip-ins and crotchet.

6. Wigs

Wigs - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Wigs are very versatile, and they work better than most hairstyles. Women with postpartum hair loss who are finding it difficult dealing with the stress of finding the perfect way to style hair can opt for wigs until their hair growth cycle becomes stable.

7. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Did someone say thinning hair? Do you need a chic hairstyle that can create more volume to your hair? Then pixie cut is for you.

A pixie cut is so refreshing, your hair is cut into short layers to a length that suits your face shape and into a customized style that you like.

8. Ponytail with Headband

ponytail with headband - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

A Ponytail is so versatile that it can be styled in several ways to create a different look. Adding headbands can take a ponytail from o to 100 very quickly. It is very stylish, and the styling process takes 3-5 minutes.

9. Shoulder-length Layered Cuts with Waves or Curls

Shoulder-length Layered Cuts with Waves or Curls - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Every girl loves a good wave. Women who are dealing with hair thinning love it even more. Wawes add more volume to the hair, especially when it is cut in layers.

This styling is cut all the way to the shoulder level and has playful curls because of the layers.

10. Locs Extensions

locs extensions - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

If you’re a black woman who is experiencing hair thinning then this is the perfect solution for you. Locs extensions are very easy to install and they last a very long period with little or no maintenance.

You can explore colors outside of black like ginger, wine, and brown and there are also different curl patterns you could try (goddess locs, distressed locs, Marley locs). The options are numerous, so play around with yours.

11. Loose Braids

Loose Braids - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Opting for loose braids ensures that your hair is gently braided from the roots to the tips without being too tight. This style is protective because it avoids putting pressure on your hair’s roots.

12. Buzz Cut

buzz cut - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

If you don’t have enough volume to try any of these hairstyles for your thinning hair, one of the bravest choices, a buzz cut, might be the best option for you.

This hairstyle is a low-maintenance cut for the women who like something bold, and you can choose the length that suits the shape of your face.

13. Shaved

shaved - Hairstyle for Women with Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

The struggle of hair loss can be very frustrating especially if your hair has been damaged by harsh chemicals, such as relaxers. Many women find it extremely hard to pick a hairstyle that does not reveal the volume of hair they’ve lost.

Shaving your hair completely is a great option to explore, this way you can grow out your hair again from the beginning.

Causes of Hair Loss and Thinning Hair In Women

The most common reasons women lose their hair at different stages in the lives are due to:

Stress experienced during or after surgery, illness, and childbirth
Use of harsh chemicals like dyes and relaxers

Also, lack of sufficient nutrients like niacin, protein and iron may cause hair shedding in women.

Are There Any Differences between Thinning Hair and Hair Loss?

There’s a misconception that hair thinning and hair loss are the same. Although they are related, hair thinning is just a sign of hair loss.

Hair loss is the visible reduction of hair on the scalp, leading to obvious bald spots on the head while thinning is noticed in the strands of hair. When your hair begins to thin out, you will notice a decrease in the hair volume.

Hair thinning can in the long run lead to female pattern hair loss if it is not immediately detected and given the utmost attention.

What Is Postpartum Hair Loss?

After pregnancy, some women experience excessive hair shedding and this is known as postpartum hair loss. While you are pregnant your body produces a high amount of estrogen and after birth, the hormone production level drops, causing your hair follicles to take a break from sprouting new growth.

This type of hair loss is medically known as telogen effluvium meaning that the hair follicles have entered into a resting phase. This kind of hair loss is temporary and you may notice less hair volume, hair thinning, and shedding for up to 6 months after childbirth.

Best Hairstyles for Postpartum Hair Loss

If you are wondering if there are hairstyles for women with postpartum hair loss, the answer is yes.

Here are some of the best options for you:

Women dealing with postpartum hair loss usually require hairstyles that are low maintenance and curtain bags are the perfect fit. Curtain bangs are styles on both sides of the face similar to a curtain and they are cut long enough to match the rest of the hair. The styling is super versatile and on trend.

Postpartum hair loss requires creativity in subsequent hairstyles and nothing says creativity more than a blunt cut. This hairstyle is cut in sharp at the bottom with no layers. It could be cut in Bob style or much longer depending on your preference.

Waves and curls are one of the most beautiful hairstyles you could explore as a woman dealing with thinning hair. Waves and curls naturally create more volume to the hair, hence it helps to conceal hair loss. It comes in different curl patterns and layers.

As the name implies, the styling for this is partitioned into small chunks and cut into layers forming a pattern. Layered cuts are super stylish and chic. This hairstyle is very protective and friendly for women dealing with postpartum hair loss.

Packing all the hair into a bun at the back with a hair bun maker is a quick and easy way to style your hair. It does not require too much effort in styling and the maintenance is pretty seamless.

Pixies are such a bold choice of hairstyle. A pixie cut is cut in layers very short to the bottom of the head. It gives a whole different look and does not need a lot of styling after the first install. Women with hair loss concerns should very much try this style out.

This hairstyle is precisely for women with postpartum hair loss challenges. This hair is away from the face and packed up into a bun or a braid depending on your choice. It is very elegant and stylish.

Postpartum women who have hair loss concerns should absolutely explore the option of a loose braid. There are several pros to this particular style, there is no pressure on the roots of the hair, there is low maintenance and it is very durable. They are still braids but more like relaxed braids.

Loose twists is a chic hairstyle option for women struggling with postpartum hair loss. The styling is such that the hair is picked in small sizes and rolled up into a twist. It can be held more firmly but in this case, the twists are a bit more relaxed which makes them very protective.

Clip-in extensions are a lifesaver. It is an easy fix for postpartum women with hair loss issues. This style is achieved by partitioning the hair at the center to create a division in the middle. This style is always on trend and the clip-in extensions just made it much more easy to style.

Many black women are known for their love for Afros because it is perfect for their hair type. As a woman dealing with postpartum hair loss tweeny weeny afros would protect the roots of your hair. The hair is styled in tiny bits of rolls to form an afro. It also naturally reinstalls the curls of your hair.

The difference between a side part and a center part is where the hair is divided from. The side part is done as such that a part of the hair is swooped to cover one side of the face. It is perfect for a big amount of hair loss.

2500 grafts unshaven female hair transplant before and after result

What Are the Hair Loss Solutions For Women?

The highlight of hair loss conditions and problems is that there are a handful of solutions to explore. Whether it is breakage, hair thinning or full-on hair loss, there’s an option to suit your personal preference.

Here are some solutions that you could choose from:

Nutritional and Tropical Treatments
Hair Transplants
Laser Therapy
General Health & Psychological Care

1- Nutritional and Topical Treatments

Your diet plan should include food that repair and replace damaged tissue such as protein and fatty fish. They are nutrient rich and they can help grow your hair. Adding supplements rich in the appropriate vitamins, protein and iron prescribed by a professional could speed up the recovery process.

Minoxidil is one of the solutions as a topical treatment— it is used to increase the density of the hair for both male and female pattern hair loss.

Other natural products include rosemary oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil which are essential and very beneficial to the hair. However, only use supplements under prescription as there have been studies confirming that excessive use of Vitamin A, E and Selenium supplements may cause hair loss.

2- Oral Medication

If you’re experiencing hair loss due to a health condition then you should see a health care provider to provide the specific treatment you need.

It could range from oral medication to injections such as platelet-rich plasma.

3- Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is an effective and more permanent solution to hair loss. If you have lost a significant amount of hair or you have a big bald spot, your doctor may suggest a hair transplant.

This is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are removed from a part of your hair with more follicles to the thinning area. Hair transplants are mostly conducted using FUE and DHI methods, which can take 4-8 hours.

Although it may be more expensive than other solutions, it provides permanent results, making it the best investment among all options.

4- Laser therapy

There is a laser treatment known as red light or cold laser therapy that radiates photons into the scalp that causes hair to grow. This treatment is safe and it is widely accepted.

5- General Health & Psychological Care

While treatments and other forms of medical procedures help to improve hair growth, a major solution is concerned with your psychology.

Being stressed and having anxiety can affect your hair health. You can protect your hair by firstly avoiding stressful situations and then creating enough time to rest. You could also find a scalp massage very helpful it allows for blood flow and lowers stress hormones.

Key Takeaways

Styling your hair regardless of what hair condition has been made seamless thanks to the versatility of hairstyles. Also, note that hair loss is a common occurrence in women, so do not panic if you are experiencing such.

You can explore professional options from a dermatologist or healthcare provider to receive guidance on your specific condition. In the maintain, try one or more of our recommended hairstyles for women with hair loss while you work on regaining your hair growth. If you are not fully satisfied with your hair and want a permanent solution, feel free to consider a hair transplant